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Should and shouldn't

  1. An opinion you give someone about what they should do.
  2. You should be wearing a helmet.
  3.  We use should and shouldn't to give advice or to talk about what we think is right or wrong. Example: You look tired. You should go to bed.
  4.  Example: The government should do more to help homeless people.
  5.  Example: The kids shouldn’t spend so much time in front of the TV.
  6. 1. You should / shouldn’t brush your teeth twice a day to have a bright smile. 2. People should / shouldn’t hurt the animals because they are our friends. 3. It is going to rain. You should / shouldn’t take an umbrella. 4. We should / shouldn’t sleep at night to be fresh. 5. You should/shouldn’t wash your hands before eating. 6. You should / shouldn’t drink too much coffee. 7. You should / shouldn’t do your homework to be a good student. 8. We should / shouldn’t help old people.
  7. 1. Listen to that music! Our neighbours shouldn’t play music that loud at this hour. 2. If your tooth is still hurting you tomorrow, you should go to the dentist. 3. Before going to Madrid for your holidays, you should try and learn something of the language. You will enjoy things a lot more. 4. You should always knock on the door before entering. This is a private office. 5. That model on the TV is too skinny. She should eat more, I think! 6. Pregnant women shouldn’t smoke as it can damage the baby. 7. Lizzie should ask Bryan to help her with her studies. He did the same course last year.
  8. Write four sentences giving advice to tourists in your country. 1 You should ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2 You should ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 3 You shouldn’t _____________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 4 You shouldn’t _____________________________________ ______________________________________________________