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UEZ2012 - Közös vacsora Krakkóban 2012.010.20-án

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UEZ2012 - Közös vacsora Krakkóban 2012.010.20-án

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UEZ2012 - Közös vacsora Krakkóban 2012.010.20-án

  1. 1. Dinner 20/01/2012 Welcome drink: “Grzaniec Galicyjski”- hot wine with orange On the tables: mineral water, bread, butter, cream cheese, Starter: Roast ewes cheese with grilled zucchini and cranberry sauce Soup: Mushroom soup with polish noodles Main dish: Poultry rolls stuffed with truffle paste and marinated tomatoes served with dumplings and vegetable tagliatelle or Oven-baked salmon wrapped in savoy cabbage served in a white wine sauce with rice and boiled vegetables or Vegetarian PlatterFried cheese, boiled vegetables, fried mushrooms, pancake with spinach Dessert: Apple pie in the composition of two sauces served hot with whipped cream and ice cream Beverages: Segafredo Coffee, Tea Dilmah, Wine: House wine red or white Price for dinner:20 EUR/ per person