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DesignLab University of Twente

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DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem, connecting science and society by way of creative intelligence and transdisciplinary innovation. It fosters an entrepreneurial mind-set; contributes to educate global citizens of tomorrow, focuses on societal challenges and forges new and effective collaborations. Faculty and students from various academic fields work together with companies and governments to implement and develop scientific and technological insights that can be used in finding and shaping creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges. Positioned deliberately at the cross-roads of design (thinking), technology, science and humanities, it both bridges and transcends traditional ways of innovation.

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DesignLab University of Twente

  1. 1. DesignLab Op weg naar herkenbare producten. Frank Kresin / MD DesignLab / / 06 50 576 449
  2. 2. At a Glance • 10.000 Students • 3.000 staff • 80+ nationalities • 5 Faculties (Science / Technology / Humanities) • 3 Research Institutes (Nano, Bio, Digital Society) • 20 Bachelor &
 33 Master Programmes
  3. 3. Vision • Societal Impact
 Making a Difference • Synergy
 Excellent Combinations • Entrepreneurial
 +1000 Spinoffs • Internationalisation
 Raise Global Citizens • High Tech / Human Touch
  4. 4. Societal Challenges • Health, demographic change and wellbeing; • Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research, and the Bioeconomy; • Secure, clean and efficient energy; • Smart, green and integrated transport; • Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials; • Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies; • Secure societies
  5. 5. Responsible { Engineers Scientists Scholars Picture by Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique
  6. 6. Creative Intelligence & Transdisciplinary Innovation
  7. 7. Why DesignLab? Societal
 Challenges Twents
 Onderwijs Model Multi- & Trans- disciplinary Research Impact &
  8. 8. Core • Engage in Societal Challenges • Interaction between Technology & Society • Multidisciplinary Teams -> Transdisciplinary Results • Tangible Outcomes • Applied Creativity
 (Make / Test / Reflect / Reframe) • Empathic Co-creation &
 Human Centred Development
  9. 9. Science 2 Design 4 Society Approach • Design research • Societal impact Approach • Multidisciplinary • Empowering • Iterative • Reflective • Reframing • Tangible
  10. 10. • Human-Robot Collaboration • Participation & Inclusion • Smart, Responsible & Resilient Societies • Smart Textiles & Wearables • Personalised Care • New Roles for Designers • Art & Science Interaction Research Themes
  11. 11. DesignLab 2017 S2D4S EDUCATION HTHT Minor Multifunctional Flood Defenses From Idea to prototype From Prototype to society Serious Gaming Extra curricular: University Innovation Fellows: MvV / MI CuriousU OCW request: PPV Honors Programme MSc BSc S2D4S MasterClasses Teach the Teacher (T3) EWIHMI Human Computer Interaction Designing interactive experiences Designing for future healthcare products with Internet of Things CreaTe HCI Project HCI Design EE Technology Design and Compliance Systems & Control Philosophy of Technology ET IDE Scenario based design Design & Emotion Design Histories Multi sensory Design Embodied interaction Health & Design CW User Perspectives in Technology Design ATLAS Deliverables: Mitigation Proposal BMS BA Digital Marketing and Networked Business Advanced Topics in Digital Marketing BIT ERP From Product Design To Online Business Implementation of IT in Organizations CS Consumer Experience of the Service Environment PSTSTechnolab EPA Regional Governance and Smart Cities ITCworkshop Spatial Engeneering Master Assignments Da vinci Meetig room Executive Board Thales Health 100% VET RESEARCH Project Living Smart Campus: MI Star-T Tech4People: PPV Responsible Design of Drones and drone services:PVV Future Integration of Tech4People BMSLab: PPV Science Based Engineering: MvV Robotica in arbeid/samenleving: VE Fellowship programme Techxtile: PPV Prepare EU/MVI application: PPV Creative Cities NWO Shift2Rail Living smart Enschede DesignLab research Fellows Science with & for Society Making Sense KWF Fund ism Ernst Bohlmeijer WearSustain: Reflexive Textile GAK: werken in de toekomst Fraunhofer VR in autonomous cars; collaboration Stanford: VE Talking Traffic I Care RiverCare Creative Cities Create Health IMPACT CVOM: Verkeershandhaving & Veiligheid: VE Innovation Vouchers Tasty Basics: MvV Gampert: MvV De Posten/NEDAP Cap Gemini: VE KLM TU Delft, ROCvA en HvA: MI Making a connection KONOT Platform for RRI & Societal impact ING Smart Citizens (PDZ): FK S2D4S Workshops Gallery Fase 2 Smart City Pre-Conference Arise Overijsselse Bibliotheek Directeuren Tech Your Future Shelter Suits S2D4S Introduction new employees:DK GGZ NH Personalised e-Health Classroom of the Future AgriFood Tech EIT digital Denktank Sociale Innovatie Koninklijke Visio Kwaliteitszorg landelijke rechtbanken Fraunhofer Project Center Vechtverband: MvV Empowering Technologies in Health care: MvV STUDENT PROJECTS Housing Twente Teams RoboTeam Flow of Innovation Hollowingwheel Audio Visual to new fountain Lights: Thomas van Rompay Onderzoeken of meer gestructureerde design-lijn mogelijk is. zoals REST binnen TOM University Innovation Fellows DesignLab University Arduino 3D Printing Lasercutter Creativity WearSustain ID-Labs Meditation Suit Start-ups AER Smart Mirrors Aryzon Rapid Prototyping NX Filtration Initiatives Sustainable DesignLab Project Portal Create Tomorrow PLATFORM CROSSING BORDERS Collaboration with Sister city Gemeente Enschede / Palo Alto BEAM: Gunn highschoolUniversity Innovation Fellows Facility for UT exposure Television RTL Boulevard BBC Nieuwsuur Studium Generale Drones University of Twente contest NIKOS: Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking DesignLab Lectures Center for Public imagination event organiseren Dutch Design Week Mind the step Smart Design to Market Manifestations ism Viola van Alphen Delegations Tomsk Canadian Ambassador Jamie Hyneman DesignLab Events Next Generation Internet Global Goals Jam WearSustain Node Facilitating crossing disciplines TextielcaféRandom Drinks
  12. 12. Engagement
  13. 13. • https://www.fac designlabtwente/photos/a. 734925993293780.1073741828.727718220681224/ 1494860520633653/?type=3 designlabtwente/photos/a. 734925993293780.1073741828.727718220681224/ 1494860520633653/?type=3
  14. 14. Ethical Technology Assessment
  15. 15. Rapid Prototyping
  16. 16. Design(Lab) Thinking
  17. 17. Smart City Tomsk
  18. 18. Fuzzy Front-end Education & Research Acceleration Incubation Ideation &
 Rapid Prototyping
  19. 19. Partners • Startups: Air (Throw your GoPro), Smart Mirrors, Etsis, Tiny Giants, Aryzon • Novel-T, Science Shop & Strategic Business Development • Public Ministery & Dutch Judiciary Innovation • Agri-Food Tech Platform, Cluster Kunststoffen & Sensoren, Arise Network • Municipalities of Enschede, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Tomsk • Flow of Innovation & Amsterdam Light Festival • Tech your Future, Library Platform • EU: Making Sense, Science with & for Society • And counting..
  20. 20. DesignLab Op weg naar herkenbare producten. Frank Kresin / MD DesignLab / / 06 50 576 449