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Rokey Tomé

A Young Entrepreneurial Fashion Designer takes on the world trying to make it BIG.

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Rokey Tomé

  1. 1. ϒ Rokey
  2. 2. Plot Point 1:‘Success in fashion is hard enough;but fashion in Africa... – only for the completely mad.’ ϒ Rokey
  3. 3. World Bank:‘S. Tomé & Principe isat the bottom of thepoorest nations ofthe world.’ ϒ Rokey
  4. 4. Can Ronny take his brand to Europe?The Question ϒ Rokey
  5. 5. ϒ Rokey
  6. 6. Osvaldo Reis(a best-selling artist):‘Just start. You’ll learn as you go.’ ϒ Rokey
  7. 7. Olavo Amado(a well-known painter)‘Life is a labyrinth. You never know what’ll happen.’ ϒ Rokey
  8. 8. Alex Keller(talented painter):‘I never made it BIG. I want somuch more.’ ϒ Rokey
  9. 9. René Tavares (apainter living inLisbon):‘Art isMARRIAGE withEurope.’ ϒ Rokey
  10. 10. Neighbours: ‘We support Ronny Key.’ ϒ Rokey
  11. 11. Plot Point 2:‘I’m going tochange things.’ ϒ Rokey
  12. 12. Ronny needsto focus on his emotional center. ϒ Rokey
  13. 13. Ronny:‘I bringmy personality...’ ϒ Rokey
  14. 14. ‘But I need tohire dressmakers...’ ϒ Rokey
  15. 15. ‘And sewers...’ ϒ Rokey
  16. 16. ‘And work with a team of designers...’ ϒ Rokey
  17. 17. ‘Everybody brings something to the table.’ ϒ Rokey
  18. 18. Ronny hustles,telling his story toanyone who listens... ϒ Rokey
  19. 19. to make things happen. ϒ Rokey
  20. 20. Ronny:‘This is not over my head.’ ϒ Rokey
  21. 21. CAN HE DO IT ? ϒ Rokey