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Photography Tips & Tricks for a New Media World - BlogWorld Expo

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The availability and affordability of DSLR cameras means that everyone is becoming a photographer. Instead of hiring a pro photographer, many businesses and individuals are taking matters into their own hands, sometimes with questionable results. Photographers Aaron Hockley and Kris Krüg will share some tips and tricks for better photography. Topics include basics of composition, exposure, lighting, and white balance. Basic post-processing techniques will be covered as well, wrapping up with some power tips for sharing photos using social media tools.

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Photography Tips & Tricks for a New Media World - BlogWorld Expo

  1. Making Better Photographs Kristopher Krüg - @kk
  2. Light in the eyes....
  3. Evaluate the Light Sun? Shade? Incandescent, Halogen? Look around - highlights, shadows, spotlights Put your subject in good light Look for reflection/catchlight in the eyes Use lamps, spotlights, etc
  4. Work with whatcha got...
  5. Low light... Increase your ISO (ASA) Increase your aperture (F-stop) Decrease your shutter speed Focus manually if autofocus fails you Tinker with manual settings/metering Brace on things (tripod, gear bag)
  6. Reflections are yummy...
  7. Look for reflections... Puddles are my favorite Glass Metal Shiny floors Provides symetry, unique perspectives, and extra light
  8. Work with a theme....
  9. Focus on a theme... Polaroids Portraits Black & White//Sepia//Over-exposed Laptop Stickers//Geeks & Gear Funny Faces
  10. Learn your camera... Isolate the variables - depth of field, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc Tinker, tweek, shoot lots, share your photos, get feedback, change it up Share gear - find someone you can test out lenses, flashes, etc with SET THE FUCKING WHITE BALANCE
  11. Rules are made to be broken...
  12. Take a look @ your background No trees sprouting out of peoples heads. Less busy puts more focus on the subject
  13. Fill the frame...
  14. Get High! Swing Low... People look better (younger, skinnier) from above Stand on things Lay down Get the angle Change your perspective
  15. Tips for being a pretty subject... Laugh! Smile! Have fun! Make eye contact with the camera Take off your conference lanyard Stand in the light Avoid douchebag hand gestures unless your a Japanese girl or me. ;) Get close, show some love Don’t squirm - stand still.
  16. Camera buying advice... Lenses more important than body Don’t fall for Mega Pixels Look for manual controls I like cameras from camera companies - Canon, Nikon, Fuji
  17. <paradox> Now forget all that. Go gonzo styleé. Fuck focus, framing, etc. Move fast. Have fun. Feel it. </paradox>
  18. New School of Photography Kristopher Krüg - @kk
  19. Increase your “surface area” by creating as many possible, relevant and interesting ways for people to connect with you.
  20. Document everything. If you don’t stick it on the internet, it really happen.
  21. Weave together a patchwork quilt of creative awesomeness.
  22. In a day where everyone has a 5d, MacBook Pro, and L- series glass... what you gonna do to make your work stand out?
  23. As emerging artists and young creatives... our biggest threat isn’t piracy, it is obscurity.... irrelevance.
  24. Learn how to make licensing work for you.
  25. When it comes to reputation on the internet... I am whatever you say I am.
  26. Like a karmic piggybank... give more than you take & there will be enough for you... and everyone else.