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Dejirafication: free your process from tools

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jira or not jira: that's a question. For me the answer is clear.

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Dejirafication: free your process from tools

  1. 1. Dejirafication free your process @alexeykrv #ale16
  2. 2. Most companies use some sort of backlog management tools…
  3. 3. There are many different ones… but i’ll just call them ‘jira’
  4. 4. Inventories are wasteful
  5. 5. That’s how Most PBR meetings feel like
  6. 6. PBR is where the team to meet with the tool
  7. 7. Printed jira issues Time-boxed discussions Break-out groups working in parallel Updates to jira after the meeting Some ideas that I’ve tried to improve the meetings: Result: just less badly jirafied meetings.
  8. 8. Jirandicitis (or the ‘jira symptom’) An observable process when team collaboration (such as a meeting) is degrading to become a plain tool-updating activity (with a sole goal of updating the tool).
  9. 9. welcome to jira rehab program !!!
  10. 10. One of my client joint the jira rehab program: We went back to paper:
  11. 11. Backlog refinement activities are much more lively
  12. 12. We are building shared understanding of product & work
  13. 13. It might also look a bit more chaotic
  14. 14. #1 mind-mapping for product themes – no more lists!
  15. 15. #2 JIT story creating and slicing – minimal inventories!
  16. 16. I call this ‘parmigiano method’: Grate fresh stories only when hungry.
  17. 17. #3 backlog refinement with shuffled groups – amplified learning!
  18. 18. #4 shape discussions – lean coffee with confidence voting
  19. 19. GET CLEAN TODAY #1 mind-mapping for product themes – no more lists #2 JIT story slicing – minimal inventories #3 backlog refinement with mixed teams – amplify learning #4 shape discussions – lean coffee with confidence voting Sign up for jira rehab program now! Call 1-900-JIRA-REHAB
  20. 20. I’M OFFERING JIRA REHAB HUGS. Approach me after the talk. Thank you! @alexeykrv for #ale16