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Understanding Complexity of Organizational and System Dynamics

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Causal Loop Diagrams Applied. Slides from a workshop.

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Understanding Complexity of Organizational and System Dynamics

  1. 1. UNDERSTANDING COMPLEXITY of organizational & system dynamics
  2. 2. Agile Coach developer, scrum master, scrum trainer, free-rider, System thinker Alexey KRIVITSKY
  3. 3. “All the dots got connected when looking back…”
  4. 4. OMFG... Technical organization
  5. 5. Looks a little over-complicated to be able to help you reduce complexity
  6. 6. Weinberg-Brooks’ Law More software projects have gone awry from management’s taking action based on incorrect system models than for all other causes combined.
  7. 7. h2ps://
  8. 8. Causal loop diagrams (CLD) The primary value in diagrams is in the discussion while diagramming—we model to have a conversation.
  9. 9. VARIABLES Cycle time Quality WIP
  10. 10. Cause-effect relationships Quality Cycle time WIPRework
  11. 11. reinforcing vs. balancing loops B A D C B A D C Reinforcing « UNSTABLE » Balancing « STABILIZING »
  12. 12. Delayed effects Quality Cycle time WIP Rework Motivation
  13. 13. Quick fixes Quality Cycle time WIPRework Motivation Salary
  14. 14. #1: Products on a shared platform TECHNICAL PLATFORM / ENGINE CONSUMER PRODUCTS
  15. 15. #2: Satellite products BACK-END REST API CORE FRONT-END MOBILE APPS
  16. 16. #3: Many small sub-products
  17. 17. Play with these VARIABLES Cycle time # defects Costs of