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This Is Your Brain on Franchising

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a franchise? What does a typical day for a franchise owner look like? What are the benefits of franchising? Here is the franchise infographic you've been waiting for.

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This Is Your Brain on Franchising

  1. 1. This is Your Brain. .. ON FRANCHISING We've all had the daydream of storming out on our deadend job. We'd like to point out the ineptitudes of our coworkers and tell our boss exactly what we'd like him to do with this morning's memo. The only thing snapping us back to reality is the terrifying, unknown world of sell-employment. However, statistics show that, overall, sellemployment is no riskier than wageemployrnent but provides much higher life satisfaction. . - ' sellerriployed workers than those who are woge-employed. The amount of workers who report (omplete iol: sat1's‘laction _ is I270 hidier rmong Roughly 50% of , . - ' ' . | wageemployed workers on uvemge wish l° be 5°ll'°mPl°Ve'l _- seliemployed individuals . -' make 526/year more . .' than wageemployed workers. _. ' While the dillerence is slight, the takeaway is only 30/, at the ° massive: sellemployrnent will provide at least an American workforce equal level of income as working lor the man. is sellemployed. -. 35% ol workers who are sell loyed ovm their home outiig t, whereas only l 8% of wags-employed mm workers live debtlree. wvrwbumemoolunrn