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FS Resin - presentation 2012

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FS Resin - presentation 2012

  1. 1. Fluid SolutionsYour partner in planning and manufacturinglatest state of the art Synthetic Resin Plants -2-
  2. 2. Fluid Solutions – the Company RESIN TECHNOLOGY Range of supply and services: Fields of application: • Engineering design • Melamine-/urea-/phenolic formaldehyde resin • Procurement plant • Installation & Start up • Epoxy resin plant • Training • Polyurethane plant • Consultancy • Alkyd-/Polyester resin plant • Acrylic resin and polymer emulsion plant • Binders for printing ink ENGINEERING AND DELIVERY OF KEY EQUIPMENT FOR SYNTHETIC RESIN PRODUCTION “WE HAVE BEEN WITH YOU, FOR OVER 30 YEARS”“We are not the followers but trend setters” – that defines the work basis for our company. For FluidSolutions, innovation and ingenuity factors provides never ending process to excel in the business of Chemicalplants.Fluid Solutions has been an active player in providing turn key solutions to chemical process industries. Ourexperience of over 30 years, has earned us un breakable ties with our customers. The success of our customers iscenter focus for us to make them excel in this competitive world. Environment friendly technologies conserves thenatural life with equal focus on efficient utilization of natural recourses.
  3. 3. Engineering SkillsThe Process Economical Order Quantity calculation leads to optimized Process Flow Beginning from the storage of raw materials and ending with the filling lines, the material flow diagram illustrates the complete production process. 4
  4. 4. Engineering SkillsThe Layout In a first step the management rules for the plant are defined. They contain data about working time, the engaged blenders, pumps and information about the capacities of mixers and tanks and has lead to a process flow diagram In the second step the plant first layout is made. It leads to meet the optimal recommendations. 5
  5. 5. Engineering Skills ModellingComplete 3D Engineering for Steelframes, Equipments and Piping Modell Construction 6
  6. 6. Fluid Solutions – the CompanyRESIN TECHNOLOGY Core equipment delivery: • Reactors • Condensers • Piping • Stirrers • Solid handling • Automation
  7. 7. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTReactors Engineering and delivery of a customized reactors Designed for • optimized heat transfer • long live guarantee
  8. 8. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTCondensers Engineering and delivery of condensers Calculation of • heat transfer area • optimized heat transfer • anti corrosion design March of temperature
  9. 9. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTPiping Engineering and delivery of piping • Planning by 3D modelling • Isometric drawings • Installation • Supervision Isometric drawings
  10. 10. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTStirrers Engineering and delivery of stirring equipment • maximum turbulence • designed according to physical properties • Installed for easy maintenance
  11. 11. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTSolid handling Big-Bag charging Bag handling Bulk storage Engineering and delivery of solid handling equipment • maximum flexibility • dust free handling • Installed for easy maintenance
  12. 12. Fluid Solutions – the Company CORE EQUIPMENTAutomation Engineering and delivery of automation systems • Maximum flexibility • Safe plant operation • Constant product quality • Connection to ERP-systems
  13. 13. Our expertise in Synthetic Resin Production • High quality Engineering for the complete Resin Production • Definition of working and delivery packages in the project • Available for a wide range of synthetic resin production applications • Pressurized processes possible • Available in a wide range of production sizes from pilot plants up to commercial scale 14