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Inbound Marketing IS the New SEO - Facts, Figures & Data

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Thanks to everyone who joined the Kuno Creative inbound marketing team to learn why inbound marketing is the new SEO, how Google has changed search engine optimization forever and the new role of social media in search marketing. The event was a huge success and boasted a record number of registrants for a Kuno webinar.

Webinar highlights:

-A Look at Traditional SEO
-Defining the New SEO - Inbound Marketing
-What are the Causes?
-What does this Mean?

Chad Pollitt, Director of Inbound Marketing for Kuno Creative discussed the reasons why traditional SEO campaigns aren't as important as they once were for web visibility and why they are quickly being replaced by inbound marketing. Backed with real data, he proved that traditional SEO tactics aren’t as effective as inbound marketing at driving organic traffic and business leads.

The webinar also explored how Google's ranking algorithm and indexing system has changed and its effect on traditional SEO. Also, Chad explained how to take advantage of the changes in order to maximize web visibility and organic leads utilizing inbound marketing.


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Inbound Marketing IS the New SEO - Facts, Figures & Data

  1. Twitter: #KunoSEO
  2. IntroductionChad H. Pollitt • Director of Inbound Marketing Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  3. Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  4. Agenda• The Old SEO• The New SEO• What are the Causes?• What Does this Mean?• Q&A Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  5. The Old SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  6. The Old SEO• Technical SEO – On-page Sculpting – Link Building – SEO Programming – Competitor Audits – SEO Architecture – Content for the Sake of Content Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  7. The Old SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  8. The Old SEOPay Per KeywordPay for Rankings Pay for Traffic Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  9. The Old SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  10. The New SEO*Data from the Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  11. What Does this Mean? Where You Rank Doesn’tMatter – How Many Keywords Drive Traffic Does Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  12. The New SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  13. The New SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  14. The New SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  15. The New SEO # of Organic Visits350003000025000200001500010000 5000 0 2-3 Blog Posts/wk Traditional SEO 5-10 Blog Posts/wk Inbound Marketing Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  16. The New SEO # of Organic Keywords Driving Traffic16000140001200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2-3 Blog Posts/wk Traditional SEO 5-10 Blog Posts/wk Inbound Marketing Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  17. The New SEO # of Organic Leads500450400350300250200150100 50 0 Traditional SEO 2-3 Blog Posts/wk Inbound Marketing 5-10 Blog Posts/wk Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  18. The New SEO 10 posts/week5 posts/week 13 Months 13 Months Traffic from 13,798Traffic from 2,480Keyword Phrases Keyword Phrases = 556% Increase 2 - 3 Posts/wk 5 - 10 Posts/wk Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  19. The New SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  20. What are the Causes?“. . .make sure that your site adds value. Provideunique and relevant content that gives users areason to visit your site first.” -Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  21. What are the Causes?• Google Panda Launched (Feb 2011) Subsequent Panda Updates 2 - 2.5.2 (Apr - Oct 2011) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  22. What are the Causes? Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  23. What are the Causes? Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  24. What Does this Mean? Create Original, Problem-solving and/or Entertaining Content Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  25. What are the Causes?• Google Caffeine Update "Freshness" (Nov 2011) Google Caffeine Launched (Jun 2010) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  26. What Does this Mean?Publish Content Frequently Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  27. What are the Causes?• J.C. Penney, Forbes & get caught doing black hat link building (Feb 2011) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  28. What Does this Mean?Don’t Buy Links or Use Link Building Services Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  29. What are the Causes?• Google Limits Keyword Search Query Info (Oct 2011) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  30. What Does this Mean? Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  31. What Does this Mean? 22% of Total Organic Search 33% of Total Organic Leads Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  32. What Does this Mean?Search Results & TechnicalSEO ROI are harder to track Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  33. What are the Causes?• Google +1 Launched (Mar 2011)• Google+ Social Media Platform Launches (Jun 2011)• Google+ Business Pages Launched (Nov 2011) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  34. What are the Causes?• Google & Bing Admit to Using Social Signals (Dec 2010)• Google Search, Plus Your World (Jan 2012) Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  35. What Does this Mean?Distribute Content via Social Media – Be Social Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  36. What Does ALL of this Mean? In order to maximize searchengine visibility & organic leads you must. . . Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  37. Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  38. Take-a-ways1. Where You Rank Doesn’t Matter – How Many Keywords Drive Traffic Does2. Create LOTS of Original, Problem-solving and/or Entertaining Content3. Publish Content Frequently4. Don’t Buy Links or Use Link Building Services Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  39. Take-a-ways5. Search Results & Technical SEO ROI are harder to track6. Distribute Content via Social Media Be Social7. Inbound Marketing is the New SEO Embrace it all. . . Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  40. Building Links Naturally with the New SEO Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  41. Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO
  42. Thank You for Attending!Contact Kuno Creative formore information on effectiveSEO with ContentMarketing, Social Media &Inbound Marketing. Questions? Slides are available at Twitter: @CPollittIU - #KunoSEO