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Introduction to script lab

Introduction to Script Lab, a Microsoft Garage project.

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Introduction to script lab

  1. 1. Introduction to Script Lab Simple but powerful method to Create, Run, Share Office JavaScript snippers @kushanlahiru
  2. 2. What is Script Lab? "Writing code for Office can be simple and delightful." • Began as a summer hackathon project at //oneweek 2016 • New way to experiment with the Office JavaScript API without ever leaving Office • Share and save your snippets with GitHub gists • JavaScript API with the help of IntelliSense • There are nothing additional to install or configure as long as you have Office • Works in Excel, Word, PowerPoint & project since Office 2013 • Community driven • Powered by Monaco editor and Office APIs • Developed using Anguls and @ngrx
  3. 3. Download
  4. 4. Enable Office Add-in Open code Taskpane Trust Script Lab
  5. 5. Lets start code
  6. 6. Open code Taskpane Your HTML template Your styles here. Feel free like you write within <style> HTML tag. Place to introduce externals Your scripts here. Feel free like you write within <script> HTML tag.
  7. 7. Share your code
  8. 8. Share your snippets
  9. 9. Learn More.. Office Add-ins UX Design Practices Office Fabric UI Components Office JS Reference
  10. 10. Thank you! @kushanlahiru