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Twelve common house plants that can save electricity


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Twelve common house plants that can save electricity

  1. 1. TWELVE COMMON HOUSE PLANTS THAT CAN SAVE ELECTRICITY  WHAT IS THE MAIN USE OF ELECTRICITY IN DOMESTIC HOUSE ?  Reduce humidity and pollution  Reduce the temperature due to heat from sunlight  Increase air circulation within the rooms  Sometimes cooking and most of the times watching TV or PC or Laptops or charging the mobiles etc.  WHAT ARE THE APPLIANCES WE USE ?  AC or fan to reduce the humidity, pollution, increase air circulation and decrease the effect of sunlight  Induction heater for cooking  IF YOU IGNORE THE USE OF ELECTRICITY FOR RUNNIG TV AND CHARGING MOBILE OR COOKING FOODS THEN THE MAIN USE OF ELECTRICITY IS REDUCING HUMIDITY,TEMPERATURE AND DIRT FROM OUR ROOMS  DO YOU KNOW SOME PLANTS CAN DO THIS JOB IF YOU KEEP THEM IN YOUR ROOM. LET US DISCUSS ABOUT THE TWELVE
  2. 2. ORCHIDS  Keep orchids inside the room.  Orchids need moisture for their sustenance.  They can use the moisture content of the room air to make their food and as there is no outside supply of moisture in a closed room, the moisture will start to reduce.
  3. 3. BAMBOO PALM  Growing 3 to 6 feet tall, the long, elegant leaves of this sturdy palm removes toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene, and chloroform etc.  In addition to helping to create fresh air, it is an excellent spider mite repellent.
  4. 4. CHRYSANTHEMUMS  Chrysanthemums are known to be effective in removing benzene from the air.  Benzene is one of the most common pollutant  The flowers last about six weeks and thrive in bright, indirect light.
  5. 5. PEACE LILLY  This plant will decrease moistness levels since it absorb dampness from the air through its leaves.
  6. 6. GERBERA DAISIES  Most plants release oxygen when sunlight is available  But Gerbera daisies release oxygen in the night also which help in producing fresh air.  “Gerbera daisies are especially helpful for those suffering from sleep apnoea or breathing disorders. “
  7. 7. TILLANDSIAS  These plants are known to filter air .  It filters out the suspended particulate matter available in room atmosphere.  So no need of air purifying machines or even air conditioning machines if you have a bunch of this plant.
  8. 8. BOSTON FERN  It is known to be cleaner of toxins in the air  It also increase humidity  Due to its cleaning nature many people keep this plants in their room instead of costly air purifying machine and thus reduces the use of electricity.
  9. 9. SPIDER PLANT  “it removes up to 90% of harmful air pollutants inside the house.”  Due to its leaf structure keeping a group of these plants in your room will help you to remove pollution and thus decrease temperature.  Which again reduces the need to use air conditioner or purifiers
  10. 10. ALOE VERA.  Aloe Vera also reduce indoor air pollution.  It is easy to grow but requires sunlight  So keep a few Aloe Veras in your room it will clear the air within a few days.  This same plants have other uses also.  You can produce creams and ointments from this plants which has a sufficient demand in the market.  So using this plant will not only reduce your need of costly appliances it also give a chance to earn money
  11. 11. WARNECK DRACAENA  It can remove toxins like formaldehyde from the air in your home, as well as other VOCs, including benzene, trichloroethylene, and xylene.  However, keep your pets away from this plant, as it can be toxic to animals when ingested.
  12. 12. MONEY PLANT  It is said that the Money plant bears the maximum benefits when it is grown inside the house, rather than outside the house.  It acts as an anti-radiator which reduces the chance of increase in room temperature.
  13. 13. JASMINE PLANT  Natural air purifiers  Eliminates the bad odour due to its rich fragrance  No need to use smelly room fresheners or use electric diffusers if you have Jasmine in your room.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION  As can be seen from the previous slides,plants if selected wisely can remove room pollution which in turn will remove the need of air purifiers  If pollutants are removed then air will be fresh and free of toxic Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) and other harmful chemicals commonly found in room air.  The need of air conditioning will also reduce as the appliance is used to reduce temperature of the room by reducing humidity.  If the air has toxics then air will be humid as it provides surface area to the water molecules and moisture can trap heat.  As a result air temperature become high. So when AC s are used it forces the inner warm air to outside and circulates the same air through a coolant and through multiple filters and release the same air to the room.  As this air has minimal toxins the room moisture can not effect the room temperature and as a result air become fresh and the room temperature get reduced. ALL THE IMAGES USED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE COLLECTED FROM INTERNET. SOME OF THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PLANTS ARE ALSO RETRIEVED FROM DIFFERENT WEBSITES.
  15. 15. Contd.  If the same work of removing toxins from the air can be carried out by plants, then there will be no need of AC s and use of electricity will also get reduced.  As a result the occupants of the room can save a lot of money.  It is better not to make a jungle in your room by using all the types of plants known for removing pollutants.  Instead use two or three type of plants as per your requirements and use them in your room.  Keep them where the sunlight is abundant : in front of windows will be a better choice.  Some plants can stay with out sunlight also so if your room has no window then, use those type of plants.  Overall plants can be a good alternative to AC or Air Purifiers. And if we can remove these appliances from our life then we can save not only electricity but also carbon generation thus making our life sustainable.