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Pumphouse Capabilities

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Here is our latest & great capability piece.

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Pumphouse Capabilities

  1. 1. A G E N C Y O V E R V I E W capabilities and perspective W W W. P U M P H O U S E C R E A T I V E . C O M
  2. 2. :: top linePumphouse Creative is a lean, no-nonsensecommunication design firm located in theheart of Dallas’ Deep Ellum. Three elementsdefine our approach: :: ability :: grit :: experience
  3. 3. DEEP ELLUM – Pump hous e Crea tive’ s w or ld he ad qu ar te rs
  4. 4. :: abilityWe are a performance-based company.Sure, we love what we do, and it is a greatway to make a living. But charm and 50¢will only get you a phone call around here.Everyone at Pumphouse Creative delivers ahigh level of quality, creativity and attentionto detail, or they wouldn’t be here.
  6. 6. :: gritIsn’t glamorous, and can’t be measured,bought or sold. There are no awardshows honoring it. The same goes forthe creative process if you are takingit seriously.Our work is a culmination of concertedeffort, critical assessment and reworkingour creative product until it is on target.
  7. 7. if you DON’T LIKE gettin’ your hands dirty,don’t pick up the tools.
  8. 8. :: experienceKnow-how can be measured not only in years,but also in diversity. Our work has led usthrough agencies of every size and shape.We’ve worked on everything from nationalprint advertising in publications such asThe Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone toNational Promotions and Web Rollouts. Thisain’t our first big rodeo. So check out some ofour work on the following pages, and give us acall if you want the full story.
  9. 9. the spurs ain’t the re to makethe boots look pretty.
  10. 10. ::Client Drive The Foundation::Discipline Brand Development, Web Design::Deliverables Web, Direct Mail::Background We were approached to help brand & create a web site for a for profit enterprise which also serves as a fund raising resource for school districts. For each online driving school enrollment a portion of the proceeds goes to the student’s school district.::Approach This project was equal parts database design, art direction and ensuring web architecture usability. The target was not so much young people, but parent’s of young people who would be enrolling their children.::Results Our client has been overwhelmed with enrollment and the database has saved the client labor in tracking which school districts are due funds. Thanks to both our creative combined with the strength of the business concept, we have been busy rolling this out into 15 school districts in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
  11. 11. ::Client Society of Petroleum Engineers/ATCE::Discipline Event Promotion::Deliverables Printed Collateral including Conference Program, Exhibitor Prospectus and Attendee Flyer::Background For the past 87 years, ATCE has been the leading technical conference in the E&P world, bringing together emerging technologies; state-of-the art innovations; leading-edge companies and organizations; and thousands of engineers, scientists, managers, and executives each year.::Approach Just a few of the challenges in working with SPE are continually leveraging the SPE brand, separately promoting their various conferences, and keeping each conference fresh from year to year.::Results We are currently in our sixth year of designing and producing the marketing collateral for this SPE conference and several others, including the Offshore Technology Conference. Our clients have been consistently happy with our efforts, and they continue to reward us with bigger and better projects.
  12. 12. ::Client Caesars Entertainment Corporation::Discipline Print Collateral, Point of Sale::Deliverables Duratrans, Posters & Banners::Background One of the largest entertainment, hotel & gaming companies leaned on Pumphouse Creative to deliver some top-notch grand opening materials for their Tunica property.::Approach This project was an exercise in following graphic standards while keeping the creative fresh. The rewards message has it’s own creative dialogue which we used in the Tunica location.::Results This project was a last minute hail mary and Pumphouse caught the ball and ran with it. We had a little over a week to take 65 collateral pieces from design to production-ready files. We’ll call this one a touchdown and we even ran it in for two points. +
  13. 13. ::Client BlackBerry (Integer Group)::Discipline Promotional Advertising::Deliverables Print Advertising, Point-of-Purchase::Background This concept was presented to BlackBerry for a promotion in which the consumer received a free iPod shuffle with the purchase of a BlackBerry 7520.::Approach BlackBerry’s core market is very corporate, but the iPod giveaway presented an opportunity to have a bit of fun. Juxtaposing the usually conservative BlackBerry brand with the far “funkier” culture of the iPod brand seemed like the perfect solution. Kari Luna from Happy Little Atom came up with a headline, and we kicked it up a notch with the perfect visual.::Results This was a very successful promotional concept and we have to give full credit to the creative marketing staff at BlackBerry for taking a chance. Our visuals and headline added the finishing touch that helped BlackBerry increase sales of their 7520 device, and loosen up a lot of ties in the process.
  14. 14. ::Client Carlson Restaurants/T.G.I. Friday’s International::Discipline Promotional Advertising, Web Design::Deliverables Radio, Television, Point of Purchase Materials, Menus, Web Sites, Bar Materials, Novelties::Background For the past three years PumpHouse Creative has been working with T.G.I. Friday’s International on a wide variety of promotions and initiatives. We’ve come up with concepts and designs for annual promotions including, New Year’s, FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, Halloween, Carnival, Holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July…you get the picture, if it’s a holiday or a celebration, we’ve done it. We’ve also launched new Menu and Bar initiatives including Small Plates, Friday’s Speaks Italian, Party Platters, Tex Mex, Mojito Madness and co-promotions with Diageo on Smirnoff Vodka as well as Jose Cuervo Tequila. And, we’ve also helped keep all of this creative as well as sensitive internal documents available to a world-wide franchisee audience in real time thanks to a secure online ftp managed by us.::Approach Between Scott Benton’s slick style and Mark Roberts’ out-there creative executions Pumphouse Creative focuses on delivering diverse creative, which still carry’s T.G.I. Friday’s brand narrative.::Results Our relationship with T.G.I. Friday’s has flourished into a great partnership. In addition to creative promotions and launches of new initiatives, the PumpHouse team has been invited on several in-house brain storming sessions to provide our unique perspective on their amazing brand.
  15. 15. ::Client Southland Corporation (Integer Group)::Discipline Promotional Advertising::Deliverables Poster, Counter Card, Change Mat, Static Cling, Dangler::Background The Integer Group came to us for help with these promotional materials for 7-11’s VCom automatic teller machines. The VCom is like an ATM on steroids, and the goal of this point- of-purchase was to let H&R Block consumers know they could cash their tax refund checks at any VCom location.::Approach The goal was to come up with point-of-purchase that conveyed the look and feel of commerce and, most importantly, conveyed the message in a legible, concise manner in both English and Spanish.::Results Since we were working for another agency on this project, we have not been privy to any quantifiable data. The feedback on the aesthetic aspect of the work has been very positive and the design was repurposed for use on a similar promotion with JacksonHewitt. So we must have done something right.
  16. 16. ::Client Williamson-Dickie::Discipline Consumer Promotion::Deliverables Standee, Banner, Poster, Counter Card, Shelf Talker, Tear Pad::Background In this annual promotion, workers are nominated via a write-in essay, and the hardest-working of the bunch is selected for the perfect blue-collar prize package. This year, the package included a truck, a custom motorcycle from BMC Choppers, and a trip to Vegas for the Pro Bull Riding Championship, along with a dozen lower-tier prizes.::Approach We wanted to portray the worker in the art, but realized that photography would be too specific. After a little head scratching, we came up with the silhouette of the worker with the tool box. We also wrote the headline, which definitely passes our standard of “shorter is better”, and effectively communicates the idea behind the promotion.::Results Dickies loved this artwork so much they boosted it for the look and feel of the microsite. The client was also thrilled that we were able to design and produce the entire promotion in about three weeks, enabling them to make their “insane” in-store deadline. As the promotion is still in progress, there aren’t any numbers on store participation or submissions, but Dickies is expecting a very solid result.
  17. 17. ::Client Lone Star Beer::Discipline Event Marketing::Deliverables Print Advertising, T-Shirts & Website::Background In the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, Dallas had its own personal version of American Graffiti on Forest Lane in North Dallas: a place for teens to cruise, show off their car, sneak a beer, maybe get lucky in love. We partnered with Lone Star Beer to recreate the good ‘ole days for just one night on June 4.::Approach This is one of those kid-in-a-candy-store projects and we ran with it. The creative is retro-70’s with a hot rod look that will never go out of style. Lone Star was a perfect partner on this event and they helped knock this event out of the park.::Results Pumphouse Creative probably put on one of the largest car 11 5 • 20 shows in Dallas for 2011. We had over 1,000 cars and well r1 over 3,500 spectators according to The Dallas Observer. The tobe sponsors were happy, we were happy and the spectators c ay • o were beside themselves. We will do this again soon! rd satu
  18. 18. ::Client Triumph Motorcycles, USA::Discipline Promotions::Deliverables Print Advertising, Web Key, Web Site::Background At the heart of Triumph’s philosophy is a firm commitment to developing truly unique motorcycles that are distinctive in looks, design and performance. Triumph’s aim is to craft motorcycles that deliver a great riding experience through the fusion of a well-balanced, easy to handle chassis and strong, flexible engines. The result is an inspiring range of motorcycles delivering intelligent, usable performance::Approach Triumph’s came to us because of our experience with promoting Rockers vs Mods Dallas wanting a promotion aimed at the Cafe Racer crowd. We were asked to merge the heritage with new technology with the Triumph brand. This promotion has a web-key included with instant win prizes. The consumer simply puts the Triumph-style key into their computer and they could instantly win very unique cafe bike to gear to admission to special events. Triumph gathers a bit of information and drives people to special test drives at participating dealers around the U.S.::Results Our client is happy with the creative and we are in currently in production with the web-keys, photo shoot & web site.
  19. 19. ::Client William Noble Rare Jewels::Discipline Catalog Development::Deliverables Print & Web Catalog::Background William Noble is a high-end jewelry store, specializing in rare, estate and historically significant jewelry. In addition to their annual holiday catalog, they wanted an online version to work with their existing web site.::Approach Pumphouse Creative worked together with Olga Arseniev Creative to design the look and feel of the print catalog. The jewels were the focal point of the piece, and were the only design elements utilized in the interior of the catalog. We executed all of the layout, in addition to extensive color correction and retouching. The online version of the catalog was built in Flash to allow complete control of design, typography and color.::Results Both the printed catalog and the online version were very successful. So much so that we have been selected to present concepts for the next season’s catalog. If you’re in the market for a 70-carat diamond necklace, look for our work in your mailbox.
  20. 20. ::Client Nokia Theatre::Discipline Event Promotions::Deliverables Capabilities Brochure::Background Nokia Theatre, in addition to being a great concert venue, features outstanding amenities for hosting small trade shows, product rollouts and other corporate events. This brochure was designed to sell those capabilities to meeting managers and other potential corporate clients.::Approach The client supplied us with a list of the venue’s amenities and some photography of the facility, and very little else. We used the distinctive architecture of the building to drive the design, giving it a clean and open look that meshed well with the photography of the venue, our primary visual elements.::Results The client was thrilled with this piece, feeling that it both captured the spirit of the venue and met their communication needs. A senior executive at Anschutz Entertainment, the theater’s parent company, stated that it was one of the best looking pieces produced for any of the Anschutz venues — a huge compliment for us.
  21. 21. ::Client LiveNation / House of Blues::Discipline Design, Marketing & Web Design::Deliverables Brochures, Print Collateral Concierge Membership Card & Web Site::Background The House of Blues grew out of founder Isaac Tigrett’s love for the unique American art form known as the “the Blues”. Weaned on this music during his early childhood in Tennessee, one of Isaac’s goals was to introduce the world to the music of the rural south, including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Roots-abed Rock & Roll.::Approach As a retainer client we had very busy periods and a few lulls in the work. During one of these lulls we developed this concierge program as an unsolicited project for the House of Blues. We know their business very well and the current concierge relationships were developed ad hoc and we felt it was important to formalize these critical connections. This has a simple points system rewarding concierges with meals, tickets and events which they can either use themselves or pass along to their clients.::Results Pumphouse Creative presented these layouts over six months ago and they are making their way through the upper echelons of Live Nation. Cross your fingers for us!
  22. 22. ::Client Sotherby Homes, a Shaddock Company This card is Realtor Incentive Program::Discipline your ticket to the good life! Go to www.sotherbyr standings and enter to see your for additional points and rewards. Promotions, Brand Advertising, Kiosks::Deliverables WIN: Sell and close four Sotherby Homes in 2007 and you will drive away in the ultimate realtor car, a 2008 Mercedes GL450*. Print Advertising, Collateral, Web & Event Marketing ALSO, $500 above your percentage will be added to your Sotherby Realtor Rewards card immediately::Background upon your first closing! Because Sotherby has over 40 years in the industry, the marketing director was looking for a fresh approach PLACE: This year, sell and close two Sotherby homes and win a trip for two to the Virgin Islands in 2008! to selling homes in an increasingly tough market. AND, when your office is in the top 10 for net sales within the promotion period, your Office Manager or Broker also qualifies for a trip for two!::Approach We analyzed Sotherby’s business with fresh eyes and came up with some unique solutions. To start with, we hired SHOW: Recieve your reward card with $100 on it upon your first showing of a Sotherby Home. PLUS, for each additional showing a real estate agent as a consultant to help with initial we will add $100 to your card**! brainstorming. With his help, we developed a strategy that involved new technology as well as traditional media. LIVE LARGE SELL BIG: See Sotherby Homes Sales Consultant for complete details. Not valid with any other o er or previously written contracts. Sotherby Homes “Sell Big, Live Large” promotion good only on a Sotherby home sold in the Dallas/Fort Worth area between March 1, 2007, and April 30, 2008. Sotherby Homes Realtor Incentive Card to Sales Consultant prior to the signing of the contract. Sotherby Homes reserves the right to terminate program or change rules at any time. Prices, plans, dimensions, features, speci cations, materials or availability of homes or communities are subject to change without notice or obligation. Copyright® 2006 Sotherby Homes - All Rights Reserved. The end result was an innovative promotion which utilized THE SOTHERBY PETER ISLAND VIRGIN ISLAND TOUR PROGRAM: Only eligible to licensed realtors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Realtor® must register client utilizing the Sotherby Homes Realtor Incentive Program card at rst visit. O er only available on homes that close between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007. All prices subject to change. In the event of co-op sales, both realtors will receive credit for 1/2 sale. Realtor® investor sales are not eligible for program, this program cannot be redeemed for cash. Travel destination subject to change without notice. Sotherby Homes has the sole discretion to cancel or change the promotion at any time without notice. the strengths of technology, emotional appeal, traditional media and brand messaging.::Results The client was so pleased with our promotional ideas, they had us develop a consumer campaign. The realtor promotion will roll out next year, and by all accounts it is far superior to anything they or their competitors have come out with to-date.
  23. 23. ::Client Innovation Medical::Discipline Web Design::Deliverables Web Site Design, Content Management System::Background The purpose of Innovations Medical is to provide their patients with the best treatments available for skin care, body shaping, and other cosmetic procedures. They are often one of the first practices in the nation to offer new technological advances in body shaping and skin rejuvenation. Chief of Staff, Dr. Bill Johnson, has been serving the Dallas / Ft. Worth community since 1984.::Approach This website for a North Texas aesthetic medical practice went from 25 to almost 100 pages of content in a little over a month. Along the way, we implemented a custom content management system, integrated their library of over 75 videos into the site via Google Video, implemented a custom SEO management system which allows their 3rd party SEO to edit site meta tags right in their web browser, and developed a site search function which uses those meta tags to deliver Google-style search results on any page in the site.::Results Since this redesign, their bounce rate has dropped by 30% and stayed down.
  24. 24. ::Client Elk Corporation Roofing Products::Discipline Collateral Design::Deliverables Pocket Folders, Sell Sheets, Installation Instructions, Warranty Cards and Product Brochures::Background Elk Corporation is a well-established building products company with a legacy of product innovation, quality, reliability and unmatched beauty in all of their building products. Pumphouse Creative has maintained a long- standing relationship with Elk Corporation, designing and producing print materials for many facets of their business.::Approach This was a large project that required diverse skills to complete successfully. From project management and print production, to old-school typesetting and a bit of design, we utilized our talents to complete this job on time and within budget.::Results Upon completion, the response was so favorable that Elk asked us to develop a similar packet for their Peak Performance Contractor program.
  25. 25. :: who we areOur experience has given us insight intowhen it’s best to use finesse and when tocrack the ball for all it’s worth. Followingis a brief overview of our long, dubiousillustrious careers.
  26. 26. Work History: Career Highlights: Pumphouse Creative – Dallas, TX Two years helping Michael Cory design and produce Principal, June 1998 to present catalogs for Footaction. Working with John Norman Freelance Designer – San Jose, CA/Dallas, TX on international ads for adidas. Every time I get August 1996 to May 1998 a thank-you letter from a truly satisfied client. Working my way from print to interactive design The Promotion Network – Dallas, TX and back again. Art Director, January 1996 to July 1996 AvreaFoster, Inc. – Dallas, TX Personal: Designer, June 1994 to December 1995 Born in Dallas. Raised in Dallas. Lives in Dallas. Thrown out of Catholic school in the 4th grade. StatCat, Inc. – Dallas, TX Dropped out of freshman year at SMU to become Production Artist, May 1992 to May 1994 a graphic designer. Became a graphic designer.Scott Benton StatCat, Inc. – Dallas, TX Intern, October 1991 to April 1992 Uh Huh’s:Principal Photography. The cello. Hemmingway. Cormack Brand Experience: McCarthy. 1963 Jaguar XK-E. Greene & Greene. adidas, American Airlines, BankOne, Baylor Miles Davis. Anything post-modern and Japanese. Hospital, Caterpillar, Community Coffee, Dickies, Dr Pepper, First USA Bank, Footaction, Frito-Lay, What Scott Likes Most About His Career: Gatorade, Imprimis Group, JCPenney, MadMan “That my work has continued to improve over the Lures, Nike, Nokia, Nokia Theatre, Nortel, Pepsi, years and has consistently met or exceeded the Sara Lee, Society of Petroleum Engineers, STRINCO, expectations of my clients. Overall, I think I’ve had Suiza Foods, Utilicorp United, W@P Forum, Word a positive impact on the brands that I’ve had the Publishing. opportunity to influence. Last but not least, as my uncle used to say, it beats the hell out of selling Strengths: insurance.” “The ability to keep working on projects long after everyone else has given up hope. A psychic eye for typography. Faith in my own convictions.”
  27. 27. Work History: Strengths: Pumphouse Creative – Dallas, TX An innate ability to appraise a situation and see Principal, August 2005 to present the possibilities for my clients. Understanding LCR Group – Dallas, TX that there is more than one solution for every Account Director, December 2004 to July 2005 problem. Square 1, Inc. – Dallas, TX Career Highlights: Account Director, January 2003 to November 2004 Garnered national television and public relations M/C/C, Inc. – Dallas, TX exposure for Corona Extra with placement in Account Manager, September 2000 to December 2002 Super Bowl XXXIV (2000). The Richards Group, Inc. – Dallas, TX Personal: Account Supervisor, December 1998 to August 2000 Born and raised in Houston, Texas, and proud of it. Likes to jump out of planes and raceBruce McElroy Moroch & Associates – Dallas, TX Account Executive, July 1995 to November 1998 heavily modified cars. Doesn’t take himself orPrincipal life too seriously. Brand Experience: 7 UP, Baylor Healthcare Foundation, Centris Uh Huh’s: Information Services, Corona Extra, Corona Really good audio gear, German cars, speed and Light, Cube Solutions, Dave & Buster’s, Direct lucky breaks. Energy, Dr Pepper, Galaxy Aerospace, Hummer, McDonald’s, Metro PCS, Modelo Especial, Negra What Bruce Likes Most About His Career: Modelo, Netier Technologies, Oldsmobile, “That my industry changes and evolves as Pacifico Clara, Schweppes, Star Ranch, US frequently as the human condition. That no Dialtone, Valor Telecom. two clients are the same and that I’m not panhandling on the street.”
  28. 28. Work History: Midway Games, Miller Beer, Minute Maid, Nike, Pumphouse Creative – Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre, Pacific Bell, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Principal, June 2003 to present Phillips Petroleum, Pizza Inn, Sapporo, Southland Corporation, Suiza Foods, Tyson Beef & Pork, Square 1, Inc. – Dallas, TX United Distillers & Vitners, Utilicorp United, VHA Studio Manager, March 2001 to June 2003 Healthcare, Vignette, Whataburger. DDB Dallas – Dallas, TX Studio Manager, August 1998 to March 2001 Strengths: Barnes Brand Advertising – Seattle, WA “I do two things: Tell you what I’m going to do, Art Director, June 1997 to August 1998 and then do it.” The Promotion Network – Dallas, TX Career Highlights: Studio Manager, December 1995 to June 1997 Concepted Smirnoff’s “The Russians Are Coming” promotion for Barnes Brand, which placed an actualMark Roberts Fuqua & Eyre – Dallas, TX Designer, November 1993 to December 1995 Russian MiG 17 Fighter jet in bar locations.Principal The StatCat/CatPak – Dallas, TX Personal: Production Artist, June 1992 to November 1993 Reared in Tacoma, Washington, and left as soon as Boykin & Roberts – Dallas, TX humanly possible. Lives in a historic home, built in Owner, October 1991 to November 1993 1918, and drives obsolete vehicles. Brand Experience: Uh Huh’s: ABC Radio, AMD, American Airlines, Arizona Jeans, My Maida, urban mountain biking, fiddling on Bronco Bowl, Cingular, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas machines, live music & dead writers. Morning News, Dave & Buster’s, Dillard’s, Dr Pepper, Elk Roofing, ESPN, Excel Meats, The Family Place, What Mark Likes Most About His Career: Footaction, Frito-Lay, The Gambrinus Corporation “I constantly get projects that force me to explore (Corona and Shiner Bock), Gatorade, Hampton areas outside my comfort zone.” Hotels, Icehouse Beer, In-N-Out Burger, JCPenney, Kraft Foods, Lender’s Bagels, Mary Kay, McIlhenny,
  29. 29. Give us a shot
  30. 30. 2 1 4 . 6 5 5 . 6 8 3 2 2 5 4 0 E L M S T. D A L L A S , T E X A S 7 5 2 2 6 W W W . P U M P H O U S E C R E A T I V E . C O M