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Frankly Chat Competitive Analysis

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Frankly Chat Competitive Analysis

  1. 1. Developers Message Targeting Frankly "Market your brand and monetize & engage your users” Marketers, Dev Friendly Layer “Let your apps users talk to each other” Developers Quickblox "The cross platform app for instant messaging, video and voice calling." Developers Firebase "Build Realtime Apps. A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime" Developers PubNub "Build and Scale Realtime Apps for Connected Devices." Developers Facebook Messenger API Depreciating. Nothing announced to replace. Not available for use after April 30th 2015. “Developers”, Marketers
  2. 2. Layer “Let your app’s users talk to each other.” CTO: Recent: Sean Cook, head of product (from Twitter) Andrew Vyrros, the lead dev for iMessage, Apple’s push notifications, and iTunes Genius. Jeremie Miller, inventor of Jabber. George Patterson, former director of operations at OpenDNS. (2014 acquisitions) Layer is trying to build an open communications layer that allows app makers to easily make communications a native part of their creations and “delight developers”. Strengths: • Layer provides push notification services, cloud sync, offline storage, and most other services a message app would need. • Out of the box + Enterprise options • Lots of experience creating scalable infrastructures. • Atlas employs UI patterns similar to iMessage, making it intuitive for the user to navigate and use. Easy to implement and customize. • Pieces of the SDK can be used to power individual needs (e.g., push notification) • Analytics dashboard. • Working toward single sign-in across apps. Weaknesses: • Standard messaging patterns, lacking in creativity. • No moderation tools. • Focused on user-user messaging, not brand-user. Marketing not a clear value prop. • No native advertising. No native goods. • No white label app. • No interest-based community chats. • NO STORY. Target: Developers
  3. 3. Analytics Production Ready Plans Atlas: Turnkey UI
  4. 4. • A searchable, selectable address input bar like found in the most popular messaging apps. • A Conversation List that displays all the Conversations in which the user is participating. Changes in the latest message or the unread state of the Conversation are automatically updated in the UI. • A scrollable, auto-paginating message display experience that manages unread state, optionally displays delivery & read receipts, and overlays a typing indicator as others are typing. • A flexible, auto-sizing message input bar that handles text, images, and location updates. • A detail view for managing conversations by adding, removing, or blocking participants and deleting or resigning from a conversation. • A library of accessory views such as incoming and outgoing bubble cells and a dynamically rendered placeholder image that displays user initials. Layer’s Atlas (UX/UI) “Customizable”
  5. 5. Layer Clients/Apps: • imoji • Zongo tennis • Web Summit • Cloth • Kindly Why we’re keeping an eye on them: Recently received 14M in funding. Interesting minds are starting to work for them. A good example of how to delight developers and manage scalability. They have a bigger plan.
  6. 6. QuickBlox "The cross platform app for instant messaging, video and voice calling.“
 QuickBlox is a cloud communication backend that allows to add Chat, Video calling, Push Notifications, Cloud Sync into mobile and web apps. Strengths: • Handles all login and registration, can use social for the login • Ratings, 'like‘, and voting capabilities • General chat capabilities with text, video, also calling, file sharing, location sharing • Push notifications to engage users • iOS, android, blackberry, windows phone, wordpress, javascript • All aspects are customizable and you can pick and choose features • Analytics dashboard: User statistics, api calls, data usage, sent messages, pull your own data • Online indicator • Can develop an app for you • Developer documentation easily accessible • Support Weaknesses: • No moderation tools, from user perspective • Advertising options not a value prop • No marketing options outlined Target: Developers
  7. 7. Production Ready PlansModules QuickBlox
  8. 8. Clients/Apps • Clickin’, • Velotton • SeeMe • Orgeen • Vtalkie Why we’re keeping an eye on them: Frequently suggest amongst developers as a messaging solution. QuickBlox
  9. 9. Firebase "Build Realtime Apps. A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime" Store and Sync Data Instantly - cloud storage provider and BAAS. Chat, push notification, info display, comments, LIVE INTERACTIONS "Build realtime mobile and web apps in minutes using client-side code and our powerful API. Save time. Delight your users.“
 Owned by Google (acquired 10/21/14) **why we want to keep an eye Built Firechat Strengths: • Scalability - now backed by Google • Easy/quick front-end integration • Works for all major web and mobile platforms - easy to mesh • Easy authentication - Can integrate so existing users can participate immediately without a second auth process • Can use features independently • Security: Firebase Security API (used by moderators) • Used by over 50,000+ engineers • Accessible documentation • Chat without connectivity • When data changes, apps (web/mobile) update automatically • Platform agnostic, backend flexibility • Case studies that display multiple use cases (including chat) Weaknesses: • Not focused solely on chat • One-offs for big partners (chat) - not their major goal • UI not provided • Reasons for building chat in an app is not clear Target: Developers
  10. 10. Firebase
  11. 11. FireBase Clients/Apps: • CBS’s Big Brother (27M chat entries were logged) • Coffee Meets Bagel • Kanjoya • Firechat • Live Minutes • Twitch (alert users of live chat sessions)
  12. 12. PubNub “Build and Scale Realtime Apps for Connected Devices.” PubNub creates and supports over 50 languages and development platforms with our SDKs. Build apps for Mobile, Browser, Desktop, Server, or the Internet of Things. PubNub will automatically broker your connections from the web to phones to tablets to everywhere! Strengths: • Can use on any platform • Scalable backend • Online notification • Ephemeral message capabilities • History of recent messages • Users can be assigned different rights and roles • Simple and fast to integrate • Push notifications • Analytical tools of traffic, usage and peaks by region • 1:1, 1:many, group chats • Developer community forum • AngularJS one-to-many broadcast API Weaknesses: • No packaged UI • No flagging or additional moderation tools • Marketing/branding feed not a value prop • No advertising or native goods opportunities • No network effect
 Target: Developers
  13. 13. PubNub
  14. 14. PubNub Clients/Apps: • Glide • • SwapLingo • Yahoo • McDonald’s Why we’re keeping an eye on them:
  15. 15. Opportunities • Moderation • Network Effect • Meaningful Analytics (to marketers) • Native Advertising • Creative and flexible UI/UX • Focus on Brand-to-Many interactions • Seamless Web/Native communication
  16. 16. Chat as a Marketing Solution
  17. 17. Marketing Solutions Messaging What it is Target Market Affinity Networks (TalkChain) “Monetize and engage your users” Networked chat platform with native ad space. Marketers, CEOs UrbanAirship “Engage your audience” Mobile marketing platform built around push notifications, automated messaging, and market segmentation. Marketers CoveritLive “Design and produce live highly interactive social experiences” Social platform Sports, Brands Ning “Build and cultivate your own community” Social platform Brands Hull “The engagement layer for the internet” TBD Brands Celly “Create your own social network” TBD Brands
  18. 18. Affinity Networks “Monetize and engage your users.” “Integrating is literally, dropping in the library, picking a button, and pointing to a URL schema.” - Jeff Solomon, Founder (also founder of @Velocify + @Amplify… ) Strengths: • Packaged UI, ready to go. • Monetization (?) is a buzz word re: chat • Robust feature set geared toward community building. • Moderation: They host and maintain the backend of custom-built apps and they handle all moderation and community management. • Native ads (rev share 50/50) • Can build, launch, host and maintain a white-label app • Clear messaging about their value proposition Weaknesses: • Possible issues with networking and scalability. (confusion with sign-in + TalkChain site not very engaging.) • Founder involved in two other sales-focused companies. • Not clear if they offer analytics. • No high profile partners or brands. Hard to tell if it’s successful. • No web presence. “We will probably start with a web plugin so people can add the chat feeds on web and let web users interact with mobile users. Eventually may offer the engine as an alternative to web commenting solutions like Disqus or Livefyre.” Target: Marketers, CEOs
  19. 19. Affinity Networks Features & Functionality
  20. 20. Affinity Networks Clients/Apps: • Geeking • MeetMe • Pokemonfans Unite • Hunger Games Chat • Why we’re keeping an eye on them: Although they do not have high profile partners, they are very similar to us in product profile. They were recently featured in Product Hunt (Jan 2015) [TBC]
  21. 21. Urban Airship Target: Marketers • Known for push notifications and inbox messaging Recently introduced in-app messaging campaigns • The messages can deep-link within the app, provide tags to help marketers segment users into groups, and be linked to landing pages created from templates. • Lifecycle Lists - ability to automate messaging or other mobile marketing (based on triggers) • Location based triggers made possible via Gimbal “in-app messages, interactive notification buttons, landing page authoring, deep linking, dynamic segment tag collection, and native social-sharing capabilities built in, [making it easy] for a marketer to build a campaign in minutes, not hours or even days.”
  22. 22. CoveritLive Target: Sports, Brands
  23. 23. Ning Target: Brands
  24. 24. Hull “Hull is a platform that offers identity management, user engagement, segmentation and targeted messaging so you can finally build your entire user engagement strategy with one single, unified product.” Strengths: • Easy, flexible OAuth • Collects user profile information across multiple platforms for target marketing • Public/private messaging, comments, likes, votes, followers, gamification, badges, credits and counters (easy to implement) • Auto event tracking, multi-channel distribution Weaknesses: • Not clear Not sure exactly what they are, but their messaging is similar to ours. Target: Marketers, CEOs
  25. 25. Chat in the Marketplace Messaging What it is Market Vertical Twitch “Connect with your followers in real time” Gaming community via live broadcasts. Developer solution for general market. Gamers Intercom & Hipmob “Turn your audience into paying customers” Customer service platform with chat capabilities. Ecommerce Goldman-Sachs “Symphony” “A single, secure place for all of your private communications.” Cloud-based, compliant platform for instant communication and content sharing that connects market participants securely Business/Finance FireChat “Chat without Internet” An app that allows users to chat within groups connected to those close by. Politics Disqus “Discuss content across the web in one place.” Comment platform - now connecting into own social media space Reddit style Marketers, Bloggers Snapchat’s “Our Story” “Get a richer perspective” Social app that uses photos/video to tell a story. Brands, Editorial, Entertainment Kik “A more brand friendly Snapchat” Messaging app - targeting geo, gender, device. Marketing/Advertisement AppOne “View your favorite celebs social feeds all in one place” App dev company, offering to build Wizard World’s event app for free. Events ChatRoll “Bring chat to your website” Chat widget Websites SeeYou “Let your friends know when you’ll be there” It’s like Whatsapp + Apple FindMyFriends. The replacement for Twist. ? NearUs “Talk with people around you” Geolocation based chat app ? Swarm “Talk to your friends around you” Foursquare owned app that shows where your friends are It’s struggling. Facebook Messenger Payment “Quickly pay your friends in a place you’re already talking in” Payment functionality added to FB Messenger FB Users Slack “A platform for team communication” A group chat platform Companies
  26. 26. Twitch Target: Gaming, Broadcasters Overview: • A place where gamers broadcast themselves playing games and other gamers come watch and chat. • Web/Mobile App • A broadcaster has a channel - HTML friendly profile space to put schedule, donation buttons, custom bits, etc. (Reminds me of MySpace) • Customizable, interesting backend • Subscribe for custom emojis • type “!weather” and your message will say the weather, etc. or “!love” and will tell you who the broadcaster loves. Gamers are not the only ones who use Twitch. • The platform is built to broadcast to thousands at a time, all of which are able to chime into the chat. • You don't have to download anything to use it. (ahem, Citrix) • Leap Motion uses it for their keynotes. Twitch SDK • Make it easy for developers to integrate the platform. • Auto highlight feature - identify key parts of a game and allow you to share it. “I killed Reggie134!”
  27. 27. Intercom & HipMob Target: E-commerce sales + support teams Overview: • Connect sales/support to customers at crucial moments (e.g., abandoned shopping cart, trigger behaviors). • Goal is to reduce reactionary actions/phone calls and convert into a proactive strategy. • Watch customer behavior and communicate in real time. • A/B testing • Automated messaging
  28. 28. “Symphony” by Goldman Sachs Target: Business/Finance A group of leading buy- and sell-side financial institutions have invested $66 million in Symphony to fund the build-out of the platform and to acquire Perzo Inc., a privately held secure messaging platform. • 19,000 users at Goldman alone — about two-thirds of the company’s workforce • BofA Merrill Lynch, BNY Mellon, BlackRock, Citadel, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Jefferies, JPMorgan, Maverick, Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Wells Fargo. • Symphony has attracted interest from banks in part because it allows internal compliance officers to police any talk among traders that could end up in embarrassing court documents, among other reasons. • open-source and open architecture philosophy that will allow for both integration of its components to third party applications and interoperability with other networks. (other model is a commercial company in consortium with aforementioned banking institutes) Symphony, will allow workers across Wall Street to communicate with one another, and incorporates instant messaging, chat forums, Twitter and internal feeds.
  29. 29. FireChat Target: Politics By Open Garden • No Internet needed - network communications with devices that are 40-70 yards away. Limited only by the number of users. • Politics • Campaigners on a plane that need to speak with one another • Organizers rallying supporters at an event • In areas where the government limits Internet access • At events where the vast number of people takes a toll on wireless networks Just need a link to access a room and you’re in. Chat without internet.
  30. 30. Disqus Target: Marketers, Bloggers, Web Content Providers Overview: • Traditionally a website plug-in for hosting comments. • 3M websites, 2 Billion impressions a month. • Makes money selling ads - suggested articles to view • Social site to collect everything you follow/ commented on in one place. • Connects users to similar users. • View comments on your own site. • Push Notifications: • upvotes your comments • invite to group • replies New stand alone forums - similar to Reddit. Focused on supporting channel infrastructure. Will be coming out with an app.
  31. 31. Snapchat Target: Brands, Editorial, Entertainment Overview: People want to see exclusive behind the scenes, and it feels more personal, less “manicured” with Snapchat. • Discover channels – CNN, Nat Geo, People, etc. Daily • Our Stories – photos/videos curated by multiple users around a single event. • American Music Awards featured their content interspersed with multiple users’. • Oscars • Ouiji, Girls, Pretty Little Liars, etc. People are warming to the change in traditional story telling. They want to feel like they’re getting the inside scoop and that they’re not eating “fluff”.
  32. 32. Kik Target: Brands, Editorial In August, Kik gave users the ability to follow and communicate with brands via Promoted Chats. Then in November, it enhanced that chat product by enabled brands to customize automated responses based on keywords in messages from fans. • Targeting: • Geo • Gender • Device More than 10 million users have opted into a conversation with a brand and exchanged more than 250 million total messages. Users have sent more than 1.7 million messages to Seventeen Magazine since September.
  33. 33. Opportunities TBD