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Open Marketing Meeting 03/27/2013

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In this open marketing meeting, we discuss the major features for the Grizzly release, coming April 4, as well as a preview of the Summit and upcoming upcoming events.

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Open Marketing Meeting 03/27/2013

  1. 1. Open Marketing Meeting:Grizzly & Events UpdateMarch 27, 2013
  2. 2. OpenStack Cloud Platform: Grizzly Preview2
  3. 3. OpenStack is the Center of Cloud Innovation Developer Over 480 contributors to Grizzly, a 45% increase from growth Folsom release Change set Red Hat, Rackspace, IBM, Intel, Nebula, HP, Canonical, contributors by Cloudscaling, SINA, DreamHost, Nicira, NTT, Citrix, SolidFire, SUSE employer Number of Approximately 230 blueprints completed Features Attracting New 5 new networking plugins and 10 total block storage Plugins & drivers` Drivers Patches Thousands of patches merged, final number coming Merged next week3
  4. 4. New features in the platform to support… Easier Integration with Production Deployment & Enterprise Operations & Upgrade Path Technologies Scale • Improved UI • Strong Hyper-V • Compute Cells & NoDB data layer • Tested upgrade support • LBaaS path • Five new • Block Storage • Backwards networking plugins Intelligent compatible • Ten storage scheduler dashboard backends • Object Storage quotas & bulk operations4
  5. 5. ComputeProduction operations improvement/greater scale‣ Cells to manage distributed clusters‣ NoDB reduces reliance on central databaseBetter hypervisor support‣ HyperV and ESX feature sets dramatically improved‣ Bare Metal provisioning frameworkTesting improvements‣ Upgrade testing with each commitIntegration with other projects‣ Networking: Hot add/remove IP address & devices‣ Seamless transition for old nova-network services5
  6. 6. StorageObject Storage‣ User container quotas‣ CORS, Object Storage becomes more web savvy‣ Support for bulk operations‣ Building blocks in place for global clusteringBlock Storage‣ Full block storage service‣ Supports diversity of backend storage devices‣ Intelligent scheduler allows you to create volume on the storage type of your choice based on workload6
  7. 7. NetworkingEasier to use and operate‣ Metadata, more features exposed, easier to upgradeEnterprise features and support‣ Five new networking plugins‣ Security groupsGreater scale and higher availability‣ New LBaaS framework, expect plugins in Havana‣ Distributing L3/L4 and DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) services across multiple servers7
  8. 8. Shared Services and DashboardShared services‣ Image service: Multi-tenant sharing, common properties for discoverable images‣ Identity service: Role based access control, new token format, domains & user groups, delegation & impersonationDashboard‣ Improved user experience‣ Backwards compatibility with Folsom‣ Exposure to more networking features including LBaaS8
  9. 9. Looking Forward: Incubated Services in GrizzlyCeilometer‣ Central collection of metering/monitoring data‣ Example: collect usage information for billing systemsHeat‣ Template-based orchestration engine for OpenStack‣ Developers define application deployment patterns9
  10. 10. Marketing Plans April 4Press Release‣ Official release at 8:00 am PDT / 10:00 am CDT‣ Please contact us now if you plan to issue a press release and want quote or promotional supportWebsite Updates‣ Grizzly page‣ Software/roadmap sectionMaterials Refresh‣ Collateral‣ Overview presentation10
  11. 11. OpenStack Summit Update April 15-18, Portland, OR Expecting 2,000 attendees! User Story Focus Bloomberg, Best Buy, Comcast, CERN, eBay, NeCTAR, NSA, PayPal, Samsung and many more! 40+ Press & Analysts Confirmed Analyst Day Monday, closed event, focus on users Press & Analyst lounge available for meetings Marketing Meeting, Tuesday @ 5:20 Feedback on marketing portal11
  12. 12. 2013 Event Pavilion Gartner events plan – to be confirmed, feedback welcome! • Symposium/ITExpo, October 6-10, Orlando, FL • Audience is C-level execs, strategic decision makers • OpenStack is planning a standard sponsorship plus ITExpo theater • Data Center Conference, December 9-12, Las Vegas • Audience IT management, primary influencers and tactical decision makers • Considering 4- or 8-pod OpenStack Pavilion to help you drive OpenStack packages, services or hosting decisions • Will include sharing in OpenStack sponsorship benefits, TBD • Will be approximately $12K per participating company12 • Please contact if interested
  13. 13. Thank you