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Chef Koochooloo Business Plan

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Chef Koochooloo business plan

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Chef Koochooloo Business Plan

  2. 2. To bring families together to discover the world through healthier cuisines & lifestyles Our Core Values Education Social Responsibility Healthy Lifestyle Multiculturalism OUR VISION
  3. 3. SOURCES: National Assessment of Educational Progress, CDC, Office for National Statistics Less than one-third of 4th, 8th, and 12th graders are proficient in geography Only 32% of American students were proficient in NAEP’s math exam Less than one-third of 8th graders meet basic science knowledge standards Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years THE PROBLEM A typical working parent has just 36 minutes a day to spend quality time with their children. Less than 8 hours total each week.
  4. 4. OUR UNIQUE SOLUTION Chef Koochooloo is a global educational platform that is empowering families to learn about the world, and engage in fun interactive cooking games while preparing simple health conscious recipes. Global Citizens: Kids discover new countries through recipes and fun kid- relevant factoids Develop Social Responsibility: Parents and kids can learn fun facts and contribute to social good Fighting Obesity: Parents are guided to safely involve kids in preparing a healthy meal
  5. 5. Cookbook Cooking AppCookware Kit Show Summer camp PRODUCTS
  6. 6. Sources Ibis World, Research and Markets $10 bn $20.9 bn US Market 2013 Globally 2013 Kitchen and Cookware Stores $29bn by 2018 6.8% CAGR next 5 years MARKET SIZE
  7. 7. Sources Ibis World, Research and Markets $970 million $5.6 bn 2011 2015 In-App purchases Globally MARKET SIZE
  8. 8. ADDRESSABLE MARKET In the US there are: • 24 million families with children under the age of 12 • 55.5 million K-12 students SOURCE:, UNESCO In the World there are: • 742 million K-12 students For the English speaking countries we are launching in (UK, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand): • 242 million primary school students
  9. 9. Early Test Results Pilot sessions: - 90% of the kids ate any vegetable they used in cooking (celery, peppers) even if they normally would not touch it Focus groups and target group surveys: - 85% of moms said they would use an app that suggests ways to safely involve kids in the kitchen, while enhancing other educational measures Educators: - 100% remarked the educational value of Chef Koochooloo RESULTS Test Group – 500 kids & their family
  10. 10. USA: 93% of parents said they would want to find a way to engage and educate their kids while cooking UK: The recession and rising unemployment have prompted more consumers to go “back to basics” with their cooking in recent years AUSTRALIA:4 in 5 meals were home cooked by family members INDIA: 91% of Indian families consume home cooked meals daily SINGAPORE: Family cooking is so valued that a family cook-off show is one of the most viewed programs SECONDARY MARKET RESEARCH FRANCE: The French cook at home more than any other country CHINA: 71% of families cook meals from scratch
  11. 11. Brand appealing to kids and child friendly cookware Optimized content and instructions for children Cooked meal experience; others merely provide recipes Ease of use/accessibility OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
  12. 12. COMPETITIO N: Chef K Profiles √ √ X X X X X Educational Value √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Stimulates Curiosity √ √ √ √ √ X Cultural Appreciation √ X √ X X √ X Parent & Child Incentives √ X X X X X X Child Friendly √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Meal Experience √ X X √ √ X X Social Responsibili ty √ X X X X X X Exceptional Visual √ X X X X X X Chef Alton Brown
  13. 13. Brand sponsorship • Feature a brand recommending a type of ingredient in the ingredient Cooking Sessions • Schools • Birthday parties •Restaurants App Freemium Model • Free Download and free 5 recipes/country • 10 recipe packs as in-App purchases (“surprise me”, “explore new country”,…) Cookware • Chef Koochooloo branded merchandise i.e. aprons, chef hats • Sold through App & Website • 10% off coupon with a recipe pack purchase BUSINESS MODEL: MASS MARKET
  14. 14. Channel Strategy Offering Direct o Community Development through Blog and Social Media o Create buzz with App reviewers and press o In-person interactive cooking experiences o TV show o App o Website Retail o Build a distribution channel o Leverage their wide clientele basis o Cookware o Cookbook Educational Institutes o Schools o Non-Profits o Leverage their extensive network of stakeholders to increase brand awareness o Cooking sessions as after school activities mix of pro bono and for pay Partners/Sponsor ing Brands o Leverage their partner ecosystem to reach a wider audience o Cross placement of products GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGIES
  15. 15. Expenses Per Annum App Dev $30K-$50K (one time) Marketing $270K/annum Office Space 12K/annum Cooking Kit & Ingredients $50K/annum Personnel 850K/annum Estimated Expenses: $1.2M
  16. 16. Expected Revenue For 1st Year (2015) 500K App Installs $375K Cooking Classes $60K Affiliate Marketing (TBD) Brand Sponsorships (TBD) Cooking Kit $240K Estimates Revenue: $675K $2/install $30/kit $15/child
  17. 17. Layla Sabourian–Tarwe (CEO, Founder) Layla’s passion for community development and social change was enhanced after spending time in Mexico teaching English, French and cooking. At 21, Layla launched a restaurant and ran it successfully before moving to Paris to work for LVMH. In 2005, Layla produced an online interactive community for The International Museum of women which reached more than 1 million users within 4 months, was featured on Yahoo! Home page and Google, presented at the United Nations, & won the Anita Borg Women in Technology award. Layla was responsible for developing & launching user communities for Yahoo!, SAP and eBay Delarai Chloe Tarwe (Idea Generator) Delarai has been cooking and hosting tea parties since she was 2. Alongside her mom, Delarai has gained a large social media following for her cooking endeavors, and aspires to be the youngest entrepreneur in the Valley. Milos Macura (CTO, Cofounder) Milos is a seasoned software developer and designer with expertise in iOS. Milos grew up with Accenture and met Layla at SAP’s AppHaus team. With a strong dedication for children & technology, Milos is ready to code towards a more delicious future for all kids. THE TEAM Leona Rajaee (Employee #1) Leona is a Silicon Valley native with a “think different” mentality. She started her career co-founding two publications, BAY Magazine and re:Magazine. A multi-faceted startup millennial, previously she cofunded edutech startup, Deckshuffle. Cindy Ramirez (Creative Media) Cindy is an active force in social media with previous experience at Hewlett-Packard and Televiza. Her commitment to social causes aligns her perfectly with the Chef Koochooloo team.
  18. 18. Rosa Fernandez (Tech Education Expert): Technology and child development teacher (San Jose Unified Schools Dr. Maryam Kalami Nutritionists and LAC, DAOM Claudia Cattaneo Axuier (Head of active home schooling community) Amir Arabkheradmand (Senior User Experience Researcher, SAP)  So far we have an organic social following of 3500+.  We have tested concept with 10 + schools, 30+ Focus Groups, and nearly 500 kids.  We began generating revenue in December through Mountain View School District.  Generating $4000 in January  We have recruited organic brand Ambassadors TRACTION/PROJECTIONS
  19. 19. Our goal is to raise $350,000 in initial seed funding. We are a team of innovators and visionaries that apply our passion and enthusiasm for what we do to all facets of life. We have already been working together on various “design thinking” projects for the past two years, with great success each time. Our CEO is known as one of the best community strategists worldwide, and has helped develop some of the largest known communities in the world: eBay, Yahoo! SAP. Her proven expertise will be vital to the success of this venture. WHERE WE ARE AT & WHAT IS NEXT
  20. 20. We are a group that is primarily composed of women. Statistically, only 4% of entrepreneurs are women and men win funding over women 97% percent of the time. Despite this, an overwhelming number of women entrepreneurs who receive funding go on to accomplish amazing things. Your investment can be one of these success stories. As social injustice runs rampant this is a significant opportunity to make an impact on the world. By enabling the social change feature you will lend an active hand in ending world hunger. Together we can redefine meals for EVERYONE. At the same time, we can raise global citizens to combat this issue for generations to come. WHY INVEST IN CHEF KOOCHOOLOO