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Promoting The Janesville Mile - Class of 2009-10 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

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An effort to promote “The Janesville Mile,” a downtown entertainment and shopping district.

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Promoting The Janesville Mile - Class of 2009-10 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

  1. 1.  Celeste Gilmore – Alliant Energy  Jennifer Johns – UW Rock County  Duane Jorgenson – City of Janesville  Eric Kuznacic – SWWDB  Kyle Padfield – Fairbanks Morse
  2. 2. The Janesville Mile is based on the idea that there is a great density of things to see, do and experience in a “mile-ish” stretch of Janesville from Rotary Botanical Gardens to the Armory Dinner Theater. It is not only a great concept, it is absolutely true.
  3. 3. When it comes to the downtown, it is important to stop looking at the trees and begin to concentrate on the forest. Look at Downtown Janesville and the central city as one district and you will see that on any given night, there could be a concert at JPAC, a hockey game at the Ice Arena, and live music at Time Out, SpeakEasy or at the Armory.
  4. 4. The concept of the Janesville Mile offers you the ability to experience all that Downtown Janesville has to offer in a way that is easy, understandable and FUN !
  5. 5.  How did the Janesville Mile come about?  City Councilman Yuri Rashkin  Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau  Janesville Mile map  Brochures (1,000)  Web page  Janesville Mile version 1.0
  6. 6.  Input from downtown businesses and the community  Concerted effort to promote the Janesville Mile  Recruiting enough members to make a difference  Low-cost marketing alternatives
  7. 7. Top Ten Counties In Terms of Tourism Revenue (2008): 1. Milwaukee ($1.73B) 2. Dane ($1.24B) 3. Sauk ($1.05B) 4. Waukesha ($683M) 5. Brown ($558M) 6. Door ($484M) 7. Walworth ($417M) 8. Outagamie ($372M) 9. Sheboygan ($345M) 10. Vilas ($259M) 13. Rock ($238M) Total tourism spending in Wisconsin = $13+ billion (2008)
  8. 8.  In 2008, travelers to Rock County spent $238 million. By comparison, the 2010 Rock Co. budget totals $171M!  78% traveled to Rock County for pleasure, 16% for business and 6% for meetings or conventions.  Top expenditures are on food, shopping, recreation (including attractions, sporting events, entertainment and other events) and lodging.  Rock County boasts 31 hotel properties and 1,447 hotel rooms.
  9. 9. IN 2008, THE ROCK COUNTY TOURISM INDUSTRY:  Accounted for 5,443 full-time-equivalent jobs – or about twice as many as were employed by the General Motors plant in 2006. Those employed in the tourism industry earned more than $147 million in wages – or about 3.5 times the 2010 City of Janesville operating budget!.  Local tax revenues from tourism (0.5% county sales tax) totaled $1.2 million.
  10. 10.  Promotes events, attractions and businesses along the route as a single “destination” and a way to spend an afternoon, a weekend or longer.  Encourages those traveling to a single event, attraction or business to explore other nearby destinations.  Allows – and encourages – events, attractions and businesses that normally are not associated with one another to work in concert to promote one another.  The addition of free wireless Internet access throughout the route offers value-added reason to visit the area.
  11. 11. Process of creating the video:  Brainstorming  Developing the script  Fitting the script to a storyboard  Collecting media  Audio  Film  Stills  Editing  Finished product!
  12. 12.  Input from all members & Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau  Training at JATV for filming & editing  Shooting film on location
  13. 13. And now…
  14. 14.  Leadership Development Academy Board of Directors, Facilitators and Volunteers  Duane Brewer and JATV 98/994  Yuri Rashkin  Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau  Videogenics