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Surviving the Social Media Storm

  1. PH Surviving the Social Media Storm Sarah Barnett Public Affairs Advisor, Special Assistant to the COO HSUS @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  2. PH • What is a crisis • Prevention • Responding • Learning @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  3. • Natural or manmade disaster • PR Problems • Organized Attacks What is a crisis? @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  4. PH What is a crisis?
  5. PH What is a crisis? @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  6. PH Prevention • Planning • Monitoring • Common sense @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  7. PH Why spend time planning? Prevention: Planning @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  8. PH Prevention: Planning Your online presence, and the person answering it, is a “face” of your organization – make sure it’s a good one. Who is your online voice? @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  9. -Have a catch all person, and back up. -Designate a point person to update and disseminate responses -Ensure employees and volunteers are aware and informed -Consistent messaging Prevention: Planning @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  10. PH Prevention: Planning Make your policy known – and fair. If you delete something, tell your fans and tell them why Don’t delete because you disagree, only delete if it’s a violation – stay transparent. Do you have a commenting policy?
  11. PH Prevention: Monitoring -Social media platforms -Monitoring services -Daily checks
  12. 1 - Tone. What is the severity of the person's tone - are they totally negative, neutral, seem like they could be talked to? 2 - Influence. How many followers, friends, subscribers do they have? How many people are they really talking to? 3 - Frequency. Is this a standalone argument / complaint or does there seem to be a trend brewing? Is it the usual suspects or does this person seem to be gathering a following? 4 – Snowballing. Is it something that if your average person were to hear, they would be horrified? Prevention: Monitoring @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  13. PH Prevention: Common Sense @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  14. Prevention: Common Sense @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  15. Responding • Be human: Address emotions • Be quick • Be transparent • Acknowledge mistakes • Above all, be honest @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  16. Acknowledge, Rectify, and Move OnBe Human @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  17. Be Human @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  18. Example: Meet Fluffy Be Quick @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  19. Dec 8th: A recovering heroin addict, John Smith, brought his young cat, Fluffy, to a humane society’s clinic on Dec. 8 after it suffered a laceration on a barbed-wire fence. He didn’t have the funds to pay for treatment. His mother could pay via credit card over the phone. They were not able at the time to process credit card payments via phone. Smith said that staff said he could surrender the cat and the cat would go to foster and be treated. Dec 8th - 20th: He called and asked for updates, and didn’t receive calls back. He visited area shelters for two weeks looking for the cat. He went to the media. Dec 20th: He is told Fluffy was euthanized a few hours after he was surrendered because of lack of doctors/resources. The shelter said they didn’t have a way to get a hold of him. Be Quick @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  20. Acknowledge, Rectify, and Move On Both Euthanized by mistake External: One resulted in dozens of news stories even a week later, a shelter director fired and numerous interviews. The other resulted in a few news stories after one press conference. Internal: Both took responsibility and apologized to the family and the public, and put new protocols into place Be Transparent, Acknowledge Mistakes
  21. It Happened @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  22. It Will Blow Over @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  23. @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  24. Resources Best Resource: Each Other! @humanesociety @SarahHSUS
  25. Contact Information: Sarah Barnett Twitter: @SarahHSUS