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Randy Pitt: Questionnaire

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Randy Pitt: Questionnaire

  1. 1. Randy Pitt Questionnaire Dylan John Mazziotti, Lennon Design 1. What got you interested in graphic design? ● I have always been interested in art, drawing and creating things. Making and selling traditional art can be difficult to make a living. Additionally, my brother is a graphic designer and completed school before me and it seemed like the most logical direction to go. 2. How long have you been in the design industry? ● I began school at Eagle Gate College in 2008 and started focusing on building a living with it in 2009. So nearly 5 years if you count that first year of school. 3. What are some things you wish you could have known when you started? ● Hindsight is always 20/20 but there is a handful of things that I wish I could have know. First, Photoshop is a much bigger skill needed than I assumed. Secondly, learning code for web is sought after by nearly everyone these days. Lastly, put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn whatever you can from whoever you can. 4. If you were to hire a graphic designer to work along side you, what are some traits you would want to see in such an individual? ● That is a amazing question. Fun, trusting, inspiring and goal oriented. Someone to keep you focused, you don’t want someone who distracts you or is destracted by you because you will derail each other. 5. Tell me about a trying time in your career, and how you managed to overcome. ● Unfortunately, at least for me, it is always a trying time in my career. I try to manage and overcome it by prioritizing my tasks and taking care of the client. 6. What would be your words of wisdom to an aspiring designer? ● Stay focused. Stay inspired. Have fun!