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Most Effective Ways Of Permanently Removing Keloid Scarring

If you have keloid scarring and want a scar removal treatment, here are some of effective options. Learn why keloids form and how to prevent them, too.

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Most Effective Ways Of Permanently Removing Keloid Scarring

  1. 1. Most Effective Ways of Permanently Removing Keloid Scarring
  2. 2. Readily Available Topical Retinoid An important reminder, using retinoic acid topically and taking it orally have different side-effects. Topical use generally has mild side-effects. If you are considering laser treatment, taking retinoic acid orally increases your risk of suffering from adverse effects.
  3. 3. Non-Invasive and Economical Pressure Therapy Pressure therapy involves compression of the wounded or injured area of the skin to reduce skin tension. Experts believe constant pressure with the use of compression garments or tape will reduce cell production in the area and flatten the scar.
  4. 4. Child-Safe Silicone Gel The use of silicone gel sheets is relatively painless and is highly effective when applied to the affected area right after removing the stitches or sutures. The use of self-adhesive silicone sheets is more effective than using topical silicone gel.
  5. 5. Corticosteroid InjectionsCorticosteroids work by inhibiting inflammation in the wound and by reducing collagen production. Surgical practitioners also use corticosteroid injections after a surgery procedure of removing the keloid scar to help lessen the risk of the reappearance of the scar.
  6. 6. Cryotherapy for Smaller Keloid Scars Cryotherapy is a treatment used during the early stage of the development of a keloid scar. The procedure involves inserting a probe into the keloid to release liquid nitrogen into the tissues.
  7. 7. Interferon Therapy Interferon gamma is a cytokine or protein that may interfere with the excessive production of collagen that contributes to keloid scarring. Intralesional interferon gamma is a popular treatment for abnormal scars.
  8. 8. Other Intralesional Treatments for Keloid Scarring Aside from steroids and interferon, intralesional keloid scarring treatments include bleomycin, fluorouracil and verapamil. These treatments offer results comparable to silicone get treatments and the use of corticosteroids.
  9. 9. Say Goodbye to Keloid Scars with Laser Treatment Therapy Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that reaches beneath the skin with laser light to promote healing and eradicate damaged skin tissues. Laser treatments may improve a keloid’s appearance and size.
  10. 10. Surgical Excision of Keloid Scars Surgical excision of a keloid scar is an invasive procedure with a high risk of a recurring keloid scar, which may be larger and obvious than the previous scar.
  11. 11. Risky Radiation Therapy: Your Last Resort for Stubborn Keloids Doctors recommend radiation therapy after the surgical excision of a keloid scar; however, they also say it should be your last option for persistent keloid scars that don’t go away with other treatments.
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