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Social Search Optimization (SSO)

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Social Search Optimization (SSO)

  1. 1. Social Search Optimization (SSO)How To Maximize Your Efforts toAchieve Marketing SuccessPower of Digital Series Christy Belden, Vice President Media + Marketing February 23, 2012
  2. 2. Christy Belden 2Vice President Media + Marketing Experience: 11 years The Courier-Journal University of Louisville SEMPO-Certified Google AdWords Individually Certified Christy knows marketing. PPC, SEO, social media, email, mobile, traditional —she’s been there and done that. She continues to build a deep well of experience and is always in touch with the trends and strategies that provide a solid return on clients’ investments.
  3. 3. LeapFrog Interactive 3Connect with us!Twitter: @LFI #SSOFacebook: LeapFrog InteractiveBlog:
  4. 4. Agenda 4+ Social Media Overview+ SEO Overview+ SEO + Social Media+ Google++ Google Search Plus Your World+ Best Practices+ Now what?+ Questions
  5. 5. 5Social Media Overview
  6. 6. Social Media 6 Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue…
  7. 7. Social Media 7 Dialogue is the key. Brands use social media to create the conversation between brand and consumer through engagement and interaction…
  8. 8. Social Media 8 Source:
  9. 9. Social Media 9 How many people are on Social Media? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? Google+?
  10. 10. Facebook 10Facebook is King+ 845 Mil active monthly users by end of Dec 2011+ 80% of users are outside of US+ 425 Mil active mobile users by end of 2011 Source: and Hubspot-The Social Media Data Stacks
  11. 11. Facebook 11 v=xJXOavGwAW8&feature=player_embed ded#!
  12. 12. LinkedIn 12LinkedIn is Professional and Global+ As of 2012, largest professional network+ Over 150 Mil users in over 200 countries+ Only 9 years old Source: Infographic:
  13. 13. Twitter 13A Little Birdie Told Me…+ Over 100 Mil monthly active users; 50% login everyday+ Surpassed 250 mil tweets/day in June of 2011+ Link life is 2.5 hrs on Twitter vs. Facebook’s 1 hr link life Source:
  14. 14. Google + 14That’s a Plus…+ 90 Mil Users as of Jan 2012+ Tagging and hashtag features+ Open for teens (+13) Source:
  15. 15. Pinterest 15Pin-teresting Facts…+ Over 10.4 Mil registered users+ 97.7% are Female+ Drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube combined+ Users spend more time on site than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined Source:
  16. 16. 16SEO Overview
  17. 17. SEO 17Search Engine Optimization This means…Improving a website or page’s visibility organically on a search engine by updating “fresh” relevant content…
  18. 18. SEO 18 How many people know what it actually does or how it works?
  19. 19. SEO 19Search- “pet shops Louisville”
  20. 20. SEO 20Why SEO is important…+ Consumers can’t buy what they can’t find+ 42% of all searchers click on top-ranked results+ 62% click on a page-one result Source: LFI Presentation on Digital Trends 2011
  21. 21. SEO 21How Companies Implement SEO…Onsite Activities+ Keyword rich URLs+ Meta content+ Fresh, relevant content – blogs, articles, white papersOffsite Activities+ Link building+ Forums+ Social media content
  22. 22. SEO 22How Companies Utilize SEO+ Help increase over visibility online+ Increase Sales+ Increase Site Traffic+Track Leads Source:
  23. 23. SEO + Social Media
  24. 24. Social Search Optimization 24What is SSO?SSO = Social Search Optimization This Means…optimizing content on social properties and other content such as photos, blogs, and page descriptions to improve organic search results.
  25. 25. Social Search Optimization 25ImpactSocial content will now affect your company’s ranking on search engines. As well as display your social media sites in conjunction with other hits.
  26. 26. Social Search Optimization 26Social Search Optimization Meaning, if you want to maximize your search results… You NEED to be involved with social media, and the more the better.
  27. 27. Social Search Optimization 27Social Impact Source: Infographic Why Content for SEO?, Brafton
  28. 28. Google +1
  29. 29. Google +1 29What is Google +1? +1 is Google’s share feature which closely resembles Facebook’s ‘like’ or Twitters ‘retweet’ button.
  30. 30. Google +1 30
  31. 31. SEO 31 How many of you have +1 Content?
  32. 32. Google+
  33. 33. Google+ 33What is Google+? Google+ is Google’s social media platform that allows users to share content to specified “circles” or publicly…
  34. 34. Google+ 34Features…+ Can share pictures, videos, links, and posts+ Users can own pages ! much like Brand/Company pages+ Hang-out feature allows users to interact via video conferencing+ Has featured games+ Links to gmail accounts+ “Plus one” action (similar to Facebook’s ‘like’) used as a ranking system
  35. 35. That’s a Plus 35 v=sVf3UaZePC8 v=bo390-3ohW4&NR=1&feature=endscree n
  36. 36. That’s a Plus 36 v=sVf3UaZePC8 v=bo390-3ohW4&NR=1&feature=endscree n
  37. 37. Google+ 37
  38. 38. Google+ 38 How Often are you updating your Google+ page, if at all? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? I was supposed to update that thing?
  39. 39. Google+ 39Fresh content matters… Google+ profiles with no posts in the last 72 hours don’t show up in the “Related people/pages” or “plus box” in Google search results Source:
  40. 40. Google+ 40But…Updating content is not enough. You must laser-target your audience bysharing content that will get “+1’s” and shares. The object is to get users to your static site from your social page in a deep search manner Source:
  41. 41. Google Search Plus Your World
  42. 42. Search Plus Your World 42Announcement Google announced in January of 2012 that they would be integrating their social posts into’s query results.
  43. 43. Search Plus Your World 43Why this changed the game… Now content, brands, people, and companies that are on Google+ will be favored in Google searches…when a user is logged into Google
  44. 44. Google Search Plus Your World 44Personal Search+ Opt-in search option that shows personal and public search results+ Shows privately shared content from friends and family+ Users can switch between personalized and un-personalized searches Source:
  45. 45. Google Search Plus Your World 45Old Search- “flowers”
  46. 46. Search Plus Your World 46Search-”LeapFrog Interactive”+ When logged into Google,Google suggests searches foryou
  47. 47. Google Search Plus Your World 47 UnPersonalized Personalized
  48. 48. Google Search Plus Your World 48 v=8Z9TTBxarbs&feature=player_embedded
  49. 49. Google Search Plus Your World 49Common Concerns…+ Privacy+ Google+ favoritism+ Not linked with Facebook orTwitter content+ Not much different than Google “suggestions” for certain content
  50. 50. Google Search Plus Your World 50How Search Plus Your World Affects SEO+ Priority on search list+ Social content is the new link building+ You want your company to be in circles of people in your industry to increase chances of sharing+ Increase Google+ page promotion vs. tradational Source:
  51. 51. Search Plus Your World 51Newest Addition…+ Just this WEEK Google added its newest feature to the home page to ensure Google+ will succeed+ You can now share straight from the Google homepage+ Search meets share Source:
  52. 52. Google Search Plus Box
  53. 53. Plus Box 53
  54. 54. Plus Box 54Factors that affect Plus Box placement…+ Circle membership+ Number of posts (frequency)+ “+1” per post+ Re-shares per post+ Freshness
  55. 55. Plus Box 55 Plus Box Research Project A case study conducted by Ian Lurie in February of 2012 to help solidify what variables affect placement on the “Plus Box” in the new Search Plus Your World feature… Source:
  56. 56. Plus Box 56Reach…+ Circlemembership ofthose who put youin their circles.+ Higherreach=moreinteraction Source:
  57. 57. Plus Box 57 Take Aways…. + Only certain searches show the “plus box” + Plus Box results often rotate + Ranking of attributes from most important to least… Reach Circle Membership Freshness Post Frequency Average +1’s per post Re-shares and Replies (comments) per posts
  58. 58. Bringing it All Together
  59. 59. Bringing it All Together 59What this means for Social Search Optimization… Your social content is more important than ever. It now becomes a part of your SEO strategy, not just your over all brand image. Source:
  60. 60. Bringing it All Together 60What this means for SEO… Companies now must look at their SEO strategy and analyze them fromboth a owned site and non-owned site perspective. It will require an SEO strategy to incorporate social media outlets.
  61. 61. Bringing it All Together 61Best Practices…+ Use keywords in your descriptions+ Use the +1 button+ Post and share great content+ Optimize your posts on all social properties (Twiter, FB, etc…)+ Update all social content frequently Source:
  62. 62. What Can You Do Today?
  63. 63. What Can You Do Today? 63Take Action…+ Look at your bios, about us pages on social media properties and make sure they are using keywords within each section+ View your upcoming posts and do they include keywords and links to your website+ Is the content you are created optimized for search and are you distributing the content on social media sites+ Start a Google+ page
  64. 64. Questions? 64
  65. 65. 65Thank You!