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Just Say "Britney Spears": Multi-Modal Search and On-Device Portals

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Lightning Talk at Sun's Mobile and Embedded Developer Days, January 2009

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Just Say "Britney Spears": Multi-Modal Search and On-Device Portals

  1. 1. Just Say “Britney Spears”: Multi-Modal Search in On Device Portals Gail Rahn Frederick Medio Systems, Inc. January 2009 M3DD 2009
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • On Device Portals (ODPs) • Multimodal ODP • Medio Universal Search ODP • Solving Development Challenges • Live Demonstration – Medio Universal Search ODP on J2ME Featurephone Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Introduction Gail Rahn Frederick or 206-262-3719 Mobile Software Architect at Medio Systems, Inc. – Mobile Search, Advertising and Analytics • Universal Handset Support – J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, RIM, etc… – WAP, Mobile AJAX, HTML4 on Mobile Devices – 1600+ handset models – Live on 9 mobile operators in 6 countries • t-zones J2ME ODP for T-Mobile USA – 22% Market Share in Mobile Search • Microsoft has 6% share – Site Search Provider for Leading Mobile Publishers Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  4. 4. On Device Portals • Handset-resident mobile application – Preloaded or free download • Enhances discovery and consumption of endorsed mobile content and services • Search, browse and purchase • Provides a compelling user experience – Overcomes / circumvents browser flaws – Targets mass-market featurephones • Personalized experience • Sometimes monetized with advertising Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  5. 5. Multimodal ODP • Many Ways to Use an ODP – Search, Browse, Discover, Purchase • Many Search Modes in ODP – Text, Voice, Bar Code, Image • Navigate an ODP using familiar actions on a mobile device – saying a phrase – entering text – snapping a photo Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  6. 6. Medio Universal Search ODP • Consistent UI/UX across All Mobile Platforms – Native App, WAP and Mobile Web • Multi-modal, search-driven J2ME ODP – Drives repeat customer usage – Increases usage of browsable and consumable mobile content – Consistent UI/UX despite J2ME fragmentation – Search by text, voice, image and barcode – Also available on other mobile platforms and mobile web • Integrated Advertising – Leaderboards – Interstitials – Sponsored Links Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  7. 7. Solving Challenges with Voice Search • Sound Capture J2ME Platforms require JSR-135 with sound record. Requires AMR or other low-bitrate codec. • Environment Mobile environments are typically noisy: utterances come from cars, bars, airports... rarely from quiet home or office environments. • Complex Grammars Must be efficient at handling unstructured/natural utterances – Past: Walled-Garden ODP grammars includes song artists and titles, wallpaper titles, game titles and studios, etc. – Present and Future: Web-Enabled ODPs support millions of music tracks, mobile site names, URLs, free-text queries – requires flexible voice inputs – Consider “grammar-less” voice to text translation using phonemes. Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  8. 8. Solving ODP Development Challenges • Operator Integration – Handoffs to operator services to preview and purchase content • HTTP 302 redirects, browser launches, J2ME app launches • Network Efficiency – Compact binary protocol (See M3DD 2008 Poster by Medio) – Piggyback status updates with search requests – Asynchronous network communication – Dynamic UI updates to refresh links, pages, chrome and advertisements • J2ME Implementation Bugs – Share MIDlet with failed test case with operator and OEM • Prove KVM bug with simple, commented code • Three-way communication (ODP vendor, operator, OEM) Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  9. 9. Live Demonstration Demo Devices Sample queries • Nokia 6263 • Britney Spears Ringtones – T-Mobile USA 3G • Barack Obama Inauguration – Series 40 5th Edition • Nordstrom in Santa Clara, – MIDP 2.1, CLDC 1.1 California – JSR 135 for Voice Recording • Facebook – Released in Dec 2007 • Kate Winslet and Leonardo – Price: FREE DiCaprio • Santa Clara Weather • Blackberry 8120 (Pearl) – See me for demo Copyright 2009 Medio Systems, Inc.
  10. 10. Just Say “Britney Spears”: Multi-Modal Search in On Device Portals Gail Rahn Frederick Medio Systems, Inc. January 2009 M3DD 2009