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Social Business in a World of Abundant Real-time Data   Lee Bryant, Dachis Group, November 2012
New world of data: POTUS hugging a data nerd
New world of data: a failed $100m+ bet on ‘belief’
New world of data: language & the quantified self
New world of data: language & the quantified self   What if we were able to take the quantified   use of metadata, a compu...
Soccer, F1, baseball were transformed by data
Marketing transformed by data: social sentiment
But who is really listening and acting on insights?
Analytics without action is just a rear-view mirror
Data + collaborative insight = actionCollaborative ReportingAssemble aNarrativeCreate a shared narrative byinstantly assem...
Algorithms alone are not enoughHow we track social performanceAlgorithms + analysis + crowdsourcing                       ...
Towards Data-driven Business:Turning internal and external data intosources of business improvement
We used to operate exclusively in hierarchies
Management had two main motivating tools
Now, organisations are becoming service-oriented
Some organisations are becoming ‘podular’
Tight feedback loops used to manage performance
Many firms now have social business platforms
Moar data! Activity streams and talking machines
It’s no longer about encouraging sharing ...
... It’s about working in the open by default
‘Big’ data is not the goal. Insight is the goal.
‘Small data’ enables intimacy wormholes
Data-driven management:real-time data can drive positivebehaviour change and allowpeople more autonomy
Reports are rear view mirrors, not motivators
Instead of studying a microcosm...
... we can now immerse ourselves in reality
A good example of open performance data
Where does this leave our ‘professional’ manager?
What motivates peoples’ actions at work?
How do we ‘manage’ people?
How do we ‘manage’ people?          Just the simple act of          “publicizing” those numbers          — not in a cruel ...
Can ambient awareness improve performance?
What tools and filters do we need?
What does data-driven social business look like?• Open data by default• Social analytics applied internally as well as ext...
Thanks for listening            @LeeBryant
Image CreditsExcept where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license.Thanks to the followi...
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Now, organisations are becoming service-oriented Social Business in a World of Abundant Real-time Data

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Now, organisations are becoming service-oriented

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