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Nature’s treasuresglobal

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Nature’s treasuresglobal

  2. 2. 79 people answered the questionnaire from January13th to 30th on the website. Here are the main resultsand most important facts. More men than womencompleted the questions. Are you a man or a woman? 31 48 men women
  3. 3. About the age and place: Most of the answers were from 20 to 50 which is a very wide range. And about the questions Where do you live? Most of the answers were form Thessaloniki in Greece, the bigger partner, only a third were from Castelldefels in Catalonia Where do you live? 22 How old are you? 5635 31 Castelldefels30 28 Thessaloniki25201510 8 7 6 50 15-19 20-35 36-50 51-65 >65
  4. 4. Almost everybody knew what kind of plants where used asherbs, and almost everybody use in some way herbs in the family Do you know what kinds of plants are used as herbs? 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 yes no
  5. 5. Although collecting and harvesting in widely often mostpeople just buy the herbs
  6. 6. Relatives and friends are the main source to getinformation about plants:
  7. 7. There isn’t a clear option about how long they will use the plants as we get a third for each optionMost of the answers said they discuss/ talk about plants with friendsor relatives about using them as remedies
  8. 8. Many knew the difference between the culinary use and the medical one And about the use of the plants
  9. 9. About where do they keep the herbs and infusions:Kitchen in the usual place, fridge for fresh ones and cool, dark place for driedones.Some use glass containers, other tin jars and some just keep infusions intheir boxes in a cupboard.These are the herbs mentioned. Only those at list mentioned 5 time are in thegraph, and among all chamomile is the most mentioned. 60 50 40 30 20 10 0
  10. 10. What do they use the plants for and how?Herbal tea is the most common use. To calm, after lunch or dinner, for stomachache (chamomile, verbena, mint or marjoram)… but other uses to heal eyes orheal skin aches chamomile and aloe Vera. Saint John’s Worth is also widely usedto prevent general illness or for skin problems as oil or infusion. Nettle is a plantused in Thessaloniki but not even mentioned by Catalan people while thyme ismore often use in Catalan answers for sore throat (mountain tea is thealternative option by Greek answers) and cold/flu. Some beauty uses concerninghair ( bay leaf and chamomile) and skin problems.LegendsWe only got few legends concerning plants some of them about the healingproprieties of saint John’s Worth (Hypercom) and yarrow as a strength plant.We found some plants that have to be harvested during Saint John’s eve as partof a “magical” result.

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