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List of solar products used in home

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solar is one of the best renewable energy sources ( there are number of solar based products being employed in the current trends which serves good and useful for the individuals and for the earth. this slide shows the list of solar powered products

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List of solar products used in home

  1. 1. List Of Solar Products Used In Home
  2. 2. solar products for home • Solar is the sun power which is only renewable energy trapped easily and used for the domestic applications. • Solar products are getting into practice in many countries, since they are affordable compared to other types of renewable energies. • They doubles the benefit in controlling the energy conservation and also in reduction of the energy bills. • The below slides shows the list of some products which are used for the houses.
  3. 3. Solar water heater • The solar water heater is the important product which has been used since ages. • the impact of solar water heater has made folks to remember them once the word “solar” is uttered. • There are many types of solar water heaters and the implementation and applications vary according to the architecture and need of the houses. • The collectors used in solar water heater - used-in-solar-power-installation
  4. 4. Solar Cooker • The solar cooker has the myth that they are used similar to solar calculator which can also be employed inside the house. • But this solar cooker best suited for the outer cooking methodology. • The solar cooker are of many types and the panels used for the tracking the sum power itself will be different.
  5. 5. Solar Lights • Solar lights are seen implemented on the streets and the roads in many countries which made folks believe that the solar lights are too expensive. • But the implementation of solar light is very simple procedure and they are vastly employed in the gardens. • The solar lights are implemented at very low cost.
  6. 6. Solar Powered Fan • This equipment suits you during the vacation time. they are very handy and the can be easily handled. • The panel connected to the fan is kept in the vicinity of the sun radiation. • the fan then utilizes the sun energy and rotates the shaft to provide cold air.
  7. 7. Solar chimney • Chimneys are used for the proper ventilation of the houses • Especially in the cooking area. the smoke discharges at very faster rate and provide fresh air. • The chimney using solar power for chimney makes the house follow the green house effect. • This in turn reduce energy consumption by the electric chimney and the exhaust fan.
  8. 8. • These are some of the products most employed utilizing the sun power. • The solar products benefits the earth by saving the non- renewable energy from extinction. • For the folks they are helping in controlling the utility bills. • Types of solar panels - panels-for-the-house
  9. 9. • these are the common types of solar panels used for the house hold systems. • Glazerindia ( is one of the solar water heater producers In India. • They provide number of solar water heaters of all types like domestic solar water heater, industrial solar water heater, commercial solar water heater.
  10. 10. • 4116946693363/ • energy-saver-1691155824450388 •