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Peplum design bandage dress types

Peplums are cool design which gives professional as well as stylish look, the number of peplum designed bandage dresses are showcased in these slides

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Peplum design bandage dress types

  1. 1. Peplum Design Bandage Dress Types
  2. 2. Peplum Designs • The peplum is the fashionable design which is employed in the hem portion of the dress either in top or the bottom. • With the many designs in bandage and bodycon dresses, peplum is the folded form of the cloths. • This resembles to skirt structure. The peplum design is ingrained in any kind of bandage dress varieties and they suit for certain occasions. • Some of the peplum designed bodycon dresses are shown in below paragraphs
  3. 3. Frill Peplum Bandage Dress • The peplum designs is of various styles. • The two piece peplum dress has the different hem styles in bottom and top. • The peplum will be wavy with the projected look. • These kind best suits for the professional occasions. • strapless-peplum-bandage-dress/
  4. 4. Mesh Peplum Bandage Dress • This folded peplum is ingrained in both the waist portion or the hem portion in the bottom. • They best suit for the evening party. Different styles of necklines and sleeves are employed in these dresses. • When this folded peplum employed in the bottom of hem, they are styled in different patterns • shoulder-evening-party-bandage-dress/
  5. 5. Asymmetric Peplum Bandage Dresses • The Asymmetric peplum dresses is the craze among the fashion loving women. • This is the trendy design which fit at both the waist and bottom portion of the bodycon dresses. • This irregular design is the best to suit the evening party. • one-shoulder-high-end-bandage-dress/
  6. 6. Side Peplum Bandage Dress • The peplum is only found to cover the entire waist portion or the overall hem or only the front or back potion of the hem. • This peplum design is found in the either side of the dresses, exactly at the hip portion of the dress. • This design is also made in the whole length bandage dress or in two piece bandage dress. • designer-sleeveless-bandage-dress/
  7. 7. Split Peplum Bandage Dress • This split peplum is employed in the waist portion of the bandage dress. • The split is designed in different shaped like v shape, curved split, and so forth. • In certain dress, the split is present only at the front portion and the rest covered with normal peplum. • sleeveless-peplum-bandage-dress/
  8. 8. • Above are some of the peplum designs in the bandage dresses. • Dress kick ( is the bandage and bodycon dress providers with the celebrity look. • Different types of innovative necklines, sleeves and hem are used in production of these dresses.