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Translation, transcription and interpretation

the slide shows some of the basic difference and concepts about translation(, transcription and interpretation.
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Translation, transcription and interpretation

  1. 1.  All the three(translation. transcription, interpretation) comes under the category called language.  Though they all comes under same category the nature of work and purpose varies.  Such things are explained deep in following slides
  2. 2.  It is the form of changing text documents or files from one language to another language.  The files many be any type and complexity varies depending on the need.
  3. 3.  It is same as translation, but as in translation words are not translated from one language to another language. Here the spoken form like tones, phonetics are translated in to readable format.
  4. 4.  The interpretation is nothing but the spoken format. The language is translated from one language to another orally.
  5. 5.  There are popular misbelieves among people that translators, interpreters and transcriptions are same. But there are many studies proves that they are entirely different with a exception that they deal with language.  What are things differentiating them check the further slides
  6. 6. • Translators- deals with written documents to convert files or document from source language to destination language • Transcriptions- deals with written document , translating words and tones into readable form • Interpreter- translation is done orally
  7. 7. Translation- more time consumption is needed for translation. Transcription- here the time consumption will be more than that of translation Interpretation- no time consumed more, as the instant translation is always preferred.
  8. 8. Translation- the translation is done for many documents like legal files, documents and business related confidential files Transcription- the transcription is done for the above mentioned files and documents also if the sentence contain slogan or speech format words Interpretation- no file is required, all a person need is skill to deliver simultaneous result.
  9. 9. All the persons who are under any of these files should be expert in the language what they are dealing with. In spite of that, there are many skill sets required as a individual. That is: Translators- scholar in language more than a native speaker Transcriptionists- combination of language skill and special certification about transcription Interpreters- spontaneity with language skill to face the public without hassle.
  10. 10.  should be certified in both source and destination language and should update the periodical use of the words.  As they work with legal and confidential files getting, they should put some extra efforts in acquiring details about the topics and legal terminology  The core concept should be acquired at the first say to provide accurate result.
  11. 11.  The transcriptionists deals with many tonal language. All the learned scholars can change words from one language to another. But it was only the transcriptions who can change even the tones into words.  They work mainly for song translation or translation of word document which has phonetic words
  12. 12.  The linguistic skill is must but less compared to other two. It is enough to know the language little above the native people.  But the spontaneity plays a major role here. The person should deliver the speech more promptly  Presence of mind plays major role here.
  13. 13.  These are some of the concepts and facts about translator, transcriptionist and interpreter.  These three plays significant role for a business concern to reach a global market.  To know more on translators and interpreter, visit between-translators-and.html
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