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Wi-Fi Modem For the Commodore 64

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World of Commodore 2015

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Wi-Fi Modem For the Commodore 64

  1. 1.  User Port device  Hayes emulation or menu-driven  All RS-232 lines (RTS, DCD, DTR, RI, etc) connected to User Port  802.11 b/gWi-Fi  OnboardTCP/IP stack includes DHCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, HTTP client, andTCP  SecureWi-Fi authentication viaWEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), and WPA2-PSK (AES)  UP9600 hack supported  Onboard MicroView (Arduino Uno with OLED) - Programmable  64 x 48 OLED display  Reset Buttons for C64/MicroView/Wifly
  2. 2. C64 Access Point RN-XV “Wifly” Module “MicroView” Arduino Uno+OLED Serial Serial 802.11 Wi-FiRS-232 Signals Terminal Program (Novaterm, Striketerm, CCGMS, etc) Arduino Sketch (Hayes Emulation, Custom) RN-171 Firmware (802.11Wi-Fi, TCP/IP Stack, DHCP, DNS, etc) Optional Direct Connection for Debugging/Configuration GPIO
  3. 3.  Default: As per block diagram  Standalone: Power jack provided for +3.7V to +16V to use the MicroView and RN-XV on their own  Interfacing: Remove RN-XV Wifly and use MicroView’s GPIO to interface C64 to outside world (analog input, PWM output, digital I/O and I²C) – all pins broken out along top of board
  4. 4. “Menu” Firmware:  Simple Menu-driven interface  Dial Out (to a BBS orTelnet Host i.e. Linux)  Receive Incoming “calls”  Configuration of SSID and misc. options through interactive prompts
  5. 5. “Hayes” Firmware:  Emulates a Hayes-compatible modem with AT commands, +++, etc.  Dial Out with ATDT  Receive Incoming “calls” (potentially run a BBS)  Sends RING  Auto-answers or waits for ATA  Configuration of SSID and misc. options through extended Hayes commands i.e. AT&SSID=
  6. 6. Features common to both:  Autostart option: Will automatically connect to a given host i.e. CommodoreServer when powered on  Phone book (stored in EEPROM)  Configuration (stored in EEPROM)  Automatic baud detection at startup  ASCII and PETSCII Support
  7. 7.  Small team of beta testers working with prototypes  Firmware in beta state but quite usable  Code and documentation onGitHub (  Yes, they are for sale! Price $150 USD  Recommend MicroView programmer for $20 more  Developer and User Support Forum: (click FORUMS)