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E political campaign strategy -too

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A presentation on leveraging eMedia tools for Political campaigns

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E political campaign strategy -too

  1. 1. e-Political Campaign Strategy Prepared by: Dipo Ajayi Email: Tel: 08095487301
  2. 2. . • “During a political campaign everyone is concerned with what a candidate will do on this or that question if he is elected except the candidate; he's too busy wondering what he'll do if he isn't elected” - Everett Dirksen
  3. 3. Summary of e-Media • Campaign Website • Facebook • Twitter • Blackberry Broadcasts/Chat • Email Campaign/Bulk SMS • Facebook Ad • Google Ad • Blogs • Youtube • SEO • Campaign Planner System • Campaign Management Tools
  4. 4. Campaign Website • A Full interactive and multimedia-rich Website will be developed for the Candidate. • This will be the primary Candidate’s online presence. The website shall be a good representation of the candidate and portray his image as he should be seen by the general public. The website shall be a place where people will be get to meet the candidate first-hand, read up his autobiography, his achievements, his previous records etc. The website shall be an avenue of gathering visitors/people’s contact details like Emails/Phone numbers and other demographics which will be used in the campaign. HOME PAGE THE CANDIDATE PROFILE AGENDA POLLING – VOTE ONLINE BEFORE VOTING REGISTER/CONTACT
  5. 5. Facebook • A Facebook Page will be created for the candidate. This shall be the First Social networking platform which will enable candidate to engage people interactively from commencement of campaign till after the elections. • - Features - • Polling • Integrated Special Facebook Plugin
  6. 6. Twitter/Blackberry Broadcasts/Chat • A Twitter handle will be created for the candidate. • This will be the second social networking and interactive platform to reach and engage people continually. • A Blackberry phone shall be used in conjunction with the Computer to speed and ease interaction with people and continuously communicate the candidates campaign to people. • People will be encouraged via the several media to add the Candidate’s Blackberry Pin.
  7. 7. Email Campaign/Bulk SMS • A mass mailing/Newsletter Email Campaign Account shall be created to broadcast Email messages to people. • Bulk SMS Acc0unt shall also be secured for continuous distribution of SMS notifications of scheduled events and any other notifications to Telephone numbers of people.
  8. 8. Google Ad/Facebook Ad • Contextual Ads shall be created on both the Google Network and Facebook network based on a pre-estimated budget. • The Ads shall be carefully monitored for performance and evaluation and for gathering of adequate visitor statistics. • A Google Analytics Account which shall also be linked to the Candidate’s Campaign Website.
  9. 9. Youtube • A Youtube Channel shall be created for the candidate where recorded interviews shall be uploaded. • This shall further help to communicate and engage the people.
  10. 10. Blog • A Candidate Blog Site shall be created which will exchange and feed content directly between the Blog site and the Facebook Page.
  11. 11. SEO • Search Engine Optimisation shall be implemented for the Candidate’s website to help make him viral. • This will ensure that the candidates website or details are easily findable on any of the popular search engines.
  12. 12. Campaign Planner System & Campaign Management Tools • This is a Software Programme that should be implemented to help plan a seamless Campaign. • The Campaign Management Tools and Planner Systems offer the most advanced comprehensive set of political campaign and management tools on Earth! • It is a compilation of A 43 step in-depth training and planning process that generates a complete professional Campaign Plan Along with a Campaign Budget and schedule. • This is system is used in the developed countries and it is what stands them out. It helps to gather campaign data accurately, plan effectively, schedule appropriate campaigns events and everything inbetween. It also has advanced filing system that helps to document all the Campaign activities for future reviews and evaluation of the campaign was run/managed. It contains Everything that is needed to plan and manage a political campaign. • Imagine having every facet, detail and the accurate cost of the campaign decided upon from the beginning. No more fretting or worrying about what to do. Now you can decide up front and then spend all your time campaigning, increasing your chances of victory. The Campaign Planner is an interactive process that will help you understand all of the fine points of successful campaigning while guiding you through the process of planning and preparing every facet including the detailed budget and timeline. All you have to do is answer a series of questions and the Politically- e Campaign Planner does the rest.
  13. 13. Cost Estimates • Provided on Request based on choice of Campaign eMedia tools
  14. 14. Thank you • Dipo Ajayi • 08095487301