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The story that is yet to be told

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The story that is yet to be told

  1. 1. The story that is yetto be told The Last Strawby Lenox Lizwi Mhlanga Whenthe story of Zimbabwe’sJulyelectionsiswrittenitwill surelybe the stuff of folklore.Forall the wrong reasons.Itmore than qualifiestobe one.The kindthatgrannieswill be churningoutat the firesidesforyearstocome. It will be about whatwe scribescall a pyrrhicvictory,one in whicheventhe victorsare sostumped theyare still ‘digestingit.’Onthe otherhand,the victims,because theycan’tsurelyjustbe losers, are ‘walkingaroundlike zombies’,justtoborrow frommyformervarsityroommate Tendai Biti. The electionsalsobringtothe fore anotherdauntingfact – that mygeneration mayneversee and experience true democracyinourlifetime. ItconfirmsadiscoverythatI made all those yearago whenI leftuniversityintothe worldof employmentslapbangedrightintoESAP.Ifeltwe were indeedacursedgeneration. It isa storyabout howa nationhas beennikuved,anew termthat isenteringeverydaybanter meaningtobe cheated,deceived, kukakatwa.Itbucksthe boundariesof disbelief. Abantu abalankaninyanisi! What has beenworryingisthe growingqueue of organisationsandindividualsbeatingaclearpath to Zanu PF’sdoorto congratulate themontheir‘landslide’victory.One JacobGedleyinhlekisaZuma mustbe one veryrelievedpresident,now thata once perennial albatrossisoff hisandSADC’sneck. That relief issopalpable giventhe speedwithwhichhe andthe otherSADCleadersendorsedthe electionresults,except of course, Botswana’sIan Khama. Trust Khamato buck the trend.The same Ianthat RobertMugabe would see ridingatricycle each time he paidlate Sir Seretse Khamaavisit.Iadmire the man forhisforthrightnessandhisstand againstanythingnonsensical fromwhateverhallowedgrounditmaycome.Addto the crew Phandu Skelemani hisfeistyKalangaborn foreignminister. Phandumusthave plentyof relativesfromacrossthe borderwithplentyof storiestotell.The latest of course beingthattheyincredibly andoverwhelminglyvotedZanuPF.Skelemani hasneverhad any kindwordsforZimbabwe’sleadershipexceptwhendiplomacydemandsit.Butforall the insults that are nowdirectedtheirwayviaourstate media,theywouldn’tbe damned.It’saquestionof principle. Back to Zuma,we all knowthatthe victoriousPartydidnotlike himone bit.Theyhave already clearlystatedthatthe current situation,if one maycall itthat, doesnotrequire mediation.We are eventoldthatZimbabwe will notbe onthe agendaof the forthcomingSADCsummit. The Partymay pull one or tworabbitsfromtheirhat in the comingfew daysto buttressthisfact. While we are all walkingaroundlike zombies,itmaybe likelythatsome political horse tradingcould be takingplace behindthe scenes.Incredible asitmaysound,Zanu PFcouldbe consideringoffering the MDC T a fewtokencabinetpoststo try andpacifythem. That theyare capable of doing. The grapevine hasitthat Tsvangirai couldbe offeredthe othervice presidency,while Chamisa,Biti and probablyColtart, perhapsJamesMaridadi (kikiki),couldsneaktheirway intowhatwouldlargely be a bloatedgravytrain.Butlike I said,itsonlyspeculation. One isallowedflightsof fancywhere anythingcan happen!
  2. 2. However, Tsvangirai’s legal challenge of boththe presidential andparliamentary resultsanddeciding to take up seatsintheirzonesof influence leavingoutanyparticipationingovernmentand parastatalscouldhave put the spannerinthe works. All thiscouldhinge onthe outcome of the constitutional courtchallenge.We are notgivingout prizesasto whichdirectionthey will gogiventhe sardinenature of ourjudiciary.ThoughImust handit out to Justice Lawrence Kamochaforhaving puton hold JonathanMoyo’srequestfora recountinthe TsholotshoNorthconstituency.Youcan’tevenbegintoimagine how thrilledIwas. It’sa personal thing. Andof course we have the resignationsof commissionersMkhululi Nyathiand Prof Geoff Feltoe fromthe Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.Itbroughttears to myeyesthat we still have such upstanding,professional peopleinourmidstwhocan stand up for whattheybelieveinandvote withtheirfeet. Mkhululiuyindoda emadodeni–a man among men! As a partingshotI shouldmentionthatthere wasa noticeable shiftinthe post-electionmoodof Zimpaper’sStarFM. One couldtell thattheywere barelyrestrainingthemselvesfromburstingoutin celebration.NotthatIam faultingthematthis.Movingfrom here onwardsitwill be difficultto distinguishbetweenthemandthe ZBCswhich initself isveryinstructive toadvertisers. For all itsworth,ZiFMhas remainedtrue toitscreed,despite the factthatSupa,won onthe Party’s ticket.Iam impressedby theirall-encompassingapproach.Fornow that is. Ends//