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Amazing Family Portraits with My Family Photographer

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Family portraits are the photographs that we love to display and treasure for many years to come. So, there is no reason to take an awkward, stilted photograph. Instead, there are plenty of ways to be creative and compose a fun and beautiful shot.

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Amazing Family Portraits with My Family Photographer

  2. 2. Photo booths at parties are extra fun. Whether you’re stepping back in time to sit in a vintage “two- seater” with someone you love or standing in front of a sparkly backdrop with several friends at a wedding reception, chances are you’ve enjoyed the printed results— so much so that you’ve decided to make your own photo booth for your upcoming holiday party or your own wedding reception
  3. 3. WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOUR NEED TO CONSIDER IN DOING PHOTO BOOTH? • SUPPLIES  Lights either a 5 ft or a 9 ft backdrop can be bought at your local camera store.  Backdrop as long as you position the lights so they can catch each other’s light.
  4. 4. • THE PROPS Provide a full line of high quality, professionally designed and printed prop signs, mustaches, lips and glasses for your photo booth. •POSING Let pose create an unforgettable photo booth experience for your next major event.
  5. 5. • PHOTOBOOTH PROCESSING Try to get everything to fit in the colored space in the background. Crop out stragglers if necessary.  Set-up & take down Make sure to have enough of the roll to allow at least two falls.  Set-up & take down