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Q4 12

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Week 12

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Q4 12

  1. 1. Q Skills for Success 4 WEEK 12
  2. 2. Week 12 How are you? In case you haven’t registered with the Language Center, I have the sign-up sheets for you. Get together in your groups, and fill out the form. Have you gone to English Corner yet?
  3. 3. Music Time Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez . He was born in 1985 and raised in Hawaii. Today’s song, “Just the Way You Are” was a #1 hit from his album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The model in the video is named Nathalie Kelly. She was born in Peru, and has appeared in movies such as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Body of Proof Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are
  4. 4. Hey, Remember what we did last week? Prefixes Suffixes anti-co-extra-in-inter-mid-mis-re-nouns: adjectives: verbs:
  5. 5. Hey, Remember what we did last week? Prefixes Suffixes anti- against co- together extra- more in- not inter- go between mid- middle mis- incorrect, badly re- again nouns: -ence / -ance / -tion adjectives: -ent / -ant / -ful verbs: - ate / -ize
  6. 6. Work with your partner to write 5 sentences: Suffixes Examples nouns: -ence / -ance / -tion adjectives: -ent / -ant / -ful verbs: - ate / -ize recognize reliance peaceful resilient substance navigate contribution cheerful observation confidence significant demonstrate
  7. 7. But what about vocabulary?
  8. 8. Don’t forget Grammar! Today’s Lesson: Past Perfect For actions that happened before a past event When we want to talk about an action that happened before a past event, we often use the past perfect. --- When I got home, my roommate had fallen asleep already. All my friends had gone home by the time I got to the party. --- These sentences have two things that happened in the past - one earlier, and one later. Past perfect is for the earlier event.
  9. 9. Past Perfect with past time clauses Past time clauses Past time clauses usually begin with words or phrases like: when…until…by the time…after --- I felt better after I had eaten the puppy. After I had eaten the puppy, I felt better. --- Remember to use a comma the past time clause comes first. When you’re trying to find the past perfect in a sentence, look for the words had or hadn’t.
  10. 10. Open your book to page 75 Partner A: Read the Order of Events section to your partner. ---- Partner B: Read The Past Perfect with Past Time Clauses section to your partner. ---- Each time your partner mispronounces a word, you may kick them. Not really. Maybe. Then do section A on page 76 And then do Section B on the same page. But with a different partner.
  11. 11. Picture Time! You did remember your picture, right? 1. Say hello 2. Would you like to go first? 3. This is a picture of …… Talk! Remember to use eye contact and give feedback. Follow-up questions! Only use the question sheet if you run out of things to say.
  12. 12. Don’t forget Online Homework - Unit 3 Quiz Prep Work on your videos / performance / essay!