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First for Schools Trainer - Six Practice Tests with Answers & Teacher's Notes ( PDFDrive ).pdf

Contents I J
duction 4
ning and Exam Practice
Test 1 P1j>Or I R••d1ng 10
P~r2Writing 20
Paper 3 Use of Englis
h... the gram~r ind vocabu&atyextfases on e~h Training pigt.Then do the Wlcon
the b.un pr.tctice page and checkyoura...
Introduction I S
Part 1 Pnrt 2 Part 3 Part 4
Paper 3 Use of EngUsh
Tests 3, 4, S and 6:
WMn you ...
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First for Schools Trainer - Six Practice Tests with Answers & Teacher's Notes ( PDFDrive ).pdf

  1. 1. Contents I J Intro duction 4 Trai ning and Exam Practice Test 1 P1j>Or I R••d1ng 10 P~r2Writing 20 Paper 3 Use of Englis h 32 Paper4 listening 46 Papor S Spc•klng SS Test2 P"4)er I Reading 63 Pa.per 2 Writing 72 P>per 3 Use of English 84 P1pcr 4 llSlcnlng 94 P.aper S Speaking 102 Practice Tests Test3 Paper 1 Reading 108 P1j><lr 2 Wrlllns 114 Paper 3 Use of EngUs.h 116 Pa~I'4 listening 121 Paper S Speaking 125 Test4 P'!"'r I Rt•dln6 127 P~r 2 Wrillng 133 Paper 3 Use o( Engtis h 135 Paper4 listening 140 Paper S Spe•l<lng 144 Tests Paper I Reading 146 Paper 2 Writing 1S2 Paper 3 Use of English 154 P.apor4 Llstcnhl8 159 Paptr S Speaking 163 Test6 P.ipcr 1 Reading 165 Paper Z Writing 171 Paptr 3 use of English 173 Paper 4 Us1enlng 178 Paper S Speiking 182 Audioscripts 184 THcher's Notes & Keys Tests 1-2 202 Practice TestKeysTests3-6 231 Sample Answer Sheets 236 Acknowledgements 240 Speaking Appendix Cl Contents
  2. 2. the gram~r ind vocabu&atyextfases on e~h Training pigt.Then do the Wlcon the b.un pr.tctice page and checkyouransv.'ef'5. How do I use this book? Thisbool< ls ulr.d Tr>lnof' bowM IIIs Ml ol txe<clsti 10 help you got betle< •ndbectenl doint t.tch P"'" of First for Schools so. complete au theexft'cisg theft do .a•ttw priaaap.aptrS' If youllJ1n .andWOflc twd, yottl soon be reillctylo U.k~ Fini for Schools Why is this book called 'Trainer'? Ifyov 11e 1ged betWttn 12 and 17 .and WJintto t.1lt First for Schools (FCE). this book b fbtyout Who i5thi5 book for? Introduction
  3. 3. Introduction I S Test6 TestS r- Part 1 Pnrt 2 Part 3 Part 4 -- • Test) Paper 3 Use of EngUsh Tests 3, 4, S and 6: WMn you finish Tosts I "nd 2youwlllbo 1eady to docomple10 First for SC:hool• pr•ctketests. Tesu 3.•. S aOO 6 are just like re.a.I Firtt for Schools Ruchng. Writln.g. Use of lngllsh. Listening and Spe•lcing p•pcr<. Doing,_,.,., willglvo you Mr• help to proporo for w exam. Keep a record of your scores as you do the tests, You may find that yotX scores are good in some parts of the test but you may need to practiseoeh« parts more.Mab simpk> tableslib this to Mlp record your scores. On Exam practke pages you will find: • .i Ftrtt for Schoolsenm fol'vou to tty and compl(tl~ • ..dvke to htil'> you with d.rftfentparts of the t.<llk. (Remember! Tht1e ~requtd:1eminders aboutgrJmmt11r polnt.J °'vocabulary that you should learn, Foroumple: To change di red questions to ind Ired questions:: Wf>. questions:What's the time? - Oo you tcoo.vwhat the time is7 Yes/No questions: lsJohn here?- Do you know if john is here? (!ipsl Thtse .i1t kfeasto helpyou dowell 1n the Oltl'.ll'n Fortx"mplo: Tofind th«onswtrt InReading Pan I candklares 1nay rtttd 10tn{tt tht n1ea.nJngft'omdun in the rtxt @ Cambridge learnerCorpus This~ information ab<M.I( mista_kes that some FCEcandidates make.If you do these usefvf exercises,.you willlearn not to ~l:e these mi5rakes when you do First for Sc;hool$. On Training pages you will find:
  4. 4. Spe•tcln1:t• minutes The Spe1.bng ttst contains fourpatts; sh0rt exch;inges With on. tymlntr •nda.nothtr candidatct; 4 Olle·nUnutt 'h>l18 turn',._ collabontlve wk lnvolvlngboth c.andklates: a d1Ku.SS4on. Usw.lty anchdatH llkt the st>ta•lng tlXt Wtth [ust one othtr andid.t.l«. but sometlmfl candklatt'i take th~ Speaking test In gt<>Upsof thrtt. Cindida1es art assessed on tht'r ptrformance 1h1oughout Use of English:45 minutes The paper contains (our parts.The tasks are multiple-<koice doze. open cloze:. word formation and key word translormarions. for Parts 1. 2 and 3 each correct answer receees one mark For Pi.rt 4 NC:h correct answer receives up to two marks Ld:tening: about 40 minutes The p.i;percont.alns four perts, The text types are monologws (answerphone mesAges. lntOfmat.on lnleS, commentaries, tadio documentouies and features. •ns1rucUons. lectures, news. public announcements. adverti~ments. reports. ~stones and anecdotf'S, Laib) •ndJncttdct1ng sptokett (convtN..1.Uons, d1ie.usslOM.1ntf'tv~ qutUH. tadto p~ tRm.acuons). Each correct answer receivHone mark. Writing-; 1 hour 20 minutes The p.lpef contains two paru. Ccindidates are required to complele two tasb: a computsory one in Pan 1 and one from a choke of five in Part 2. Each qutSb!>n on th.s paper carrif'S equal marks. Con·t•nts F"" for SCll<><>ls has foveP"pe"; Rud1ng: 1 hour The pi~ contains three pi'rts, One ~re may contain two or more d'iiont'f rebted lt'Xts. The rypesare multiple choke. gapped 1ext and multiple matchma. The texts are approximalefry S50-700wordslong. making about 2.000words overall. for P.trts l .nct 2 each correct ansv.<er .-.c:erves rwo marks. !:or Part 3 each correct answer rec.elves one nwrk. Cambrid9~ English: Flrst for Schools • AnJwer shfftS look at these to see wh111 the F'lnt for Schools answer shffU In the les1 look ldce <1nd learn how 10 complete theni. Aileyour 1eacher 10 photocopy ttwm se ,ouu.n uw tlltm w'Mn youdoyour pr.c1ketcs~ • Thr" audio CDs IJsltn to these to pr.iak.e 1he lkt-Onlng pJptr. You wUI llffd to lts'Cen to thtie to ptACUS. some p.aruof 1M Speakln1pApet too. • Visual m• In lhe Spe~k:lngtest Lht ex.lminer will give you a bootltt w•d'I pll«Urtsand pho1og.r11phsin it. Thevtw.11 m1.terial In the colour secuoo from pages Cl-C16 wil ht-Ip you prJClise •nd btcome f.vn11b1 ~·th lhe type of pit;turH and photognphs you will see In lht c.m and h~p you incre.ue your confidence. Other features of the First for Schools Tramer
  5. 5. Introduction I 1 Buie use- Independent user Proficient user Al A2 Bl 82 Cl C2 Key tor Pre-liminary First for SChools forSchools Schools (KETtor (PET for (FCE for Schools) Schools) Schools) Results ere reported as three passinggrades (A.Band C) and two failing grades (D and E). Candidates who don't &fl. a grad~butshow that they ha~ ab1llty in English at a sli~tfy lo;yer level (Council of Eu~ L~ 81) get teve-1 81 on their certjflcare, Candidates who score below levet 81 get• fail grade. What grade do I needto pass First for Schools? , , Nole that different Sh.Jdents~ difff'renl strMgths and weaknesses, Some may be good al speaking but not so good at writing: others may be good at re.xting but not so good .it listening. The 82 1.evel'Can Od st.atemenlssimply help teachers understand what 5M'stfor' Schools candidates should gener;illy be- able to do .ii this level Al this levela &earnershoukt be a~ to: • use the main structures of the languageW1lh some confidence • demonstrate lcnow~geof a wide range o( vocabulary • use approl)(iate com.munowe strategies in a variety of social situations • peckout it~sof factwl information from spokenlanguagflandwritten text • diSlinguish betwffn mam and subsidiary potnts • distlngui5hbetwttn the ostof a text and specir.c detail • prodvcewritten texts of various typesshOving the ability to develop an argument~ welas descnbe or recountevents. For more infor·mation on 'C.n Do' statements go 10: http:/Avww.cambndgeesolorgle:ums/exams•info/cefr.html What level is First for Schools? Frequently asked questions:
  6. 6. a I lnt.roduclion F1~ for Sthool$ IS mOfe sultab .. far Sludents who are at school and ag«I from 12.. 16 but It Is p-nttatty suited to students who are- stdl at school. To make sure that tM material is intert-St1ng for lhi$ a~ groupandn()(too ditfKUlt or too fer the 82 ltwl. aD the paru of the reading. writing. use of Engttsh, l1sten1ng and spNking papers ire pre•lested ThtS means that different groups of students 1ry the mat...WS b ~ach pa1t of the test first. TM mater1al will the1 onty be USofd in re11 If the rewlt olthe pre·test sbow that they are su1uble for candidates who w01n1 to t.l.k•first fof Schook. Is First for Schools suitable for candidates of any age? kfottyou set 41 C4tft!fiale you wtll set I~ Slateme.'1 of Reulu telhng you how well you dlcl in f1nt for Schook. As~• as r<MK rewlt arwl your scort CM ol 100 11 also glv<K y01 your ~ndtd1te Profjfe'. This I'S •n ffSY•IO•re1d gtaph tlu1t sh0W1 how you performed on all 1he p.aptn of the tflt co1npa1td to the 1tltM other c"ndktatt"S t.iklngthe same test. If you do not get 0-.e $COre that you w;inted. lheCancUd1te Profile will show youwhich of the skills (re,dlng. wrrt1ng,. use of l!ngllsh. listenJ"I or spe.l.tcing) you did well in and whkh you nted to ln1provt' How can I find out about my performance in each p.:ilper of FirSt fo1· Schools? U.ndidales do not hilve to get• certain ma rte to ~lSSe-ach paper in the test, The fin.JI m,1rk for FllSl k>f ~hools Is the totJJ number of marts from au tivt papas.;b:.-.ding and W11tlng. USf>of Englrsh. Ustening and Speaking.Uch paper ccntnbutes 40 m•rb to the examination over.111 mark of 200. Candidates rt<.~ i graphk.11 State(nent of sc0<e tor NCh paperout of 100.This me..ns thlt tM- KOr~a c1nd1d•te net<h to achteve a passing grade W.l•lw•y< be 60. ~A•80·100 G,.~8•75-79 Grnd•C•60-74 What marks do I need to pass each paper. and to~an Aor Bin theexam?
  7. 7. RNdlng P.,rt 1 cllpil 1 DaoI ""'°")" WO ll:loll WO! ih nS f:iq)'mo0!1~ ht)'OU don't ~ -)'Oii 'TlaY find you dorl'l l'ltfd to IMat'I' •I """1 IO #'lWottt ..._ lr..,: ~~ J'OU'W locMd )'Our •nswet ., ee ttxt. kd: lor ~ w s-¥ •...,. 1n thf op1!()nl .. WC'lfih N nwn """'*hlg. or~ NI 1tt ~In.,..._. w-.~ Ocw,.t ;i... try to ""'1rh die wmr ..... fl .... ltXl .tncf lht °'*°" .. M lfll)' l'ICll pw youh Cl)f'l'e(t - 10 I Tttt111"~ b "'""reocl 111< four options bdow Which ono k !ht - ., ft ~ thlt you marktd In the ttx(' A Thowr.t« felt 11 dur·lt.g tl'ltJOUln'Y I It llllO!.,.ed a IC>fGl!l' boat ,ourney than usWll c Tht wNtl'w mack' trn.V'C!l·1na di'f +eult 0 tt WM •mpo5~lble to land on tht bfatl'l a' uwa~ l Rad the nnt scaion of the text on ~ 11, Chtck )ICMlr ~ l>y .,, the followl"I! quostlons. 't'tlat werethe witer cond tlons like uound tM :sland1 2 When d•d theyao~ore thflr 11nort-l 1nc1 l Y.'hat d•d they~ from there? ~youranswers ~th"lntr' hi thts question about the SKtion of tex.t tNt you tvw:;s rNd. ~ WO:l 11M~l)f(.1td about rN rup co M• 1 1?ttd' Reid through the text and under1ine the Pift wt.ere !he illl.SlWr -from On Satwday, myf-arnily and I went out to CM.It fawlut•lt island ID do1 t.1 of WO'ickWa.lhr Ir~ 1..,~ wk11t wt'd tfiwql't would be •I" t1j(ly9blt Ollic·to.ifti.l 1* tolllf 116'1 out 1n tn. lOgtt to thtsnontclhngarea nC"ar ue island. The firstpart of tht 1"p was"" ·~ dow to UM' tiartlnur, bu! a~~ H Wt hit Ol)f'n wa-trt, tht .-J""fOI ~ ll'd 9C rnfdtd juQ ho"' windy I rtally Wl'lt. 11w1Y frDm tkt 9-c_ttcro( lhr be-.-:h..11'(b:lal ni8cd aroi.i•"'°I sudDmly bt9an to fC"arI'd fttl sras1ck- I iomdJMt5 dl)oo bcu.ts. But allllOll • ioon as. td hid that ~'it, ou-f boat lard~d on~ rsl;ard_ l~ Reid #Youslhk 'Al'lole '"" first ..... ,OU ....... good'"".. ........ for t.:.arn(>ll'~ l'llt ...-. 15 ¥CtlWhy hy anWlibng b How try to answer the follewting question to chtck 'f04ll' ~ 1 'Who t' l in tM ,,....,,,do .,.01.1 lhlnlc? 2 ~reartthey?Whowith? 3 ""'11Ct1v1ty tre tMy planning to do' • How art mty1ravolhn17 s Viha.ti !htwcathrr like? ' How dott the Wfltf'rfeel ,, I rt1Ult1 t. !Ndquocldy1hrcMlgn lhe - ol ltxt below._, ...... .,,.., ,,. ""' ~ 1111 "' IOI iour "'''',.'..,.. hil)ptn<d. 1n iour- - fnthltip&rtofthittest you: • tMd alon&tht • answer "ghl multi:ple--chociC!" qvestl~ • chOOM t'O'Ur answtr from four opliOM(A.. I C or O} Reading Part 1 Test 1 T1·aining
  8. 8. Tm 1 Trolning I tt 6 Now IOok It the qutSbOn and optionSit Ind undttlint in Ott ~•t wtltft you find lht •nswtr.Why m tht ocher optK>ni wrong? Compott your'""""' .,,lb Y01K portntr. Howdodtlw wnttr fttl wl>tnth<y~ Wf<ll -1ttfl<19 1n tilt S<o? A son-y that lhty liadn' 1ont soontf a !Idled at Ill• thougllt olwn.1 rney'd rind C ltt 00.... by th•.,,.ohom• fi<h they saw o kttn to,..Y und<fwottrle> as'°"Iaspoi•bl• Fin1lfythe belt h,adcd btC'k to 1hc aliwtd1nd wt.,,,IOOft btC'kat th, b(kh. '"c 1fl Jt9rtcd11 had bctn gNingup pn:clOIASnofkcl1ngrWnc 10do the boat lnp, but now we werekttn to gtl ~lo lllc w~ttr ourstlvcs. Wt qi.;91,:ktyth~d into our iwiMmutggear.1nd Ii ¥rt di'ltd dovin unc:kr w-avn. wt IMtt b11Zz1ng 'W1lt'I uc1tcrntnl. wondcuftl)wh~t ltnd of 'ft11dl1fc we'd cn<ounttt.M 1t twncd Gut. wt w<rc.l'l't disappo.nttd ... a sh~J of bny flamc.·<olour<dfut! swam nght by us ;i-s weW(ftl down into th<depths. foliovt(dby somc othc.rwondtrful519hts. al of whith ""*a perfect end 10 out tt1p S Now l'ffd me finol st<tion cltl>t ttat. As Y'"' rud, dlink 1bout wlltthtr tM wnttr is posibW °'ntigative '1bout this pan of thw trip. Which words •nd tJt.P(ts.Sions ttl yOu thi$? C~ Vovr MWw.t'I~ Comt from cht 1txt. noc from 'fOt.11 OM'I opnions b How look 11 tht four optms. Which OM is c10m1 1n mt.tning to the "1Swtr thil you undtflined in the ~•I? Why lft tilt other thre' options wteng? A The W01ttf~ vt<yc!Nr wMrt they wtrt 8 TM ait.a WIS wttl knOWtl for its d1tf~tnt fi~ c ~~"'-•ledtobnrcthem tom.boot o ~ gutdt told m.mtl>t na- orall thtfl<h 4a F"lld thf aiuw« to ~ followtng quHttOn and undtfteM 1t M"l lhe ltXL Why d<I 1/lt ,.,,,., gt< ro ,., ''"" o wrtitryof fish I Compott your 1nsw.r v.llh )'OIK ponntr. ~lj.j.ind & su1:ndcd by smalt« .. ~ m.akingdie-d(.a.f bewC'« muchc1tmcr Bvt th1i I uee. bcfotC' we weat snMkdltnlJ. w< Ma bo:ttdtd the famous glass-sid«f boat WC''d heard so murh abcM.IL Ifs par~ lhc~ 11trmarxnUy to lh:ll -mitors can Vl"1 $OmC or the (1$h they a.n iwim .among Owtct we W'(tt on our WW'(. a vu1dc tokf us the fish wcrt all calltd, and whith 00<) we were licty to kc Thm hC' th1cw JQmt bread into the waltt, which att~ctc:d ~lb of bc:1u•t1ful.,. colouttd fiih of all ~apa 1nd W6. Thc:y wddtnty appeared and iwn past theobs(rnoon window
  9. 9. 1 J I Tnl 1 fa..,, pridke I WIS curious about 1ht ~gns tMt pointed aw11y UI) endiHS long dtJWWl)'S to lln9lth~. •nd St4'rled lO woOOtt •bout tMliW5 of ptopltt fivin9 thtff. But immtd~tefy tM thoughtof !Wint in tu<h a quite. '"'ot'pS.ct made myhe1u1s.in1'.1nd I thoufh1 klng"9}y of my own l'W>u~ thousands o.fmilesaway. If w.. ww. hoping to'" IOMtwlldllfr. we wtttn't dlQPPl)in1ed. Ufgt iCMIk..w'lgMoos were a c:omn1on s~ht as thf' wn .Stlfltd 1090 dowt fttding off the rather thin grass on the rOl<bidt ... ptObibtybtQuse on the othtf side of the ftn<t$ the ante Mdft1'tn .tnoiutf'fy au tht nictt stuff,so nothing tt" rtmaintd for chit poor k•~oos. Luckily they sc•ytd ~from ~so 11 IHU M ~en'I in danger of c111shin9 into them. Fwthtr .aottglMw•y. we Mti IOMf' CJltlle drown who'dbeen drMMJ thttr am.thouunch of mlets ewer a pe1!0d of month'- tow.tcts llm wMtt they kntw there'd beeo smal amounti of rain.Thtte Mff' just fivt of tltm to look-'lft« n101e thin a tl'louilnd 11imih. Md we lffrnt that they just dro~ thfir CJ1tlt tOWJrds:wNf....., iC rjjnfd, They ntver knew what woukl happtn fromOMdi)'to the ntx1, whkh setmed • StlM'19f.uN~ wt otift to~. Thf.n we~ Appn»<htd •big town, where thtte w1s 1 h1i9f zoo.By tM tmt.wt tt.llly w1nttd to 9tt out of out CM and do~ so wt pr11ked up and went In,Tht 100Ndm.ain.,. AUWJilin•nlf'nrlt:s.someolwlikh we'dahNdycome ~10Js lloft,g the Wllf,towt wttt qu1tt kHn to find out mote 1bout dMm.Wt ww 1 aocod11t show, whtto thoy get aocodilft 10 j~ out ol mt Witff by Mn91119 some meat In the a11, f:•1 f1om b8tt tM quit( .,_mlk they toott w11en they're fas:taslttp on• n"verblnk. lhty~t ttind0tmedInto tittc:t. snappino ae.ture-1 lhlt rtmindtd me ofal'lcifnt, terrifying dinosaurs, Whfltwt wttt d'ltlt. two newcro<od!les a11lved. The twoMtults Md bffn fOWMI lnf1,11td In the wild. •n<l tronsporttd to tht zoo in• p&lne, imide pcocill long woodtn boxti dnlgned to btp croc-odilircoot •nd quiet during 1jou1nqy, Ona they w... at tM ZOQ, tl'lfy wttt 1tkistd into lhth 1>0nd. and they 1-an st11tght w.iothf wittf tocool ot(. sinking dOwn until just thtir t')'fl wtft~ Theft wt' ~l otrto SH some k6nga1oos. This ~ne, rathtt th.tnjust~ iMM from afot. you could touch thtm Sf you Wjfttcf and t.t their sof1fvtOn11<tU1ltyhtd11 baby in itJ ~I pouch.'*••littlt ~with just tht baby's till 1tld<in9 ovttThe ketptf Npptntcf io mtnoon adult lu!ngaroos an kkkat thdr ~ tH'l/itfitf<tly, so I dtddcd against 9ttti1'19 too ner.1 thotmodwt, twn 1t1ou9h she was with the keep&J,aoo just sttt~ for• pholO l'IStNd. TheKfM'l'Y MS inosdy dry pWtns, spone<Iwith tuatyp1us UffS 6nd •few tlowtfing plints KimfhOW mAnlOiA9 to survtvt tM climate.It MtfnfdfUSI•bout th1 lon1lit)t pl•<• rd ev. wwted. W.dtow through towns - 1iny 91oups of housts wit.I'! a Nndful ot Storts- stpirared by miles ind miles of tmP'Y rOld in bKWttf, M>MtdmesputKtuated by the odd house on mt ~chicle heft .tnd th«t. Australian road trip DadMd bffn df"Mn9 °"'fMnitrthrough tM ~utlful counuyskte ofAush•1't for iomt d•)'i. main tytlong ttMco.m. JMn ht iuddtftly dt<idtd wt ihould txpb• what the Ktnef)'WH libint.nd~so~ rumfd awwy from the sta 11nd cff~fOt mlltt through 1ht counttyNdl. o.ct wu vtry opt1mis1lc abou1 wh111n ldvtnture it wouk:I be bu1 it' tong bffort tht rest of us suspe<ted it Wo'IS 9oin9 10 be prtny dull not to ~lion uncomfortabk as th~ro..dswefe now full of hazardous holn. ~ Rc.t !he iutrucllons 11d h: Wt ol !ht ltXI RtJCIquietly ihroogh tilt wf"* lcxl. Wtwtl is it about> You are 9<*'9 10read an ex1rac1 from lhe biography of a 9111called Sarah. who is "'"'hng Auslrolia. For qu•sllolS 1 - 8, choose the ansWOt(A. B. C or D)which you 1hink fits bost according 10 the 1ox1. Matt< your answers on the separate answer sheet. Reading • Part 1 Test 1 Exam practice
  10. 10. , ~ l«td clOl"""WOT l/tc ...."' u.p«l#!g, - ,,.. cOUlO)'lidt! .f "'1lfcton s..m1()1t ot.iou r ))ool'' kOl~1 s~ ~1 dol'1S..ot'I ~'°def<~ ma'°"ir ctovm· fki'l-'A'ly! 8 At tho zoo, Sarnh managed to A pllotograph s001e kangaroos. B see how kango.roos defend thomsolvos. c ask the kangaroos' keeper some questions. o stroke the kangaroos. 7 Satah says that the new crocodiles at the zoo A appeared stressed by the Journey they'd had. B had boon transported thoreInan unusual woy. C seemed pleased to be In their new home. D had been brought In because they were babies. 6 When Sarah saw the croeod~eshow at the zoo, she was A frightened by lhofr behaviour. B disappointed that they were asleep. c keen 10 hove o better look at them. 0 attmcted by their unusual appearance. 5 What did Sarah feel about the cattte drovers' way of life? A She envied them the~ hfestyle. B It was very unpradlctablo. C It was physically exhausting. D She decided she'd like to wor1< with animalS too. 4 When Sarah first spotted some wild kangaroos., she A hoped they woukln't be the only wildlife they saw. B was afraidthey might be dangerous. C felt concomed nbotrt lhofr tack of food. D was surprised at their size. 3 How was Sarah affected by the remote homes she saw along the way? A She began to foel quito homesick . B She was keen to know more about the owners' lifesty les. C She found the thought ot llvlng thero scnry. o Shewondered why people wonted to live so tar from other people. Sarah says !hat when her dad drove off the coast rond to explore tho countryside A he quickly decided he had made a mistake. B the family were relieved to be on better roads. C he was ttviUed with the views they discovered . D the family soon reahsed the drive wouldn1 b<I very exciting. 2 How does Sarah describe the towns they passed through? A Thera was no slgn ot lite between each one. B They were located very tar ap311. C There were a lot of gardens in each one. D They had quite a few shops.
  11. 11. RNdintPMt2 14 I Tttt 1 Tr1lnlng A Takt 3 pot dog, for tic.1mplt • 1t wAI usually~ to ht 11'1 tts flvour1tt basket. 8 What'smore, they prefet to lle down and sleep outside as it's mort naturalforthtm. C Horsts. on 1ht 011lerhand.1tnd 10 steep swidong up. Comp•re your 1111swcr wilh your p-.-intr. Why att the Olhtr two sentences: wrong? P•opleand a.nin1e.l• 1lttp in ltry dlffertnt way1.Mott ~opl• can f.m.&gmt nothing better when they teel tired tha.nlying down Indoors in a soft, oosy bed, and manypell have adopted the same hab11. h mny look very uncomforl.ablt 10 ut, but for them,lyin9 down lo aleep can actually be qwt• c:Wlc:ult. R~ ,,_ r- ....... - hl'erm ·11 • ..,.,,.,. '""""' - "'" ..... Cft lllr Gewf Nnd ... """""" ""'-"more" ""' .,.,. .._... - - ( Tipl Vo.J1ntt'd • ~ wtwt lftd o1 WOf$.., ptlt,as,n af't C:OOWllOll)U$C'd ift • Im 10hold II f09t'lh« tot OMflPk _____,,.. '9'11- ""'"""'- - J Rtid 1he following pmgraph •nd choose lht corrtcl sen1tnce (A. B or C) below to fit 1he 9•P· 2 Whll ore 1he worcls •nd phrtses doing in 1-87 Which ien1ences: .t ttlt us whc:u tlfflt tht wnttt istalkingabout? b tt{trbatt 10 somttlhlng afttadv menuonfd? c ndd a sJmlfaror conlras:llng piece of 1nf0tm1t1on? 6 I don't !Ike going out tn w1nte1 .u 11'1o so c:old,. my fr,.nds aten1 ketn euhtr sowe 1end 10 11ay •• homund play on the computer! 7 . I hadn' go1 any money to spend. I sijl went on10 town to look Mound tht! shops. 8 tf yoo're makingaC4kt, first get al your1ngred1tnu togtther. ··-··-·-·-··- switch on tht even to let It warm up.. worltona 3 . I oully enjoyed my new 1<hool. but _I began IO f1nd thlnp about It that I ddn't ltke. 4 My 1<andfa1h1r spends a lot of lime In hli garden. seems lo keep himverybusy S My unclechangM)obs all the time. He's.. nt o foal wptrmorlcel, and he'stnJoylng n. t Look at tht kinds of words that are lr11pQrtan1in P•rt 2 in the Rtmen>Otrt box. O>oose WO<ds and phrases from 1ht li11 to complete the senctncts below. I My brolher lovti waichlng films a11he contma gots wheneveranew. comesout. 2 ltvins 1n a city 1s 1xci11na... .. lie 1n 1 viii.iceis much quieter. • choose tht corrtct stnltnct 10 fit e1m pp 1 t11ttwnh 1 numbttof ~tencet mKMng • read In this part of the test you: Reading Part 2 Test 1 Training
  12. 12. ,__,,.,_~ -~--~---"""'~ _m<V<,,....-by __.,...,,, IOWW•~---~ ,,........:I~""""~ l'tltt'fO.,,~gcp' swim my long1h w1tnout any pt'OC)llm.I12 I I1 thought they might fust 0"'" me the exw booth.-, ro l1eed. By the lim& ii was my turn to race. Ute rest of t.f-.eteam. who were bt1Hiant sw.mfl'*'I. had anady dOne the• lengths - eo it was alf down to mt. We wereerMdy oheodoftwoothe1teamsI13! :e-newu dtptndlngon me, and thl _. -111l!y on - and lhat W3$Ult 13,1 thing I nMdoO When I P'Nd'/ felt so necvouslThe end of the f1liOe~'1 oome soon enough tor me. Tho moment camewMn we had to cllmb on:o me Btarllng blOCkl l lOlllS1ed my ....,,.,"'9goggltl and wiggled my i.. t around a bit mote lO 1nat 1 was atanclrtg rifmly on tht blOCk, 1nd T'[ j start pOlltJOn Tho spoctatoss ten silent. 14 ~ &hire was no more lime to think about that. as $UdOentylt was my turn - 11na I wl.'tt in tht wa*1 I swam e:sfast as I oouti to che 01h1< end ol the pool. "'th the ~is lllO chllfa ol the apectaton nngong'" my_... Wlllwl tteondl, I'd rea,c;;hodthe wall - ju-11in 1im• to twn round ancl lff all the Other swimmers toueh the wall after me!t'd won my length - and the race. on behalf oC my 'The wl'IOle crowd 1100du:p to chllr • I ~·1 ~ it. 01 cout$0, alltf wt was d ovtr. I dd tAI a tn()IMnt to 1t1.nk at>Out 1he Olheit peopte rd boen comiiieting age1nst I 1s J ISo my/lC10<y..-.1yo.o-i•1...,, thet briliant aftor all. B111 wa'S stlldetenr11ned not K> lose my moment ot glOry! Reading Part 2 Las1 Satutday I tooac pan S' rny t.s.t eYet sw.nmlng competdie>n at my tchOOt Mvttal oth11 sct'IOOfs In my••••· I'd ""'*"°"t wolllo<ganlllng thett events, but 1hls 11nt my Jtllff'dapwsuadld me that 11 was really 1lme I had a go at SW'T'l'W'l"ll'IQcompet.ltvely- even thOughI'm not a brilliantSWll't.'mlS.So H was a pretty st1essful event! As I wu so tense. I thought ro go eatty to get cnanged and p1epaie. HOltt'llf', I anNtCt et tcl'loOI t0 tlnd tlt changing rooms a~eady ful ol llUOen~ omongthem tomt of our best1w....,,..... Flf "°"'appNong ntfYOUI, thoy lookedas if they c:outdn"t wu to go out there and get S.tarted I rea1 en; Ir confidence, U: mine w.'IS ""'Y IOw by thM. 9 twas -•.eoby wtatl saw. Every student in the ec:hoolwas Mting lhete. pabtntty waiting IO<tht com- to -l My"- 111<1110 to jtl~ " At •vffY)'Mr 11 lhlll comptt;~ """'°M l'lld dressed up to took P;e th« fa"OUri1e film c:harKters. I c:oukf see bads of wr.rartts. and monsters among the CJOwd. not Lo mtni..on a f.ewaeaeners<Ires.sect up as canoonchl111Cten.l 1of lrhly_.detarm1ned•ot 10 mtn OUIonthe fun! Once ttlt t...entt got atarted. it wn usy co'" l'IOw our school had gaii.d tlllCh a gr1111 reputation fo( sw.imming. I 11 I jAsyovcan..._.t......,pe<lo<moncesreoly Impressed our guest JUdgeS. who COUidn't bebeve the standaid that even our youngest swll't'WfttfShad achieved. I was due ;o take part in ~he 6111 race of the day. tl was a rtl•y ttvnl -Cl IO<I people. Eacl> ll3m mombOr had t<> .- one lltlglll .. ..., as they could, so I roall)' ~n"t want to be UM OM""° Ill U1ie team dOwn. I'd trained fOt"the U31at5e3St I'd be able to My fint swimming competition YO<J a1e going to IOad an enlde abou1 1 girl who Is taking pan In a swimming compell1m II her school for tho first time. Seven 5eflteoces have been removed from tho article. Choose from the sonlenoes A - H the one which hts each gap (9 - 15).Thete is one extra sentenoe which you do not need to use. Mnrk your answers on the sepMate answer sheet. ~ tt,.o~ lht Wiide tm 11> nwac: M-e- yw ~i.1nd wh~t 11 1$ ~1 ThertloOI< ~ ~ oomt!o be-Ion:~ ~ e~ g.apo ~You nttd '°hnd • wnwntt twl Willfte mtn Mid m•n wne Reading • Part 2 Test 1 Exam practice
  13. 13. ,_.....,._J • H Eventhe SftiWlllllS waitingby thepool had 1t1T1111~ dlcclrat09 on their cap1. G That.- nw-.'"°""as I prepared to ju...,-1 ""'•"'11)WOUid lllWt J)(tfen'ed aome et-I F Wltt»n an ........-- reeon:IS set by'°'- ·-,...... complotely broken. E And .t..,......,......., when I lookedout• I the pool. D However ,I knew I'd be bothhappy and d1sa~1ntedorceit WMII OWJf C But I know IfIdidoi - a fasnima. our CICMet OPf)Onontt - '"1. 8 1 rMllMdthet 1¥•mt. l"°I' ~ wnn't 8.)(acily d'letr schOOl's beia SVril'M'Wll'B.. ~Just lncaMl _l_·t rd I .. J>"ton mykicky sw11mqlhor1s ospoclaily for the event.
  14. 14. Tesc 1 TrMntng I 17 4 - - of 0- 1<nlen<es"""~ """'clO!fly - Soc>lw11)'1 ~ CMohit>.tlon?Undtrtlne the pirt ot N IUt wtltt't sht wys hL A SN hldnl t-pkt@d so many audlOgl.cle to ·tUlld i:,, wkt>n. I h wM jHtas.tdat tM numbff of art WOf'lr iN p ID~ C She 'ell ¥er'f embarrassed about M>mething shed.:j n the elbibt ion. WtYtn mt other two options wrongl Thisert'libitionWASthe bigg<'~trdbeeonto One' t p mide. I was pm!y ~ ~ lht numbcifsof people uslncaudoOgu1do<, -..,l<h they lo!t•n<d to whil<L'Wy--..d-.. M ll>e pi<l;"1 $o I had a go. tool ~'WI. rhf' 1rt work's ftaturtd on tM auid•"""""tsattlytht onn ~ moq ~le Wfttt' g~tht" IItotquite tnclcyto Set what the aud10f.Jld• w.n desa"iblng And olcourwbeuu$f rou'rf 'M'ar1n,g~rphones. t you c.a111lftt"110 '#hat 01h,rlS•IOf1 arw Y'•n1 atio..ic tht ~ - N1 llAally fason.1Mc1 B~i t beetmt so .absorbed 1n l"1M1ngto the gu de ttal I bumped ir'to 1 coup6e alpeople as I wabd arouncfr Luddty they d•dn't mind,&bout'i- I~ I picked up'°""" realty usefulinJomUllOf IO td probibtt' WSf' i cutde apin. 3 her°""'beNW..~'ht wu walk.1ng :ai1ound .c Nf opinM:w ol the contfflt of tM aud10 guide' 1 ttw l1nd Of P..:h1b1ltQft ~he lat Wfnt to. 2 dieprobltms 'he discoveredofUC1n1audM>~ 2 - ..,. cllhtt• stnl•ncet """""mootdoMIV- -- - '"" Hhot.uon?~. 111tpan ol tht ...,-. ht - "1iL A ~ bK,i." If 1n1t.tlod by tht numb« of ptopf.t 1hete I Ht"Cisl>kl'd ~ behiviour of the pea~ attend1na. C '1c Kef'pled eed1fficu t cond1tioni fOftht Uikt of uwwM.. Wtty.,. lht olhorlWO opllons"""'91 • J Rood whll ~ ,.>" tboul htr vl~I10 an - ,..,.. .,. lno in - ""' "ll<s•bout t Rtrtd ...,,.tJoldt S.1)1 Jbout hk visit roan art e>d'ibtion. And llhit Int 9' .......,ht....llbOut !ht"'-'mbtn of JX'OPltat thf'tt•htbot1on 2 wdat heWti gratetu· for. l M 1H'ling1 about art gtntrtlly 4 whal l'lf found most mpttuive about tM riihibccion. ~ wtnton .a museum tripwith the school last Wffk..litwas,..., Q'tllffded- onto oftflOSe exhibitions where you ~ 1101 or""'" lookong 1111>e bocb clptap.'11-k """""""" '""""- havorcf"' queued for..., IO pt in.But tNnh toour tea~~ past that bicft W'd boobd~ befort'hand but PWfl so t ~~ fwd to r.'°'1t one. we Wt-re hu•dt. H.11v.n1Slid that~ It -abloiuttty ...mpull.Int up With .ill that for tht1 • ID'pt"Ofn('" Don'tscotmeWfOl'C. rm not aerN1art epen orft'l!n &hitmxh d af.-n. pi(tll'ei of pec>fWe pMned l'lundredsol yNl"5 '-80 JV$! touched ~-hn rnt.. lO!hthow .. not l.O sne:ntton h.r11•ng the chance! 10 U'I" Of'llf of the" IM(')(t (;t MOUJ p1ctur~ In tht WOl'tcl TNt IOlftrC..-..,I '#Oft' forpt M'l I hurly. Inthisput yOY: """ Freik l)irt of lh4! text that .'...::..""•""'1fW> prom~wnwnce • NM thn: 1ghcue long 1m. d1"1<.'lfd into ua1on1."' '41 to till lhcw1eftetts • find •f'lformalioo inthr lt'letS that m.atdln rftttn thort ~ Reading Part 3 Test 1 Training
  15. 15. Rc.tdin9 P•rt J I' y,fild)pmon wt'ftltTOIJl'ld 11W,.t1:t o0/lt!Mt ~ ., """"Jl«J(Jlt 1 10 ~P'«fOlt hoda.big .'Oil ""'.'°'of«tM'Jn, 1·tiii"', @I] ~ ru su [ill ~ [ill ~ §] 8J ED E!IJ 8J [ill ffi 1 a I Tat 1 furn pr<Kli<• says R was expensive 10 go into the park? was relievedto d1SCoverthey had lhings in commo nwith their companions? was surprised by the sizeof the park? took home a lot of purchases? saysthey fell excited rather than nervous about one fide? says''* trip was spo111sliglltly by the wealhor? was conce<M<l llat noe eve<y0nehad got lo do whal lhey wanted at the park? had pfaM«I bel0<e lhey 111tivedhow they'd spend lhelr lime? ldminld 11eirparents for tho amounl of planning thathad beendone? was happy about the short time it took lo got on lhe rides? fell they altempted to do loo much during their vlsil? found lhe lnp disltacledthem from lightswith fomlly mom'*s? was l)INised to find that one ride completelylived up to Its promise? welcomed lhe opportunity 10 wanderroundtho park whholll their par-? Which person found a way 10avoid1he crowds who Vere walking aroundin lhe park? rn:i lhctt ml)' bt inlomMilOn in more thanone s.cclllOn '..:.:.:...of lht ltJCI...... eppe•n. IO tNICh N QI.Id~ but ~it not-....t.nOwgh IO bt<Ofrt<t Cht<k ~ n,1 Reid~ ft5lllCtlOl'l5 «'Id tlic lllkol d'ICtc'XL Ttlir n fw ~and un6tf1iM key wordf.. You aregoing to read a ma9<1zine anicle about peop1e·s experiences of going lo Iheme patks. For queslions 16 - 30. etioose from the people (A- O). The peoplemay be c""- morethan once. Mart< yout answers on the separate answer sheel. Reading • Part 3 Test 1 Exam practice
  16. 16. 'C' "-.:nl 141 lhc thmlc park ''•ilh .anothn llm1ly n1y p..'lrC'Oh knt'V, •nd 1hcu IC'Clltl~C' d.111i:l11('n, i')' Sll('f .>ndI hJdn'I n1C't 1h~·n1 bckirc. 'O I """"., bu doutuful. Uu1 II 1unH-J our they "'cn-tu'.'11111..c: u~ - ~rcdall~· Vhl.'11 11 (Jmt 1.-. Ylimllllj 1111fffrorn •hi.' 011'·nlr ho~! Fu'SI W(' Pl in Che p.ld 11nd Onl'.'d 0111 '"lln "·"~ g<'inJ whrrr, 1.0 lhJt nn·nnl• go• cr11<; .1bou11nis1o1ni: o-u1 on lht' n1llc-rCNIC'r or Vhah;•cr. I rC'(k.OllC'd(lUf lriC"Nh W('R' 100 rolilc U "'l)' Yl.11 1h,~y rc.1Uy y.-,1uC"J lh€•Ulh TI~tn .,.,.e ovtnool ..,.,.<'')'1lflC' .tnd ht.wrd immNl,llC'I) lor lh<' <'nd t)l ll1t' 1•:11~ "lwr~ u Yt.J" qu..1 ~od '~t•rlcd hJC~"'Jfll5 Ve m1))l"J .t kw qucun 1~1 w.1y. 100. ThC' ,.,...,..,lhC'r .t' 11n ilur sldr •oo - m-l·ltk "hun ;~nd (''en ch«Lcd ltk' j,.,m.:.J)t hen lhcy arr.1ngcd lhC' d;,y •marins. C.in1 inw~llC'I'll be doing 311of11,11 .llrU l''C' t:ol l.1J)1 D Kaori ~ham .:ind D.aJ gave u_,. c.ith some 1f'Cndt0$ money lor th1t dJy. :w thcn-'d be- no furthcr ari;u111cnt U''t'f ~U)'Jng mu)(•h.1-C- ~tuvcnir" lrom thc-m.:11'$ And le.> my rt'hcf VC "'C'rt' J1J11.1wrd 10 'U oH hy nun.d•t· lnr i> l•il ... h.icl.d)· 1·,·r t:<•t .in 11kltr lr111lw-r ,•nd l~H·r u• .t('('Cl>mr,,nr tnc', .and"" .atl mJ11J1~cd Ill do 1hc Mc .. Y(''Jl1Utd. lhal "I tmJl'f)fl.)01 .)~ lhC"rl.l('CVJS inure l'Ji.tcn:1>I~ th.ln C'c:n lh)" VUdcsl drt:arns, and 1h.l1·1 ""')"ng ~lfYl!r1h1ng• D.ld h.ld ~11 Om,~ ~pcci~I olk" th.11 rrd~ 1hc rnci: ol c.'.Ulr)' - .ind 1hh doubl<'d the- lun. '"lhc'l rn1i1k-d u1 lo sn 1°l lhC' hc.·.ad uf 1lw- ~Ut'Ul' l1•r lhC' nd(1. l1kt' tcll'l1ritit'). 111.ll "'.l'> luC"k)'- "'" rould h.lT W.l1tC'd ho11n (11ht'nvhe. And 11 1t1tan1 I INN&nf t'Tld~~ ~"('i <In my f,lV•'Urlh.·, Gl)UI TrJ1in. Frn in lhe' rourintt r;iin 111.11 VC: hild :ti OOC' ro1n1 ii IK'tr bllol 10 lhnlll C Tim ~1y f.Jmlly twd m:w.~nl "C'.wt down .lit hotnl' "'tlh thC' fri11.-n,k ¥ht1 were ~1htj: 1lh U .tld d1~-u-.'Cd •hu V.9TI1f:d1,. 6" '11~1. '4'I thJI we Vtrtn'l "'"'11~ inYltd~h1!r111 when we .It'll thC"rc - and 11 seemed 10 werkt All)'v,1y. II VC''d tndtJ up ''".lll1ni .lr1>und in the bumln~ hl'at 1tu1 wehid 1h.a1 d.a~·. we'd h.tVt' Ii''"" in 1mu~ll'", I rrctm The" theme p.1rt; v,;" ilfn,1linj;. n1r roller ro.11.IC'f ... lllC' WOil worth the hijth C"ntr~ncc k-r 11l1ll4'11~hm)· f"-'R'nl might nnt il)lrtel U CIJ~nle'114' N- thf' l.tfh"l lO 1tw wend. 1'11u I dcu1h1C'd lfl.-it 'it1ll. lud,;1~ ") th<' lr~c. I Upt'Clt'd the ride '"ould be • d1rrtrnn c'}."fn(1Kc tnun the iUill '1ut1. lO I ,,,~~Jctcmunc-d 111 h.Jo,:c1~ 1n.iny ,:11('1 1 l)()~iiblr. I tollll f~und M)"tlf h.ikln111n lh' queue, but It V.l~ dclin11cll frnm the 1hrUI ct wh.i1 w•.,, 01 <'flmr. And "'(' "·tm'f1 di"'1prointtd Once lht' nde 100; off. lh<" mi''i)lT k-·~ ind dn11" Ju_,t fori·l"'ct 11 !'lol4l. in''"' Kil .. .ill r-an of thr hin! 8 Matthew 't' CUI on • lt>ut~W) u1p tc ii hugt' lhcmt' p.irl. .JnJ I f«I new tlut we u•.idla lMC' bun11 oul tuu qukLly. Thr bfll d.a) w.a.) t.an1..,~k. going (In .tibwlu1cl~ t(f)" ridl.', hnt''('r Uf')1 Bui b) 1l'w: fourth d<l)'•we were gt'llll)J .I hH lrJ ur Wtlh lhc "'00tillU tJlt· to flt In J> JnJn) olllt.attiotU.1) puulblc. And tny r-tr(IU n1us1 have ~IU lo.uJ,. ... ~) th( end ot the Irip we )t't·111t!J 10 bave .lfillJltirJ h.l.U tbe contents ul the -ouvemr ~ho11s~ Bui Y ~ • 8tt'•t 11m(' and tor unce Ill)' b101ltt'I'> .)UJ I ktfl:'ot .Ill .lbout the ltuplll arguments 'V<' bave wuh tMh odwr over lri•l.11 CUii. Til<")''rc u fmndl)· tiut .- b11 .-inn11r111g f<1r m)' mum and did. np«UUy if we're s1uck ..0111(•wh<'t<' In lhC' J"')unns rlin - h.t we were >01ui:1h11c-) en 1hi) 1nr1 Uw1 "'"s .. pily ..~ h 1nt.Jrn !(' illlC'd 0111 etn~ll"I(' of 1hc ndN. fhu Ot't:t mind - we '1lll'ed llnl IQqu;arrfi• A Joanna Going to a theme park
  17. 17. Writlftt Port I HIJo, Thanka very much fof otfwlr19 to come and pick me up on Satwdly Th11'a rt.aly kind of your dad My 1ra" arrives at 11.00 a m.•1Q l'I sae you theft. In tile ahernoon. I llwlk rd p<tler lo go on O Mtbour !lip. U rve - done tt befort and 4 - tXCltong' Do you think we'll- any wildl...?I think i!'ll t>t bttt• tllln "-'9. ~Is what I do eve<yWffl<tndv,.y, my frlond$lWhat do you lhln<? In the evening thefe .-e lotsQI things we c:oulcf do. Why OOn't we waich • folm 1ogelllet7 Ifyou -~ can bmg some of my OVDI.~,.. """ watcl'I a comedy fwn. Oo youIke those sorts of hims? If not. I can llfing'ollg d•ff*ont. Can you ;11 mt whit I lhOuld wtar for tht rwtrbOur t~p. Jo? Do Yo• """1< • ..a t>tc4ld? Could you wru bock •nd llt mo know? Se•ro• on Sat~ Sarah - l• c••1u1y ,...owNI • gorl ulltd S.roh wmct fer ht< .,,.,.,., to Jo's wllil 2 LOOI<., in. P'(lmpl$ ., Ille side of 1h• Mloil. They 1d you what l)Oin1s you must in<:btt in your rtpty to Jo. Answrr [he QUHbOnS bftow 'Mlh a partnrr. 1 Wh•Iw.•you say to 111.Jnkjo? 2 Which "°"d you p<efer - 1h• harbour t10por aom&lhoppinB1 Why! 3 Whit th"'I' would 1"" IJct to do •1Jo·ihonie?How could you •UUtlt llttm 10 Jo' • tls.t do you nttd toknow? Sowhat qutlbOll W(lljkj )'OU loh toas.kjo? ...,__...._...... - 20 I Ttsl 1 TrMl!ng SU9Q$$1 ... Yes-ask Jo Say whJCh aoo why Thanks 11·s great that you're coming 10 visit me on Saturday Mr dad and I w1I 00tile1 trom IM st.ttJOn whtn yov errlvt. rve thought aboul some thllf'lgs we could do whlll )'OU0r•hire. Vnt we·~ have lunch at tlOmt. Th•n In lhe alternoon we col.dd eithef goon a harbour trip W'1ll my tamily, Of.,. c°"ld go ohoppong W · h would ~ Thert 11n't much ;odO in my town in the tvtnl"tg$. so wt could ju$t stay at my ,_ Cln you lllonk of some lhln s Yo•'O~ke 10 00 U.e? II tllert - you neocl 10 know befOfeyoucomt? Seeyou soon! Jo - 1 lml9Jll• 11111you """ r«tivtdlht w1'il btlow.Tl!k ll>oul in...,....,.. 10 mese qutsiion1 with a 1)¥1ner. 1 Who•I Illeomai from1 2 How wtl doyou know Illewrne<?ls 113 fnend?Aie>dle<?A!lfll>Ct<? l What at~ you gotftl to do on Saturd<'ly? In Part 1 you; • nad lhtough lhtqUf' and a ltller/t1nad WJltttn 10 you • read lhthandwntttn not11on tht ltttff/tm•M • write trther a tttter or .n tmillt, II could btto 11 fr1enct i te.Khfl' or wmPOneyou haven'tmet • write ~ l20and lSOwords Writing Part 1 Test 1 Training
  18. 18. Ttit t TrMtlng I 21 7 InPin t dlt ptompt moy ttl you to •sit • qutsbon. Lookat llow Slrlh "'°'dftQ Ind ind..ect q~11ion1. Wh>t lhould Iwut lor lhe hMbol# tnp1- c.nyou td me what I should wtar for ththarbou r lt1p7 Now nwlte thtte drrect qut1Uensonto tndrrect qutllions. 1 w1a.becold1 Doyouthink. ·-1 2 Wh«t >Jt.,.. IO"'Sl Doyou know -·--·-····1 3 11yourt°"'n wry aowdtd! Can youtellme 1 • How can I ett b>dt to tht s..b0n1 Doyou know ......1 S H.l~you SHn lhd Nmbtfort? Doyouremember. ----··-··-··-····? 1 We'dbttn.,.,_galfday. __ wtwerebrtdwhtnweg«homt. 2 Jadt boYghud'"' _ 6ntd htl petft<tly. 3 Wt <11uJhton eortybus _wecolAdgot onto town belo,. Itgot busy. • G•"'C to !he MW<lep¥tm<nt 11ore wasl'••t."poc1ally.•• •I'd ntvtr befn insidebelo<t 6 The w•y you 1tnlt )'Ollr Ideas togtCll« Is rmportanl 1n lhe Writing paper, Look II Slrlh - .... Tht words"''....10join her idtaS lfC underlined in lhe tnllll Ind reptoted intht box below.Compltte ... ...,.., ,~with lhtword!Wl th< box. l l&Jff•"I • txprtsj;ng I pttfttMCf s ,.rus.,, 6 .. ~,,."I why sornt<h1111snpos~bl• 7 apologiilng 8 .. pi.a,,.,. why iomtlhllJ hlppentd a rm afra'd I can't do tbat 5 Tht prcmj)ts in PM 1 tel you wNt 10do in yourletter or email. Match th< fu<lc11on1 on th< left Wllll 1<11ttnetson tht right that could be ustd to UprtU tht odus. 1 •rm& to pefSuade.......,. ---~ 2 fUllC"b"I somtdlWI& 4 Look •t tht ~ tNI SK.ti u~ on her rtply. How ~s she do the following dlongs?r...itht phtl<es "' her email and underline them. 1 sugtSt!OrftethinatoJO 3 as.kjoqUtil ions 2 1>ywhduht pttftt• • thankJo 4 whatsho1k1Jo TodlM'lgt dire«quHdeMIO Indirect questions ~QUHDOnt What's mi.ttnt> - Ooyou lnow whatlWtmt h' VH/No-• ::J I) loM htt" t1 - Do,., ~. lcM ...... Remembetl Cr11>1 Tl)'1oi...,,, ... ,,,..,c11N....... .,. or1Qin1nvS(nt(O('(Ia )'OUc.,.. ™'Wiii ~ ~ 1.INCtL.Wtyout $.MlM(tS .)tld P¥"•iph$"" ' VMi(fy ol w•ys Wrklng p.., t d Youe obsoluttlyright about INt. t UnfottUMttlyIG>n1 do tNt bt<aUitnl bt away Sw.mmlng·s much more tX<it1n1 cycling. IdlW>k. g Plme change your mind and come· you'd~ K' h Whydolitwt gotodlelocalmustumllt'd bt<OCll b rm really SOtryrormissing""'' pany. e I WM lale for cltus btcaust I missed tht bu'- b Hew dots SK.ti dtwlop todl ol me pomts in her rtply1W0<kwith a partntr. Cov« lh~ tut.Md ttyto rtmtmber what Sarahhas wriuen for Hch of th< points. MM<• notts in YO<Jffown w0<ds. 1 tNt>kongJo 3 what lh• sugg•sufor the tvtn>ng rii:t Try flOI tQ r~ onI.Ing~ tom ~ thttnpul ltld. You nttd 10 11'.ow ¥.NI you c~ dO
  19. 19. WridngPM I (Tio• WOOi)'OU""' - ..... cnoucj'I <me for~ loot• the Check! boa~ bCk (/')each pcwl AS you tbe<k yaut wotk.. 22 I Ttit 1 Exo1m pr•ctke Check! Have you: 0 kleiuded all the p0ints and developed eaChp0illt fully? 0 usedjoirn119 words and a range ot different tenses and swctures? 0 Chtel<ed your spelling and pullclua1ion? 0 Ol)eOed and Closed 1he le1teI/email propeily. e.9. HI Sam I Dear Mrs Sm~h I Seeyou soon I Looking forward to hearing llOtrlyo.ti 0writ1en12(H50words? Wrrte your email.You niusl use grammatically coeect sentences with accutate spelling and punctuationin a style apptopriatelor the situation. Tell!Ae Suggest ... Sony, no - but ... c~Milt' .... '°"l:now 'l'Wf'IO JOU ~..,,...., '°·.w1d how wtl 1V" _,.._ Uw "f'N'"own wordS -·~ Im.le.Id cf copying !he etxt n ptompcs. Great! I'm not surt what the weathe1 will be like at the woeket1d - °'whot you·ye planned for us to do. "'Mt sort ol clothe! should I bring wrth me? l'vt hlltd th11 you1 town it very nice. What1a lh& mos1 lntM1t1ng place to SiH: there? r1 bt com1Ag b)' 1ra1n. 11 wt anangtd. Wiiiyou a1111 bl 11 1ht train ttatlon tomoetme? I'm mlly loolc!ng folwald 10coming to 11ay with you1 I'll be arrivingIn your town on Saturday at l 1 a.m. 1 You have received U1e folowing email frorn your EngNsh·speaking friend. Lee. who iscoming to stay with you at your home soon. Road Leo1s omail and the notes you havo made. Thon write an email to Lee. using all your notes. cTipl MMct Mt )IOU ~ COWRdII flt poitl 11'1 ,,,.. NlldW...... "°""' FOiiowthe lns1ruc1lons belOw. You must answer Ihis question.Write your answer In 120 - 150 words inan appropriate style on your answer sheet. Writing • Part 1 Test 1 Exam practice
  20. 20. _,,.,.... I 2J ......._ by fM' ee ~' ~ would b~ (lhuf'.d.)y) betau~ ~ ptopit ¥<oufd find(Thutsd.l)') 1~ ~I <iUllabl~ l!'VMing btauw 4 - plw>sts """" '.l<XI use to wggesl th• cholot ol .-Ing la< tho dub? CorTlplf't )'OUI' i(k.asMtli a partner. and ldd tMm to your notes ., Exlf!f'tist 1 n- phrasesmight be use~.. enf1•f1A!ll•r ·g 1'11Pf'1iv' bttath•"Ieng'd l'fUl'l!l.1-:M mcnlGrlble nt111n9 lc'CPyou on h: edge: of )'Our *t 2 ~ l'NSOtli could you gM for rtt()f'nmtnding tl'lit fimt? Add ftm IO )'OUf' noMt In btttist I. That wordl and ~r1S6 might be userut COilitdia ~l'!'t films seeee fiction Ye5rtms anoons .n1tw!ed films historical dr¥N ~Is lhf'lllM 2 Look It l:l'le: below. They can help you to deYeiopyow armiwer.llltaM 'W'Pt'Sof '*"might you suggest from this list? A MW Engl1tf film club 11 starttng •I vour IChool.Your lMCher hn Mked rou to ....._ 1 ....,ort, giving your tuosttttlons lbolt • ~ klfldl ol llmt lhe lhoulcJ lhow lncf why • VINc:tl ......-ilng w04Ad be bMt tohOld ll'M club • hol# 1N IOl'lool could ,., ttucilntt •bout 1"11 club. Wrle YQJt report t l.oc*. at tM &ask befow. Am. dedde whit you want to AY •bout Net. pc.nt,. thtn nett down some brief idea$ for )'()UrrtpOrt. ~ lhem -........... "'Part 2 rt M1ft ti.- 1 quf'.t•Otlakins you l0'11tt 1 report. n 1 report )'O[ • a-ve~ •nl'ormibon. and Include~ recornmendat.ioMor~ • need to 0tpntSe yoUt ldea5 so thatthey'reeasyto follow use ~ ind t'fidi:rip. if a.ppt0ptia1e • usu.vywr1tt kw a specific audience.such as your teacher • wrte b!cween 120ind 180 words Writing Part 2 (report) Test 1 Training
  21. 21. Wrttng P•rt 1 14 I T.,. I 'lt•lnlng • might bt ~ctvlwblc to Y WOWCI not be su11.tble btc.MM: Ip"'l)QI<' lh.l< Whal I lhink ~C should do is IO Tht: m°'t pol)ll'Ar ~msiftm io bt r Chr-rtfOt'f 1h1n1t _ In nl)' viM, (Thursc;t.,y) "°'-*I two ee most 5u1rt:>ll> .., 11ru.11 would II<111< mou <!'"""'NY al q 71 Jiln...m.ikts severat~a •K011wrk"lldldons. look at tht phr•sct he Wf1: 10 do lhiL tnd ._, lhem ., h11 rtpOI r'lle&"l-Ol"l...l"I .-t,Muw:-'llQIWIKlrtJM'I dtb,~1'~.Ci.W:WM:lld •~ f'IJ'P*olWt,.r..ritw~-t~ ~..- T)'pt1eof'~tM fortJw~ 1"<.1!!1Q:l'l...._- ~~~~lhaoe~~tlwt.Ule rrost~"""' ~s.o1.e~~v.., .. ~~-••da11to.1·tmitlnfha.• VWyC*1ktllllpPJ ··"' • ..,., olYQl Mi:K""1A"" .....,. ...d. I ll'Nlrtfcr.Plink u.."" th,brJ,.,Qt flmeP"At eluJ::f._.,_,_ 1'l't._., .....ui, "'" u..~u ~ "'"'Y..-.Th.irac:U1~• u.~~-Ulm'~"'-"'Lm.ary*~ di.bltl11r1lt'1allo"1-or:0...t.ldP.f"Owt tiowtoi..ll•~~UWM f'1ll•1.._bri"'.,vof..~.alrV.tehod11111fM:iii~~l.'tlt..ilL'k.crplreoudl w!;nca:71O"Jvr to tlla!; .a.WW WftlllK. ~~ c•f UllrtpMpit-.,t Ow~ CMc:f1,19lon I lo!M"lJp,I WCI.I;!~ Jr.!!filftc::Ui... ~ .. -~ NstudK~•tlOO'I Lt.lrt11tal1"1fJ 1rm11 1""'9 t;,--U.~"'8 Wey....r. to~ SCHOOL FILM CLU6 t Now look 11 tht ""'°"INr • boy altd .i.lmohas wnttt'l1. Hehas used oomt ol lho idois from £Jctordi<s 2-S In his wribng. Unckflonf thom. llNCh«·s.announcements ICh)oj'M:bi11t !do:JI f'IOhctboard school magaz1nt Wi>I """"'1.r19- l(?Cting sludeits S Howcould )'OU 1d ...- ma.. lho <lob? Looi<" tti... lcleo!, lhon "" wilh • paltntr Whal migN II<lho ~ •nd crGadvMtlgf< ol ooch woy ol tcllong"""- lboul lho -?
  22. 22. Test 1 ExamPractk• I 25 tKAAk i'lfoin~ obolJtnKh o/lJl<W..-- rm;:11;p WrMh19 Pell 2 Your school ls thinking ol starting an otter-school club for students to do a spo<t. Your leecher has aske<I you lo wrile a report, giving suggestions about: • which sp0<1 should be played at the club and why • where the club should be held • how ot1en the club should moot. Wrile your report. nJtt Stitt with¥1inwodue110n 10 'INI tht rtport wll ee Jbout ll'IC'AJdie re<Oft'lmeftdal!IOM and i.uggnllon'- Fiimh your re-portwth a concluding sl•ltrntnt Follow lho instructions below. Wrile your answer In 120 -180 words in an approp<iote stylo on your answer sheet. Check! Hove you: 0 usod paragraphs in your report? 0 considered using headinos? 0 de•>elOped each polnl In your own words, glvf"i} reasons for youridoas? 0 written an appr"Oprlate conclusion? 0 wriuen 120-180 worlls? Writing • Part 2 (report) Test t Exam practice 1 In cooclus1on, .. 2 In tho< roport, I intend to liool al)- 3 Tosum up, 4 In thk rtport, I nm go1ng 10 (talkab®t). 5 On the "'1ole 6 The pcrpeseo(thrsrtport isto. , 7 Finally. . for C1 I 8 Jaimebegins his reportwith 1 cSearintroduction and ends w;th a condusion. Mark 1he phram below wllh /If !hey can be used for an lnu·odu<llon,or C If l11ey are used to write a concfusion. Then~ bKk ait Jaime'sreport ind circle the from the liSI lhat he USff. c With• partner, use some of tM phr•.S4!s to makt rtcol'nmtnd&t>onsfor tht folk»Ying: ~ 'til1ch spans tht school should provideafttr school b vt'l1ch other aher-school clubs the school could s:tar1 e vtllc.h cok>ur I.he school should adopt (01a new Khool uniform d wtlith place ntar tht schoolwould bt btst for an tnd·of·ttrm pnny.
  23. 23. Wridnf P.,. 2 26 I Ttit I Trolnlng ~tt(ly p0opfe dream Of living 1n lhtl;r r1V(Klrite place, amt for IOt'n.tthat ~agewould definitely beby the sea t •Question 11 Having a home 1here certainly has 1k>t to offer. For ln,tance., 11 you live there. yov c•n 90 swimming t.n the sea at ony time and tile healthy walks along the beach. What's more. you can enjoy 11 along wilh the 1ouri1t1, bu11hen hive rt 111 to yoursell again once they've gone home. ( • Question 2) On lhe other hand, we should remember 1h1t, unless you 1re lucty with 1h1 chmete in your country, lho beach is unktetv'<>be watm and sunny all year round tt can bean oioromety cokt and bleak ploee In wlnte<. In adclot>On,you moy llnd lhatyou miss the City. with Its bright igh11end entertelnmenL I • Outttlon 31 Ptrsonelly, allhough I would tnJOY ~ving near the beach onwmmtlllmt. I would 1110 miH everything that 1ho city has to offer, to for me. it might not be the mcesc place to llvo. All in an, I would say I'd prefer to live aomewtlere else rather than the uasede I• Question 4} LIVING SVTHE SEA b Rtad whal a boy called Ralj)h wn>tt lor hi< answ...How ~mllar Mt ho> od.., to yours? Wh•t do you agret with and di"9'ft with in hls answtr·? C!!t Ask )'OUl'ttlrqUtS-llQl'ISit;.( «hew • l>clp pl.. - .. ..,. Qufftlon 1 Wha(1thttapKyou haw towrnt about! Quf<llon2 What art tht good"'"~abcot"""&by th• "'l Quf<llon3 What might be th•dosadv.>nta&" o(livingby th••••! Qu.,tion • Wh>t'1youi ptnoNI °"'"'°"lWould rou lite to liw by 1hes,a? Inyour English class. you have been talking aboul the different places where people can live. Now yoor teacher has asked you to write an essay,givingyour opinioo on the lollowing sta1eme11t: 1h<Ibest place to live 1s by the sea. W(ne your essay. 1 a loolt •t tilt t<am task •ncl answtrtilt lour qutstlon1 btlow it. Td< ">out your answttswith • l)Mtntf". In Part2 there may be a qUe$llon a!.kin1 you to wnte an es~, which • wWly kw yw<tNCht<. Inan """! you. • givt your opinions on a ctt11 n tapeand rtaionsfor 1hos& opinto1u • wntt btt.Vffn120 and 180 words Writing Part 2 (essay) Test 1 Training
  24. 24. Te<t 1 Trllnlng I 27 WrllngP..,2 , I._ _, { Rtmtm~ I '-------' You (#1 ldd +' tdltftK r.'f(# 6 U11: lht WOtds Mid phraiesyou havt lcamt IO dt><ribt lht folowing. d- • - cdd. - T• wsth • J)Mtntr. trrrhng. c(lf')~ Mid. SIMt~ • tr<o<d(II Ylh.m-t~an to 1 a ~mfls ~on tht bt.t(h l a busyday l"I a Cfl)'ctntrt ......., WhichMl~~ '"'"l" whll'tt GfWC 2 a WUlf!f"S d.ty on tht bfJch col&o<•t• neptive - it depends - positive htmg<Clc! sunny crowded remoct hvtly b<9" ighlS peiKeful popular ""' mode<n ¥rCotr4 pollUCt<l piCILX<l(!ut ...., SIOOTiy SllonrW'9 ~lthy superb .... wchon wilcrng doianco S Loolt11lhtWOtdl1nd phr11e1btlow that can be U!td when de«nbong • pl1et. Somt"' from lht sample •nswtr. Decide if they .-e uswlly positivt orntgativt Mid put"'°'" on 1he corrtcl box. If 1hey could be e.111tr, dtptiidong on lht siniation, or your poinl of view. dlen put thorn in lhe It dtf>«HI• box. J • rdfllhfrliw in i) city ctntrethinby the~· • II°"' 1WW11m1ng. I goto the be•clusoftM.,, an S You gn he in lhe tun at the btach.. • you can aofOf a Iona walk. 6 Vou oktn comt across grtatattractlons at w~t te-som Th«t's usually a funfair, _ ~·sst41•I'•••placeto go. 4 CompltR me i«ittnces with words a1xl phrasts from tnt box" Exrrose l. SomeCW'Msmort thanone answer Is posstblt. 1 ll1bIMngby the .,., , prtfertht <o!y. 2 The bfodl an be wy crowdod 1n 1ummf<. --------------·-- -------------··- 2 introduceY®' ownop,ntoo?........- J .dda 1o1mll~ pitct of lnform.-11on 1. on!.~ • MSd a contra"lol pttc• of 1nf0tmalion? - s introd11<•lhtrt~soo for wmtth111g? 6 1nttodU<eant~mpleof somethlns? 1 summ.tt1ie what'sbf.en aid?. Wlli(h ont1 ift U!td 10! 1 intrOductactntra1suuenitn1abou1whatpt0pt.tNnk>.~--~---- mM>y poOj)lt " on " peoonally for instance l"I ~ on lhe 01her hand •nd 2 Loolt 11 lht lour qut11ion1 in Ex•rcise 1 t tgtin.Howdid ... ..,....,. thtm? Clo"' your boolt Mid It)' lo ttmemborwh11Ralph1.iid 6boul •"" que.iion.Talkwith a ....-. l Th<rtttt I number oru1<!ul linking WOtdl 1nd inllOducto<yphr ... s In "-'Ph~ MIS-. They ort in Ille box below. 1nd undt<ined on dle 1ex1. I
  25. 25. Writing P•rt 2 28 I Test 1 ExMn pf<liCtic;e Check! Have you: 0 usedparagraphs to OfV31l<Seyoor ideas? 0 usedlinking~ and introductOIY phrases to help make yoor opinions clear? 0 given reasoos to. ywr Qllinlons? 0 usedwords and phras.s 10< describing things. with advelb$ where Bpp!Oj)riate? 0 checkedyour Spelling end gramma<? 0 written 121H80~ Wnte yoor essay. You have recently had a dlSCUSSoon., your Engish class about places to ive. Now yo.. English teacher has asked you to write an essay. giving yoor ()pinions on the folo"ling statement: Citycenrresare the besl places for 1eenagers to live. C1'aA AA essay rs us.uallywruttn fot a tt« may be •~a Jollow-up 10 I dls,iXWll)' Pouow the insttJ c11ons below. Writo your answo< In 120-180 wools in an nppropriato style on you< answer sheet. Writing • Part 2 (essay) Test 1 Exam practice
  26. 26. Tnt 1 Tr•Jnlng I 29 b WOl1cwilt!•,,...,.,.,Choost ltirtt poinu lrom yourli11Mid idd moredetoil 10 tt~m. 11,.,,f"'" btU..I l('i tWW ' di /l'tillfJI;/ "'lpfJ; 4A.~s ffJ.i'j ti 1"'' 9/n<li IV•tr- <lld)t' ltlff'lt•I ~"'c'l i .,.., : ~1<l'lf,q{t4Ct 1.# l.A..t tJt .!ll:iM i.ot #J~/,f;,l-(4()1.1;;brtf'l u/NJ-t/Citttr-f.J, 11 ""' ..~ r«'f""f~'fi 2.a Now )'CM.Inttd co add son1e dctiil - to ~.q>andon~ m,in points. Look 1t thtst tumplrs: 1 , .. .u.l '~"'· (t1J ""i ff'i#dS IVI t~~·1 .t ...,, llf {t~Jl<t I~ I( lfl(I l"#M 1 ~ ,.. "' '" •41"' 4 ll#t.#t' ( «I 1 (U #I trl~•I 1ltw•'""",,,, ..,a"' '4Jl/41ftJI'...y J lar-a ;J.,J/.JI t.u 1tJI Ad1.d1 t.Wtla~sr6", Cr1¢ Thnlr.: Mlioutwflo you art wutlng !ht .nde for,M)d ll'Y lo answeor • lht ~ 1nrhctak. b Start thonlung .!bout what youcould lndud<"' YGI"°•.- about your l;vountt ..,_,.look••th• oetes below.1hty may g.vt you somt id.,,. WOl1c""'1 • ,,...,.,. and •dd thrtt more poinu ol'/OAll own. Write your article. Artldts wanttd! W.. or• kioLttgfoe afflcS.s obout fovourde'9sSOM01 Khoolt What or• 'tfNf fovourii.S.st0nsot Khoolf WhydoYfN ffjoy 1hemt I• ,.,.,. o~"'u yoo clonhnjoyobo.t It.. lo•-• ..... though ....,.."""',._,.., Wt wl publish lbt best ankle next month. You have seen tho$ announcementin an lfltemational magazine I()( young people In Pat1 2 theft '"If be aqueshon asking you lOWfle anartidf.. In 1111 ¥1dt )"OV' • wi1tt'"•lively 1nd "'&"Bina soyl•. ., tl>f111t1dn usuoily•wn•d at tHnagen • tndude some of your own opnlons In your wr11"1 • wr1lt 120-ISOwordi Writing Part 2 (article) Test 1 Training
  27. 27. JO I r..11 T...... 80it ttt i I 0t • l'Di 'fhC. ~ 1 ~ ..JL-l to "-A.ff tk)d/Ctt.'ip'f at ~'l(ll ~.--t - ( ..C ee .:_'ta,_ ht.JW ,,,,....,._,./~'Jt .... lc.r.~1~..-. ..... r.. ""t ,.~:~ - •~ ~c·~ ~-w..~) x~ W~i ....U.l.S I ~'..C. IC.»c'NI C."}c'jO-Nt ,t....11x:ii i"1l ~ thcl..t 1-tw ;.t~,,... ('~3 °"' #.t 'Wl1Asl Al~ ~· "'' kt• - ~ ----- ... 5 Annauses lht ex~ on !ht nght to grab l:he rtaden interestand !llilkehtr ¥bCk men t)tOting to R!.td. Fnd M'id undertint tM ~ooam'" Anniis al'bClt where thtst rxpre$$ionsappear Then (1)1• iPttt senrenc:t$ 1 ..ausing Anna's expmMOl'din ft ('Ol'Tt'Cl k>rm. 1 I'm fOQUlll:r; bon.., • 1n f•n. It'~ VHY interestrni 2 __ ornot.rrn11Dpd0ted.1ssl J When 1 llnt met my friend.slit 1mmedl.ltely--- a Yf1Y C:h~ul ptfSOt'I 4 Tl><O<le ic.'°" ........ - WiS sport· I coufdn' <tandit! S Ive wlio ...... lmtthop"""I itu"'l"t...,, 6 B<lghtcolouB In•,_, alw>ys - fotl h•ppy 7 Whil mamstun11M>tt1ngootsumsand~ them fi8htl a Alll "rhalrm"'Vcl•d I~ mt1 mynowmo"" INChC!r """oN'i trurq I dorft eopyao mxti II Ill&< ll>ey''" -=-" C.. IDllof tN>dl)Iwhoo Im..- ttrlld. HO'iff'>W. ' ~ jee; JI bl &bie le ~ whilt I'm le'l.""I09c .... ~ }Qt:. t rr.i(Jhteven l «CIDt • IJI09l1IPhYru:hcl Ceoqraphy,. cool! tel!eve lJ er nol, twle.:ml.i!rayl uJed to h.11eat sdx:ICll~ ip,;q...,:t) -~ - ""'f'l9111'1 fn'- l'vt ooIdea eud:y toiir 1 I 1 i IS bJI elll can1;ry.18 a. woW goc: I IX!'W ~andsuddenrfWWW1t:L::fmskm~ l'n1nut~rllf~leld"a Wl:8btd-mfc.~beclcxoe!'er' Bi.It1..$te1Ctler'' 1l+ '1 .aemmd Wl"J!lion•Uy~· ~ l9idy "P- itlld__ _...,..=•01>abolll my-_ Cicbh11 g;Yelmemc:o Ybil milko&the ~ 19!!C.CCR eqoyabMla thal 1'te ~Um S1 I reaL'y eee room ll'• UY and Ji9h1 "thOl'l. ICd 1111 l:ri<Jj'I- on Ihawan.ilw'</5 mol:o""' r.elcheed.tland r•ady"' cc:ric«11r re 4 Now md '"" 1rode a 911 Qlod AnN WIOte for lltt ,_ His MN ..,...,"°all tho ~ In ltw Wk? J Nowmok• ,..,,. ,,.... on lf>r tlltft9$ you don'r Iii<> •bou< lf>r lrs!onl. ~ Vfith i p.JrtMf lflCI .ld(f dnot ~ iclt.1tS IO thew notes. r:,....,,.,."" .,,,,,,""""'"'"...,..,,..,.,.., 11tt: tJit N•I"( / 1"' Ifllfl 'fif "'~4 1 4 '6rfl
  28. 28. Test1T~ I l1 CheckJ Haw you: n de<i :QOCI)'OU'_. .... Uly .. )'OU con? Duooc1...,. • to..-,....- engagng •o""' reader'I 0 checl<.td tmoo.q1 your wort< for <hoMd of""stll<M you Olten ...... 1 D...men12G-•81lwcrdS? Wl1teyour8rticlo Articlesuiant•dl w.·.. -"'9 ""---....,-~ you in~ life. UJhoch """°"do you clwf<Jus holpod ... <ho~ How? W.11 pubi"" <ho best - ,_"""""' You have see11 the folowY1g ~ •nan tnternational magazine fOfyoung people. cTlpl Rt.. ..,,lbt,_,~,."" 4Jit5rlons or lndUde al ft pore n ,,,._ Follow lheirlslructJorw below. Write )'(XI' answw in 120 - 180 words ;r, an appn:)f)Olte style on your answershMl Writing • Part 2 (artide) Test 1 Exam practice ltia.cntmymum..,.,.- - 2 "'Y fnend bCM1 ~ !cl"" phoM. rt'lol..t ast1nc.which - 3 W. lad tocrossually!My .ood. - • W. 11.o 10~ .. N IN!hs ~ ou>Cl<ly wl>lch s Jane lost tr«tnrd ftlNt mob...wNdl - 6 °"'""'""'oold .... -..-"'-· .. -.which --- . 6 AlvWI '1ko UWl°wlhich' to.,. htrHf'lllMett tOfldto • • (W} MWf rncrtft""fCrWtQILIWOICS aboi."f "')' MOit. ~iCJtfi<H boorttd my car(*""< eom.,,...lho--the~ in1ht *·
  29. 29. UM of English Part 1 12 I Tat I Tr-.....,, ~I Sof'neliMd !he pt(1)0Slric>ft)'OU "Ced eo look .i donnt come wntM<11;i;,1y •"" tlf' gollf). CTipl Wl'ld'I )'OU ltam ~~word, write • 11'1 your voc:abAary notebook 'otl'I words lh.c 90 wilh a. e.9-fun - to ~Am; take oH - tM p/oM took olflat~;~/jcv~ - do youbdfie~ NI ,..,.., (Tip! MliWl9 WOf'dl Me ofttn vtrbs, but ltltY t•n Mso ~ n<M.lm, 1d1itell~ «lwrtlsOf Mt pfv 1sn • It took a long timt to..,,,.... s W<*d you l•e cocome 2 Complttt the ltJtl tht corrta fonn of ~ f1om Exttdst I. My mumdOW'I (1) "sptndont a lot of moneyon whit WI•WWMS. Sht (2) to the h.,, P""' ol dt~ll'" ,_ cloll>tsand she dotsn' (J) olMatswiWhlona&ltwmomftlt Thl'.ltom•t.m•s(4) In d~tt:mtntJ at homt' btous.t I low doNi• Inf.KtVitwn I ltavtKhool r-.ito(S) fcraploa .. ra.ho<> .. •dy(6) tow Jrt dubatmyschoG MNfl"ve(7) Inproducing sewral de-sians for outfits.. r'W' ewn (8) to rTittt • jadet b mywH. I di1nk fd!JOO df-sign would be the p«fea JOI>for me be<auleI could (9) ""I <•lent for dfawstg wc.h my Iott of dotht-s. But 1 Viow rt•J a d1fhcult QIHr lo get into and sucas.sdoesn1 Ways (10) __ onty on ta.lent - good luck ts aho tmpottlnt. 3 Crossout dw WfOn9P"PQ$1b0n in t•h seeeeece. 1 I dooit-myowndolhn but mymum always p1ys~ /ro thttn. 2 HlnNh s o&dw1.tJl•r JS• ct.I whosptea)MS g/I an tndliV1 coo:5ng. J Mydad olwoy>'"Y'"I th>t hold~ lt3ds et /ro wccess, 4 Ouri""P'Idub cons.rumI ofpeoptt. of d•fft<tfH 416- s U "°"contJnut ro /{«PfKhW.you1 ttt bttttr 6 lb" dotf.ntnPf p.vhc1~tin1 In /OldrKUSJ.IOl'IS.,. ct.Ms. 4 Complttt (ht SMlMCHWith the correct p(t90Vtl0n. 1 Youshould ltsttft thisCO- It l'Nl1 2 I clonl lcnowhM to cltol -- th.. pn>bl..,, 3 vouunilw.ays ttfy. __ M.v1 - sM'sa gre• lrttnd. - ·- - ObtKI """' SU«ttd ijl .... -"' <¥< ..... b<long - _,.,,.,. 1 to 4 -·--" l on 5 of J "'"' 6 '"' Useful language Verl>s + prepo<itions 1 Wrice tht vt'ft>s with the corrt'd PIC$10sitiou. Some verl>s c.Mt go with mort thin eee pttpos.icion. In this ptirt you: • r••d a teld l'nth 12 PP' • choose &om b.w' optlOn.J (A. a.C. or O} to fil NCh pp Use of English Part 1 Test 1 Training
  30. 30. Ttit I Tr.W.lng I lJ l WNt newt.potu 01 octlvihtSdo you plAn 10 hobby/acltvlly) • TtHmt ~en yourtta1ngtls. . and 111 comeand meet PJ- flot ~ to atnvt) S Wt"rt going to wrv. an t)Cptrlmtnt an our KttnctcWs 1oclay.(todo 1 part.c:IA.v p~ of wotk or t~~~:irch, ttc.) 6 DoVo" th"kTom wlll tum. on 1lm• lorhockey pmtoctl (to oniYt °'appt., oftl<l when nottxptcttd) up 1h• yt•? (10 llMI •- Ihope rh• busd0t<11l bmlk.~.'L 01 wt'N bt '41tfo<""' ma1Ndau Gglhnl (Joimatllit>t.,Wh~I«: to 1top WC<k1ng) When I ~ave school,I want 10 set.... _my owncomputer cames bus"m. (to 11111 °'ntablrsh a com~ny, Ofgani'Sahon, ttMI, etc.) 2 Out t.~ft i.ays wt should. . up nt.,..,.Otdstn our dlC'lt0narJH.(to ftnd "''°'m•bon by lookl"I In • book) up tarly on Khool d<ty<7(1o gft OUI olbfd) 1 Wntt nouns which c•n go with tach of thtst verbs. ca1cll tHp hold 6 Choost tht vtfb from the box whld1 goes witJ1 e.c.h group ot noun'" Thtn add mort nooos 10 the groups. I 10. shopping, runn1ng, skiing ,,... 2 10 a pany.ful •shower,(enough)lunt to do ""' l IO photos. lh• b~ an tlCAm lptnd 4 IO. football, an lnstrumtnt. ;i trick. on Omtont go s 10 money llfllt (doing 5ome1h1ng) play 6 10. __ at1•:wn,apentoso1neont, thebaU(in football) ..kt m.akr do; homeYtof1c ~o/iomeont u.. of En9hfl PMt 1 Useful l.1nguage Phrasal verbs 8 Complttt 1he phrmlverbs.Tl1edeRnilions OI 1he e<ld ol eodl ~ttnet wil help you. Ex4mplt< Doyou fond It d1fllcult to .... 9et a lob OOl6 a differtnce .,. walhlng up a mistake your b6t )"OUt" hall'I matt-up a face al somtat'lf ~ ., P..c I. IOf'f'te Mtwm ft com<I - llwy ...... ""' ol""""""' - lnonds I no11t Useful l.1nguage Verb conccauens S Wtilt the noun phttstson tM c0trtctline bl!!low.
  31. 31. Use of English P•r1 1 14 I Tm 1 Triiining 3 a If you _ to be btt f0t ltsson.s.-,iou11 be stfll tothe htad tt~hetf b Pttut. httt and WAil uni.I Ult tt.l(heranMS. c SCudfntswMltht Khoo&to lht lunch lO minutH1$ tooshott. d PSt~ don't. ~' I told you. it I StcrtlI b ~boon...,,.,,lot HMty ,... ,. .. but h• .,_,. yot. e I myltalt ~lff to ~on htr first~y. d ~ ~ _LMwnt school 1o1nc1 sht w.utltwn. 2 a Lack of YHp u. with towltwk of concftltration. b Nobody an get~re in umetostllt at6 p.m~ solet's. 11 ull 6.30 p.m. c Lessons start at 8 a m. Md they at 2 p.m d 1'hty hM dKIC!td to off1M ruPf m01cll bt<au,.111• pitch 1uoowet a Tht a.rpon hos dt<odtd 10. allfto#>u bKouSf olm.bad wta1~r. l'ocus M~aningsof verbs 10 Fol 9fOUPof four ~ttntts: (.a-d). choose tht Con'Kl verb from rht bo>t '°'each g..,. u.. •ldl Wfb one• only. 9 @ COl'l'Mt one mas.tlkt"' tKh or~ s«ilmcts wnttM by exam candidates. I Whtn I Wflt on t~ school ttip I made lots. of photos of myfrliends. 2 11~come., my town. ytM.t ""'JIsee it ts a be.wt1ful pb<e. J If yoJ'rttwtd. 11·,Ntd IO conctntratt and you do a lot olmlltikfl.. ' 'ftitttdllfwt Y*>lttd the S<Jtnct MIMUm in,.tnd of Nking sliopp1n1. S In !htott.<noonI si.ytd IWO houn lo"'1na 10my ll'od 6 Thttit JSn"t tTMKh tme to h.lw s1ghtstttng. 7 EW'l'JOM who toolt ~rt. to tktt l.nguigt: tOUrw was giwn a quest1onna1r1ill thetnd. I How oft~ do you praictue sporu? t Nowadly wt dtptnd o( tt<hnolo1Y.Wt ant l1vtW1th< It. 10 Altn f'VtmAdt myhomtw'Of'k, I h.iw 10 http with lht washing up. a TV S1"1g1ngcompetition? {tobe a partk:lpant) In • hulf form (to •dd 7 If youw>nno havt10 inbmabonto a bm /.an offic.aldocumtnl) I 11 Sabtne doesn' arriw soon. rm going to. up waiting tor her. (to stop domg -«Mel ' 1 alwlyJ foowotd to !htsummtr holodoys (10 ftt4 l?CC11ed •bou1 icmtm111 1ha1" '°"''10 Npp<n)
  32. 32. Test 1 E11trn pr•ctke I 1$ UJe or Englh.h P•rt t following term. The s.tudents and teacherswere so pleased with the effect they vote-cl lo (12) ··-·-lo start a1 8.30 a.m. the wna1 ttst <fid tht r...arche<t tnd out? lhe percentage of 1tuc.fentt who sakl they wtft unhappy dropped from 65.8% 10 45.1%. They at10 fetc mQfe positive abovt &e:hool end. 1>9c:ause of thi$. thty (10). -·- mort of tlltir IMSOM and they (11) . ···- moce p1ogress. lessons. to tloop tor more than olghl hours por night rose from 16.•'K to 54.79' during tho study. Tho roso1uch0f1 who (6), .Ou1 the study claimed 1hat s1uden1s needed to (7) .- ........ around nine hOlHSa night sleeping. This amount ot slffp (8) ···-- th~m to function property d1.ring the day and, in, to (9)·- . on !heir The &tudents all t•) . -~ l.n o questionnaire both betore and alt« the s1udy. The number of them who (S) ... Over 200 students aged between 14 and 18 took (2}. _ .... In the study at a school in Rho® Island, USA. Aathec- trian beg nning at 8 a..m•• th•y (3) .....- lhe start of lhe school clay by halt an hour (1..t. unth 8.30 a.m.). and mOOd of students. , In improvtd atttnhon 11 tchOol ttartllm•t hOS ahown that a lattr '""' c11n (1) , A1Mly which (0) . The magic of sleep olA B c~ .:a - c;:I i=- ~~- O walclled c researched B looked o A revieved Example: (!1pt.1 L001c ac the bdt and read qukkly through !he ~ tt:XI. Skldy lhe YIWds ~fort ..-.d aft~ ~&eh 9'P R.c:.ld .111 the optiOns ¥ld eess(XII the wordi ~ MC wrong. Thtn <Nost from lht rtm.t•'*"'9 (IC)C~ f·tj§lj,p 0 ~looked Cat~ lollown/ byOI For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide wlliCh answer (A, B, C or 0) best lits each gap. There ls an e.ample at Ille be1Jlnnlng (0). Use of English • Part 1 Test 1 Exam practice
  33. 33. Use of English P•rt 1 16 I Tett 1 Ex•m pr•cticc 1 A develop 8 lead C result D follow f·§('hip I ~OM" of~ word!' II 2 A place 8 posttlon c piece D port __...., 2 11'11 ii 0 bf'd ~ll(nSfJOnthat ..,. plllk~r l'o~ll WOid 3 A posiponed 8 stopped c put D cancelled JOlld: bat dtr$ rake "' th4 ......,, s ..,...,,Q/~ W'ffaJ" 4 A compleled 8 finished c answered D filled /ol!r.wt<dby to • ~~ • Kofwh wt&~ Mtlt {Hit 5 8 managed c .cl>~ D arrived to~ h phrasol.-etb Mot A sue<:eeded ""°"" •,,,,..,,,,(II do7 • ~,,.Q ' •younttd 8 A sel 8 '"'fried c dealt D based IOIDot• Miit r<on~ ' ... .,,,~ Olk!t~Jl(f), 9 ~ q:itlOI) gen..,.. IM 7 A lake 8 pass c spend D last "" $ ' .,, ~~gt.ft' ,, ,,.""'°'<olo<.ofe"Jwith .,..,.,, 8 A enabled 8 let C ensured D rneant I Z 7>lnt'""°'1l ~ 1MC1Nf19 ol ...,.""° 7ht10 • ilfnflW lomt~IMgap•ciJoo~ 9 A think 8 consider C remember O concentrate 10 A euended 8 appured c aS$0Clated D accompanied 11 A took 8 did C mado D wont 12 A repeat 8 continue C remain D extend
  34. 34. Td I Ti'olnlng I J 1 r._.,,.,,,_. I ...d'..ridt#wl mua "W¥ Mused ' ltlpl - ....-- ...... - f&d fwt lltKI'9i'lf'I ID dW'dtII -- ......., 'lb.!'1bt .-d mainly 0n grammar --~ ol lf'Wo"1(1 ·~ wordl cai lnctuck: pq;cJite:•>. """°~and~ -Al- ~ mat tlSO bt ~on ~ .. ,, • Pll1I 111 plw..wl ""11&.Wii9 cxpresions aind 1)ril'b ..__ ti~ n 'iftitrt•n dur co •>wrl ,.. 10 n to "' ~?Ac of the f.-:t th.)I WP dKlded tostay at hom~ beatuseof the tt*f 'A'father. 2 d wu 10 ump.n1. dont ro.pc co Ult ,,.. P"'C bop In- IOlocs <II warmclothl!'t J Juanwe-nt on the! «h()()Irr1pewn U..'f'ttMwatnt,.....wd 4 Megridesher b•ke to school "' ordr1tosa't'f ~on bus We. S My ""'"' "Y'y<>uca• com•ro. 1,,.._11my-..lul1rif ('(OAlll mum says It'sOK. 6 Aldttt I• a fll'tl.Sllc Jlnicr. bvt h11 yovngtr t!Sttf hAlintTMiC. l Complete tilt 1.. 1 W<lh ~live""""""" ln>m U....,. I. SoitMltOt... nlOf't dian one relative pt'OllQl.ln Is possiblt. Sean Spoonet and Louis Speocer art two young pec>p6t (1J _ --- h""' ...,..,,1yboon"'med cht ""'Ill~""""'pub!"'- The Sl<mdlty school>Wdonts.(2) i,.t pul>1>h ng poojo<t..... _,...,, lo<al peopl• ·• lht tov.n (l) - they Im, "Y 11.11 O!f)' Nvo ~ had11oWforbu>lne1> (4) lhey.wwd tho~...-. (5) now attracts apptOY•m.1tPIV S.000~ ~ Ndno 1f10N1f for .... P'•JOCI Thry hAd lO find loc>I ~ (6) ~ -- willinR '°~to adverti'iein tht magnine. PeophooftM &drdw ,..,... (7) Seanand LOu1 th1rikthfy'w btlf to tuctmt11. S.I W!llWlff ts that they study media, business and pf'totograP'ry at school - sutJsecu {I) h>•• h•lptd lhlm In....,,wodc°"w ._ Useful~e Linkingexpressions l Choosea linking expression from h box that I'm dw SMT11P rrw111in9 11 the WOfdsIn lufics In these senttoett.. 1 • 1)1><> • ~ 2 a person S a rff:Ctl ] I lt'I ng 6 l lirtif Ina de.ming Ma~ deuse,what oche'wont can be used lor boChpeoptt ond lhl"91l Completo lhtM wmpltL the<tudoPnt ·--- -· bU>lt the air;the Qr - _ Jot> bulll Umullanguage Relativedau~ 1 tn relative clauses.which of the words in the box ere used to dtscri>t- lhf lhlngs b<low1 In d'li1 part you: •rad atextM.th12g.aps • tl'llnll o(•word whith fil i ttch Pl>COlr~ Use of English Part 2 Test 1 Training
  35. 35. u.... - ...... JI I-·- - 0 (0) .l.lj_ -. plo<:o lO wti< Mywhc.•I<,.,,.,_. m'1M !rip• mt, my Pl<Mb,1nd (1) - _.,...,_ (1) ol•-·-----and(J) - Ito my tw n W•dd IO,.~ thinp In iud'I(5} - thorl 11r'ntl Wt Mint i•shtJftttlllft 16) - d"" Pl .....,.,. ""'"' .. (11 -11:. iftWd•........ -·,,,. T>j M.lNI I. ~ ~ tDtecn peep.~CM tourIJ'0'4l.(91 cl us hid~ bftn IO lndsallrtctt. 104-(10) --lto<flof (11) cllA W. ... <unyand rlC.(12) clllV.and_...., l100 ..... O._lood....,(IJ) ~llid ·•- (14) __ .. hld_ ..... d Th••-""'1115) """""""°'~_,_ -·'1ll0poooiecll161 ... 7 @ Cross out tht wane won:1W'I l'htttse••ta1CWS "'"'*'t,,....n C11 a ,nn. 1 f'o·1. 4/iCWflrlfJOdlWMDlill~~~lsetJ'l)ll 2 The food WI myo::u1trr tlt't /ItVtf'YClthcKXA. ) Afmitmbrr IO br-.,• I ant I tt:' )Ii with you 4 9w •'Tiwecl """.a~ ft""MImar 1w110 """""2 actic--.. CMr1!r.,....,, old. S Ever')'em" I )'f&l'l lht ni.wnbtt't!~ stud•ntsatmy tdQ)f ha ilo e1 ' l.OuKl'doft'il ..... .,,/ .. lduwtMl''M't'l'Cwttltwcu;1; ... 7 I coc.Jdn't rad•twfatl'IA!neWll.)Vf'ittenon the po5tf'I b thr ~ • Ptoplt "' 6 I m /Qi I ' above 1fWftp '°°lnUCh.. AU SOM( Useful i.....,... ~ quonllfittJ Ind ~ltiliWiln 6 C4"'4)iwOl tho - ol 1 "°'""I'WI lndi. wllh _,. ,,_ tho - You wil Med ........... ,,....""'°"'~ w.... "°"~ ...(NlfTALS, the world 2 Tt. lWliOSILldlir'lts dldded 10M't•mapzinf' ._.... ~~.._,beentriter~ k't bus.nm. 3 You P'Obabtt-• - _.. Lo<>ts •nd Stam rr......,. - Y"" ... ir ll><lt,__ • :hoy --- ""pojoa ""'~.,., _,... S They'fd C'.10i•4*111111"a:hfttiw 11 thrt m I t • lhfyaMdwn DMtnCWll!'y: 6 ---"'"1'w-very"'""""' S Com~N ......._.~WICt'l littk1nof'll'f)f1ta1«1tlrorn~ 1tnd2. I<• .•. ..tlorilonly-Y"""dd•••!l•SaoW.tol ""I 1111t-.hC>pliercompo!·"C"' wtnd-.111..,.dw• af"4 (1) - htt ap ll'd ....,._ sbl hn *-"wonW'W'lrll COnpr!'onl M t'IOmt .L"'Kt lbroild. 5ht blic.arM nwol'lftl !ri 1h11 port MO yHf1 ICo (2) htf f•thtr. .who Ml - & WW ' .... .... I lor_., ._,., ,_. ...... I""""-<an II"" l•f{J) .. ~Viti&•It""~.,."*" 11 Mm«. "dlflniWy M _,..,.,. Shi .,a eoI~ r """' .... (4) incttawtwl!rlfW!h.ldhtklttUlhll (S} t.htcoollftuHIOlftlnh•rd lhtw .. .,._...,_ ....--""'(" ,,,.•.....,.,...,..."*""'"....- ...... into th11Nhonll youch tumtoOn. • Choose (he O)fY'KI W9'g $ Ci from ltle boll II) tu44*k ,_. WiikliKVi about dw a.o la.detCs °"Piii' )7 who st.Amid • ~ so tt11 unlfts DW1"9 II> btOuW d~··· IDg!!her .....
  36. 36. ,• ,,.. • PiJl1ol0 w,ng ('APl't"llllOlt """"1:lt ~ ll'ttt ~ o/lto «P(Ull(ilfJ ,s ,,,. •• WOl'fl "'°'~ (0 -- , • ~ OfdWtlt. pm o/ ct 6*'9 up , whtdt h)ftJf'fl ...... I 7 11'¥u:ntWtU ~OS ~Ill nnf'(f ~ M YofJnittt/ IO 44:di Nlill ~ tnirGVIS' ol~ l("A f#fNWI... ~ "The: ~('_.....,..,,"""' --h<-/IM""'f ~ ""°'9 '1utfOd' «tM srcrr "'*nm'MWJ'«,,..,-~ ,.~~·-~/flt~ ,,.~ ~ AnlW ~WOid beb'" h gqp s oims lf tAM ~ #t fM Jft'Vftltt. •"*"' - ,"'°°"""'"'.°""" (OI•• H1IO ftOMWllwllll".lt't 1·tli113J Useof tngltsh P1rt 2 ___ as 10ha._..N ,ight to companieshavt' pates to sp<>nSOrtl'l• car C20) U$$ Joe's ideas in their products. Harmon is conftefen1 his cat coutd last (21) V«Y loog tme: •n spite ~a-2). 1he f~t that ifl m.cle fromwood. However.yov pn)bebty wouldn't wcru to ieow the C4• parXOdin the strHt (23) dl'f long "' WIOltf. Also. rr ih• Cl! caught fl,., COMldtrably (24) of" wouki bl damaged thnn It tl'l• aame lhlng happened to 1 notmll ¥thte•. of WOJking and 10 find (19) Hafmon de11.gned sno butl1 1he ce• for a pro,.ct 11 unjvtfS!'Y 11 wn (17}. hl1ltu1nuon to ~r1uadt ~pit Ult wooa ii lhl Dllt ,.,.*91 fOf mak./ng ca11. Instead, ht toys till elms C18) to dtWIOpntw ways The hl·tech cftl In 1he plc1ure k>oks llke from tne future. Dut n."I 1ctuaUy ju11 made (0) of WOOCf Joe H1r1non. tne min (13). Otvetoped 1no 'Splintor'cai. elllrn1rt could.,,...., at OV'lf 3ISkM per hour. Harmon carried out tots ot expenments (t.-i) order'° buid as (15) . difft-rent pat1s of Ille car as possibe US#lQ wood. This mcludes tne bOd)'WOfkand ee frame. as (16) . assomecompoMntsofme wheets. A car called 'Splinter' Example: @) I0IU ITI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I c~look• lht wotdlbdott M'ld .aer Ud'I gif). ..-.d wy• dtadl!' ~ bid of word you nffd. I you hi* kW'.-words could fil, wy tKh ~ M'ld see 1Jlillhd' ~ seese You ""'nttd (0 ft~ fw wtitimcts bttort #Id ,,..., ,,. .,. iliohch CIOl'IU!I' l'lt " For questions 13 - 24, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word ineach gap. There Is an example at me beginning (O). Write yoor answors IN CAPITAL LEITERS on your answer sheet. Use of English • Part 2 Test 1 Exam practice
  37. 37. Use of English P•rt l CTipl You'I Mtd 10 fOfm d1ff«tn1 l)'Ptt °'WOfds, t.g. noons ~onr - mpOtfOt>C'ftldjt<lrvtl (C'/fOY - ~J¥0Y(lt.l/eo), yf'tb~ (~ - °"9''""), actwrb> (o<tuol- «t~ eic, 4 Complete the s~1Hencts with 1 wOt'd termed front the word ln br&ckets. The suft'ixesyou need are in exer<ise3,) Exampl~ For ttiy birthday. I'm going lo a ~.~~{fasl1ion} fl'Staurant. My best birthday present was a really -..-(uend) ~ket. 2 I don'tpl~y1h.nt game nny111ore bta1u$t it'sso.-····-·- (chlkli l I have a good . ---·-·(relalion}with my brother. 41 He's such a. . .. (chter}person - always~m11ing and lo..ppy. ·'1 "1blt -ed "Y ·llA -meu -ky •Ship ·al ·Isl> Exan1pl1 11>ou9l11 'thougl>bfll.. 1 drink 6 ongin 2 want ·--·- 7 excite ·-·-·-- 3 obvtous ·-·"'" 8 setI 4 mood 9 friend s hop. ·---··- 10 na11onat ·--··-·-- Useful language Suffixes 3 Add a iuHht lrom the box to the words below to 1nakc anolhC!r wMd. dil- n1ls· uu lxo.mpte d9U't . d.i649!'..~.• do 4 unde1st1nd 2 approve ,__,,,,_ s like 3 behave 6 in.stall ·- -- 2 Write the opposite of eese verbs using the prefixes in the box. use efdl prefix twi(e. Ull- ir- im- in· E,Kampl4! lmpotta111 """"'°'~ 1 P<ltltnt s obit 2 mature ·--··-·- 6 COl(Cct ·--·-·- 3 respo111blc 7 Udy ·-- 4 complete --·- 8 retevant ·-·--- Useful language Opposi!es 1 Write the opposite of these adjectives using the prerixts In lhc box. Use each prerixtwice. In this part yOtJ: • a textVllh 10gaps • form lln "'>prop1i~lf WOfd for tach sap from lht WOid in capi1.t1l ltlttfS Ill !he end of the hne Use of English Part 3 Test 1 Training
  38. 38. 1"11 - I 41 r-iib<iiJ twA)Y+ly. ~ riiurt • y • injlM)' ICM + It)' • .af¥ity u................ , • Now ...... - _,,.,,,thevttl> M!ploy. 1 -(~A penCln v-ho 8iWSyou 8job) 2 (neut• pmon whowatkss.omewhere) 3 '""""' • (._iw ......) 5 - fad,«lJW"".""""'""" .....job) 6 _ inegw.. odjectNe lo<a penon doesnl "- a)OO) 9 Choost one« M:lft ol lhlw- YffbS 1nd by to build as ,,....., Mf'ds ts )'OU tin. USof I ...... , DO """' you, 0 corrrpro: IIOf'I • 3djKl... 1 "'"'- b noun1111 M<wJ 2 C:Oi"!'lptCttM c ·- 3 Uftl:On'IC)lll!Yvt d novn (a Pf"O'J • COl'hpirt1t'*f I ,.t~adjtc1~ Useful language Word families 1 look 11 lht - - "°",.,,lomi f1<1m U1t ""'1> co ; 11 -•--1-WM!s 1··S wldl IYl'f'cl-...i. Useful langwoge Spelling changes 6 Somft1mes """' ft' ~ chinges whtn )'OU Jdd • ..._to•WOid. Put Ndi word ..S wfh LUgdlIE:rcomake a newword. 1 hilPPV • ~ • 6 sense 1u~ •~ 2 bet. ·r · ful • 7 (Dm~tt • ban• 3 1lcty•lr• • lun•v• 4 natui. • .t • 9 5-un • y • 5 oeeee - iyp. cl- is mming Si sentences1-S (loo - «Li Th<n ~dwm-lht~ '"'"' ol lht- intncbts. Exam.., '"'*do,..tttp., m.1 o•d wood.ul , oodl..,.> 1 loow P••P'"'Y 1lu< {child) • ti·• bo 1 t of )'Ollt l!t. 2 ,.,.you__ -C<>n1ha-kendl l Itk _~"'°"""that reggaemu~ic Ol!f1l!S "romjatNia.. 4 Whoart~fivour:te_ --f•n)? s wtw.l 15 tfw, ,. 1,h) or. baby elt'phant~ S Don't burNCO b Anni bec;1use s.he dot'ln't ~)lb ••P music.
  39. 39. _...,,....,...,, ~ WhMyou'• bind.,..,_, fUd ~ ... ~ .,.._.,, llc!iK p •. ., ......,..,.. d the' ~ind CkJa •I ril ••••·. •;?ror~ t6r ~mud ee pcllt:W (With' all ·tr ..~t••P'ft•l ~ G..,j tic>"'"Cari - ~ « olt'l'bl could bt Pil" 1'nSt --~ 1#6119 tnd • wtttt of monty, 1n my~' IN 1)4) _..... r.mte1t--'25t- .onTV. Sfiel'9C9nttylddtd'de91gw'totw ~ll!Olca} - _.c.n·.... ..,.,..,.,.mogm........, Want to be a teenagemodel? I I I I I 111 L ,........~ °""'~"'"""'Ni~ - 11 (.A( .n:'(/!i ~ (lfp .....,_,_ JO M fftf flllWIJ'OfK/)l'Of'OS itrlft1d )W IO "°" 0(1f ~ l'l'W'CrW9d tt -- J, i!B~ 1.1!!fa~ ~ ,,_.,,._, JI~ :l"l"~b.rl~ ..,_ JJ ""'111&106 tior £ielt,"'SJ ~~'""~~ i,,,'11s* ,_flt.,;..~ - • • • .-'Id OIA 1111lilt-.. Yt..l dat'I hwt IO~ ~...ard. ~ JQU .., •• ifl • flP.- mid"" liltollf se: ".l'f'ltt c.,,.,. ~ • flt _,.. M'M nl llt« ~ 01Pto .......---~-,.............. ---- Forquesllons 25 - 34, read the text below. v.e the WOtd gNeli ln C8?(tats a1 the end of some of the fines ID lom•word tlat lilt In the gop In tht oame lint There • an example al 11>1 beginning (0) Wnte )'CU1' answers IN CAPITAL LETTERS on your lftlWWthMt. Use of English • Part 3 Test 1 Exam practice
  40. 40. Test 1 .,,....., I 4J [;.of(1191... ,.., • 2 Son'IC' ~'t>s <Mt ee· t t d by tid'ltr .;ttg or to + infil'MllY~bul thtft • • diange In mQnlf'lg. look .. lflit ~ and. with 1partner. try to wmtt out the diff~ in me11•19 in "1Ch Pi'f° otstntt:nas. Exampf« a I rt 111t11libtr ~ rnygronanv.a. '"'I remtmbtr(now} N f ...wd ha{muwP""I b I ruac••butdh>Vdlf ~9fa1'dma. • J rwd«J io 'l'lflf '*W f d"*' r krgtr ., do .. a rw tn•d 13 aprn tN wn:tcwbt.tl1'1,tuct b I tnt d operq lht ..:ndow buC 11·, t1tl vtry hot in ktrt 2 a AftttW trli...,. MSSIOIVWy"wtrl °"ta pl.iy a prnPf' ""''ch. b 'Thrtt of theta.,,~ ee pLayircalterthe rereeee hid blownM whistle. 3 a I tpgret to tel 'IOI.I d'iit(Of'JCtn rs ean«'lled. b I regret tellin& you i;r.e. concert a can~ beclust l'M)W you ..,.. very upset 4 1 H•W<>rVdfor .,, to. ll'ld Wn 'toppcrd to Nw.a btwk. b Ht Ntd'5 tO copNvfnCtO maniy-t>rtllk clvtlnt the ct.y 5 • Vou nftdto--1>1•••..••thyw. b l'ou• pl>olw nllldl dwlfni IVerbs• ·Ing and to + lnRn•M {rwO ch&np in meaning) pli<I proml.. dday - """""" """"' """' - ,.. - ••n - a.. ..,.,....,. •'fotd - - ~ + to• intinJtrw ._ lnlf'nd ~nhh "''""'° pttfct Useful ling~ ·mg ond to +infinitive 1 Son1e vtfbs lll't fol ed by -;ng «Idtotnt •rt folowed by to + in&llbW:. (,... Tht uw ol -ng or1o + .,,,,...,. c Others an botfolowtcl~ bod'I -IngInd to + lnflf1i~w1h no ~ deM lt$1ed In Part 4 in meaning. Write lhew wrbJt.ndtr' the correct hedi~ In this part you: • rud ti1h1 wntmc:n • rewril• ttw~ ~ t'-word 1n ci.piul lfttffl se tNt your &llfM'tn h.- • timllr ITM'il"lti"l-f Use of English Part 4 Test 1 Training
  41. 41. 44 I T ... 1- O ~up~ a. make sure" ptf'SOO is OK andhas what they need 1 led torwa_!ID '-.._ b chink ol1n1dQ°'a pUl-n l CDfftl' up ..o c clinr 'rom bt•na a chlld to an adult J tum "I" (.rJ d u-;· ·oo' e.& to an inv1ta:tlonor offer 4 loot it:tO • dYngl' ordMIOP and be(Ome iQlflt,hlnc d1fftttnt S nm oA d f MTIW" "'iPl)W' 6 put up wf!h 1 bf PC1ted a.bout ~e~mg dat'1aoinato Nppen 1 b*-. Jw.~ d h lttfPl Of tolerate somtth1naI •CM1ltOl'ltun~'' I IUl1ldowtn i bf&'n a ;ourney 9 wt ofl j llif upI h.wtnom~ ol ,_om".'1~""1 ~ p., 4 ~ riea: ,.... ~··"""'for..... ' htd fl(pt(Wd " Illbit • bl hltOrf IO lind °"""":'houw: MUCK • wm tl"lldt frdliet"Nit rd~ '°find Calelk" ~ CTI" r... -- .. -n:~(t.9.1)1' .. odi....... """"""' -l lh•llrt~ 1>¥1or• • inhnr.i.. ~ Useful language ~verbs $ MotdlprM -1-10--•19>1-4<. 2 TNt was boOlcrwner reed J My.,....ob•WUY' - l'OUP' m.-yoyb<a>me. 4 ~...,_is1Dhlld·O'•-- lptik.nglt S JONIii-- ~ r. cfimbinc- rm ooly a btfmer ' Thi 11......,. 1 -Id bo. 1 did"'' i..ush on<t 1 I 'Ht I ddaboul mymatM test- thanlcsfor helping me! I f -fl ..- ~ • -ry wett t can af'otd one Mw """' bell« tNn W matt di!icult!Nn not_,;, .. Mny H ' aartw• Usdul langW9e C«r4)ami-m ' Complelt dw ~Witt tht op s.ons tor c.omp.wl«>nin mt box. J @ O-lht<Drft(l-•""'''"""'-·· 1 thett's no porf'ft ~ /ID'Miil for hirn atry Songer 2 Somt~Qtlt be bod'lind ~I ro•I~ to W'IOOI. l ft' worth Pctr19/ io Jll u ee '""1tbecaMyoucansee a lot betttr. 4 They wttW ~ Nbbllh IWI',wtlc•t wli'lout car1n9/ to cart at 111 ~ To.- u..0-.11'1 ponlbl< fOltlf/IO 90 thoppong II ••iht 6 Vtt art~ for 1ootir'9/IO look after the en¥1t0nment. 7 It no""',,,_.,/ IO,W-""" • ta mobilo ..,,~""''""I 8 K ..,_..,..pc1-. <hid<.,, ,,...,,.1.i..1y btm9 /IO bt good 9 My,,.._,,........ffd UO- imd•"9 /ID lmd mt "'°"'I' 1o Let foo.B on ee Nrwe inttllld of Ui1t1.t11ng/ cotNiil about the P.' .t 11 I~ to ·-· f"'ff ~I amca;>mleof '°'rig Ito do wtlt iltschool
  42. 42. .a I don~ hove enough money tor a blrttidey ~nt f0t her. AFFORD I her a birthday pteSenl 41 trs the cap1ai-,·sjob to motivate the team. RESPONSIBLE The captain _ __ the tMm 42 Joshua's In a bad mood today, so don' bcthe< to ask to borrow his laptop. POINT Ther&'s _ _ Joshua if you can borrow his laptop as he's In a bad mood today. 11hfkll ptvmol wt'O """''"' liotd"1t -a~ (cn4( 1"141 l'll!ln fo ~ IPtftontT "')'#lfl ''" hf'lorro IJlf'~ k'fl )Q'.J ~II~· '111'f'f/rtJ ~ mf wm "'" .,.,,,i: '""Jl'I lk mrr4J OOrw1rwurJ am.:.,.' ~ Jl.'Ofd t'l'.l'llf'f I~ lf('fJrJ¥-"""""",I" 9 f# 11 kJN« rnr fOTM r-11 tt ,"'1tltf( ytl(f) tJrlo'r (tllorrt And which ....ti form~ aflord, fJ 1:'1111$ an,.,,,.,.~~" 'flf'O"I lrJrut "'°'111·or ti~ not ll good itlPO. ~ trf'IJ<N'P ,tJlrMlpoMt I/I /fll C'~,) _Collum Max•• 35 Jonny hes no •ntentlon ol joining the tiookey toom. INTEND J"""Y - tht hOekey team 3e CDt ""' Muoi· che- tMn they ut9d to be. NEARLY COs11t not 01 tt>oy used to bt. 37 'rm ...,...,nowond t cen look ottermytell,' sold Holly. CARE Hotly Mid thll she could now that tht'I 1lxtotn. 38 Plpp.'1 ""'""" had plennld to visit Osnmml< hot year but In tilt end they ""''odPonugal !llstttd GOING lnalttd Denmark this year, In tilt tnd Pippa's po>rents ... tad Portugal. 39 Callum doesn't runas fas1 as Max.. FASTER w.tte only the missing woros IN CAPITAL LETTERS on your antwor shHt. For questiOns 35- (2, complete ttie second sentence so that it a sirnilar meaning to the first sentence. using the word given. Oo not change th• word g.lven. You must use between two and five words, onclldtng lhe word given Here '' an example (0). Example: O Our IChc)oj sports dey ls hold at the on(I ol the summer term. PLACE Our tchool lP()rtl day - .. at the end of the aummlf' term. The gap can be I lied by the WOfds 'tol<os place', so you writo: Use of English • Part 4 Test 1 Exam practice
  43. 43. 46 I T"t 1 11-alrq A ptaud th1t 11wtnt JO well a g:ratefiJl for h.s brother's help c tel1twd ts All OVf( A IO <tihom wNUht~......, dOl"I B tothankhunf0twmethlng C to1f'll'l1thlm1oa.o~ A o. I bus 8 In. boOhhop C at hcwne A I CUStOt'l"IH B 11Mp u.sistant C aman&gtf We'l evf'l'VOC!I!10lid nit "1r Plf!y was I grte& ,uccrss, tMJtrm no·~· Imnn m,broth« offtred to be .,..~d tlW ~but:~ iw _, and pbo!<d_,. ml:"f...W "'4 Still at ,•.., , _, bo _, _ parlY tor.w1'lt now I W'~ redy ~ befOff f'o'9YQT1t an1vtd. kl bt hone£! 4 You - a bo'lIAb>C - '*-' boMdorpony How does hf ff'tl abOUt t l"JOllJll'? 3 You nw a fl' c:ailodSophea5rc • ~ Whyb Soplll<"'"'I"""' HI. Mo otl Sopt.< t&-11d h) A'/ 1 "'4 a great ttm~ Ind I~~ all VOUf htlp Wt ""ust mHI lo;) lpl."l la:Of'! """'°'11 :he~c.aJC Hl low,.IG""s""..i1' bouJhlapa>tbool from i.Nt new stort 111 XM1 Then on thrwty ~on'.<'I rt.ili1td '' wrm ant 1'0'fd 1 rndy ltm me' 5o ri:g~gtotiMd'lis or-.e ~ totbP boo~fotiop r~onl'!TYW"f.,_.1"CM' rwpt goton~ buS. "you~ n .,OU..,.,..,to ll'f'fl up SOfT'lll'Wi'wR?Gl mt 2 You hear a 1111 a~ a~ athoppitt trip. ~· 1$ $he l"IOW? Ttii'I mWc shop''I t>ttn ~ fO( yea:"S - so r.rr "'"' - ... ""'""" wd IOCOOW he« wtltt".he w:t<; .,ot¥1gotf io bJ!(bis t'PC:Oftk_ Yy b04'" YffY•Cl "'""'~· r.v.'-' 1'<t• on Satu~d.lys to t1mm'K'fsome ~for 1 newb•~I t R•ld th... ~ olm '';' d- ...-,. •nd ._-d"'ll extracts. for NCh qursbCll'<hooM: tht o:im<l ~ from the lhrH options. Und<.tinf ft-., lho-thM11M )IOU ft •.-. 1 Youliear$0meonf talbngabol.t&muli<. "'°P- Who I> tho~l cTlpl took art1urt•teeopCionl" ttCh QuPVi"WI. IO.,._.,_ ~n~lhan.. In this part you: • llsttn 1ca..;1 lhor1 r«D1..i-o, 'widt lld'ff ont Of MO peoP't spe1lun1 • answer a mu t:ple-choi«'~ wcth chree ~for ffdt r'tCIOrdlng • h•at tM:h rlfCDl'dinciwli:r Listening Part 1
  44. 44. Test 1 'ft"eil'q I 47 Lht 1 •ISi P.-1 1 CTip! lot* carffllty• the quHtlora.This Ids )'O.I ""1o d ialking ..W eltldf -Nhll infom.K.ion )'OU are listening "" 2 Look It the- options bdow. A boy is two bicydes. ""'' - ""Y' ... """ of- "'' Ol)tions? OX10Mthrt(Otf'f(tamwerfor Midi ant A anNS•« IOridt • I}In noc to dl1'ia. h lltl ride.. 111 ltt ~ d1ITla,,ltto ridt I 11~ rni.Kfl f<11tjlot • ij "' tpood " ""' ...aood Ii) ~W'I Solt I hit(h« (PH'(I C tt ftOf'e comlorttble • I) lt'Jbetter llO s1ton Ind 11dt. ii} Ifs not IS ~ to lit Or'! .t'1(f nut. ) ~ Now I...., "' therocording and ..,,_the question b<low You hear ~ bo'f COITlp;uing hts new tMtt with his dd CJnl!. W'::at !So tusopfn«:1n of the ~ bi~ ccwr pared With ee okt one 1 A lt1~10~ a J~ much ttitef'. C !f'smore CDl'T'l~ ~IS h correct .,,.,wtt? Why are cMottlf' rwoWfOnil C The cinema whtfll! It WiS shown was coo crowded. A Tht lllm .s wotona I The mtAK 1n the film was ee okl-WhiOncd. s Youhnr•rlph0f11"1a fntnd~t• flrn ~b<>l"itttn. Vt'llli.t dOC'$ Cht prl •.,.. with h« friand .tl)oiJt' HI.~ ~ JUA~ to 1hl one-mi to • lN~ t•lm ~ reccmm.ndtd Itw;u 1neat. but rm sttrprlWd 'tOJ tnoucf'ltM we:n~ on 1bot..-fkit1 W11 ;&.It OWlf ~r too SOOl'I! A,,d of COU~ there -. load of_,, lt>ott,ju<t "youd «Id bot that JUSIadc.tM to U'(' armospten~ for n'lt1 You-·,,.,,.Olbout the- bard 1h.u P'a'l'd in the film.thoupl. They looked as ifthey were ,.,...,,,.,.,ofee 7<ls • jl<t didnl g.> wtth ee ilm .u'llf.
  45. 45. ................. f Timi: lry IO 1M fir "1tll:rT*'DII:..,.. ~,,,,_............._ to d'IKk 'JOI...,,., You- a girl 111klng to hor'"""'IDOUl a lV POii'""'"" thty bothaaw What wasaht ourp<l&ed 8bout7 A H featuned someone lhty boll> "'-· B It included a topic they've bo:h i-. studyWlg. c Itwas filmed close to where they both liYe. a 7 6 Yau 1- !WO fri<>nds talking about st.ting at O reo<rt What do they agree about7 A Thewave& therearen't very big 8 Thoreare toomanypeoi>lo. c There tren't enough oompat1ho•L Youi- a bOy tallong aboula loctball matclllhal hoO f8'0Untt leam played In wtw." is hisopinion of the "'~ they played? A They Wet9 lucky to win the 8 They '""'soda lot atohMOts to seen. C Tho)' """" baUar than 1l1a - ...,,_ s Wlllf dGh r1 tw:«t ..., M< OW!J r:vrl/'ll't9't>c ~ ,,...,,.""""' ' Wl&n' 11 llr Da'C ..... ...,. ... dll' ~ __ ,.won! t'MJll' , Hid hi I W Jl'Oll ~~ ..... :tt»' ~pl ~ "' NCh~ blgl'll.,.., ......,,,..,.,._..._ 5 Ii)~""" .. I - paol)il talking In oogM "'" ..... ~·~-· forqe!..,.1-8 cllooatlhabelt .,,._,,. BorC•• Ustening • Part 1 Test 1 Exa1n practice 1 You he<lr someone lntroduc•ng a sdlOOI smw lhal Is abO.JI to start. Who lo g..,,ng tne lntroducbcln7 A aatld"'1t I a t-ller c ·-t 2 Yau lleat two students wlkmg abo<Jl a tnpthey .. golr>gon tomorTOW. Whef'e are they going? A toaoty B toalolesl c to""' ccest 3 Yau heot a gorl PhOn•ng hot old•r-. Why • she phoolng? A to lllll hrn oom•good news 8 to ask him a favour c to complain about so~thing 4 ""' ~a 111an ~onttng a "''"' pobj' •11•• oboul a pop bend. w.....1111tnow7 A in arwcord1ng studio B In a hotel c st amusic: lestlval You heot a girl wllong to a triend llbovt l>er - lhal has been In an exhibhloo. 11ow doel ah feel 8bout her palobng? A ao""Y'l(l tbo<Jt mlawkea n ,,_ 8 "'lloved ltlAI people Mft ~ .,.,.., rt c d<llppO!ntod al tho"'""''°" tigo!
  46. 46. j&meS "!"he rwc:en~pU;ed ~a IOUmllnft'll th.II toolc placeat diecl __._I_1_,1 :inhts town b t'?~ .....,.to IM •«Ol_.19 ..t conipkle the stnttnce. One 1N-~ I donl mjoi, to ll'lldt.~ k Whtl'I .,,. ~ rmite:l'ln aa:alnst othff' Khools and km of cf)K'WOt'I art thm t ••c. That,,...•• ,,,...a bit MnoouJ • 1111wt1Urt pl~ng, al'lyway. My ptr~u try to COtM,,,. n'luch u ~ un • mymi.mllwwirrs ~ wilh my~ttt.My fathtr •l'htly1 worb la1e and so can' malt 1l 1'1d MV btothff IJ hey 11 ~IOI~ t~ himtocome~ but thtn at a. tflaJlybtc m.tlchooe ewnin11lookttd up1nd ~ wn..Sl'ttfll.,_,~mtl·I was f.tntlStld:_ __, b ~ lJSun ao dw 1E<Glli19 MMJ complde the tnf~rion •bout ....... -· tlmily UIWly .......... ho pt.ys ""Idles. hd t.:."'tJ' t.s.moct'l'f hissister__ hisbrother-·--- 'h'hdl word rs used IO anirodoce cht ccntrast1,.1nfQf'maOC>n about Jamt'S's brotherwt11chgtveS us tht aMWer? (Tip! Youl'fa)' haw 10 Mt1t one, MO« la You are going to l:sun to 1lrnts talking about ptaying in a toumemtnt. ltT'tc words Si ll1f' 9IP. They thou1ld kkn )'OU mam..b* • che gap in the seruna below. What kind of be ee Arne wordJ as you hear" M01'migl;<ll? ... _ la C- ft ,_,-.9 ta1>< - MCI 0- - 11 qut<tlon 10 •bOut Ill• MWI ~of dM teczcli+ &tfOl"I ~ llt«i. think of two or thtte ....-- .. ""' .. " ilw _ .. 1hooi - <ht rocordlng ialpt MCI ......... IN you die -- )Arflbwu ~ 1owt.-( I 10jll.l'nOfl& th• spect.11tortat 1 ma1rh rf<-('f'IU)' rve~ 1 lcx d spon M khool om the p.ast tw0 yt•rs. mostly rJf}:!y -· I've been In the trlm for~- My t~ Y¥' rm l"f'•'rFOCIat ...._ too. 8ut rve~ sraned c>liyu'll ba~ketbatt wtlch is a newsport formrt and I'm ~JN::~ tbM ~ ttsf>,...1 ""1N 'cos I rNl$yf'ftjoy It more, to bf hone«. rm iUt~ 111 ptel up ""f ocNr _......_,,.... :.;;:.:•~---------- (Tr.;lSeurtll l'llWI' )Vl.f~ If.I~ llllf the ....... ~ 'Yau""" hNr ~ plfl(ft ol l"l'oi+ ...... lh"I -.Ml lkt' ee .....,..,. )QI need.but Ihm""" odf bf' °"" ICIM ltllt Ms lht SMt("ll'f' 1• Ae4ld~ qi •9 below and lht tll.ttlCI from the rttotding script in &.ttme lb.~ ....... 1es dt "' Vou..a helf'• boraliJefJoll"""" tMng~spans at~ James~ INt• eerTlOml'f'll 1 j 9 ~ is the sport he ~most t!llWOl"I at school b Uudalilw die p111 of the tecuci11g sa1)t that containsthe-irtSwtr. ~t odwr" sports does Jmm menban? ~ M'ftlt they the correct M'lswtr1 ..""'""''"'" • ,....,_ toa~Wllhor111ormotef.POlc:!l'l. • write down wordl from 1"4' mordlnt toCOl"'lplttt ~t~ • hear h .-.-ers in ee wrr•order as In ttw recording. Listening Part 2 Test 1 Training
  47. 47. Lllt..... -2 SO I Tfll I !MM...- II ~w~o.,,.,_.~ r~ .,,,."'91$ 11~-.._..~ MifM:ll(ll'1I" • lllOft J.l'.t_~ It) t. ~Oalx:&(fl:dJ IS~fl ~<rt ll"lrJ; ~ IV'w1Itlllf'l' &MM R~~O/lftC~ ~ fO ll'llP ICWICl"..oy' I tjiiiip __ _.J!il_1a_, - t!wr come10"'"llflCIUlly. L.otna•'OQll 1 tnali..In;•L ~------I!ZJ 11.,,.~-*3t>ol.o• 'lyholpl,jlorl!. loma IOCOOiEOCI$ & ~ -c ._ _.l_ill;,,,J &I I good plaCe 10- ON-· - a....., - ""by ..... ._I __.1_•5;,,,J] '"""" - NCUld loma was euri:>tlMd :or..11wt. W.. hor, - aro koen ontolmQ L.otno1wn1 met .~., a - o1oN'( ( I11 / a _., .- ,... to 1oo1<tor Ill °""._ L.otnamenuonstt'Gt [ EOJ 1001i.ono11w ..... 1or.,,.coma•- L.otno""'"I to ttw Nl1Cl!.""Ywt:ll '*' I [!] Trip to 11141 lffl IMCt'*Y I not ...., ,,._,, ......... ~,... ~ h nb'candlliestnl"1c.a, •la N ~IO'** ..... _.,_.Wndol ... 41..:11• JGU"N.,,....,, £!.le!I You will h... •-........., ...rna Mvto•gMng 11&11< ID lw dasS llb<loJI ""'Iii> IO& - Mne!Ulry. for -tiaw e-1e, eo~• t!MI 011hi10M. Listening • Part 2 Test 1 Exan1 practice
  48. 48. T.t1~ I St a j'l'ioo·--10-1""""9-. .... ..,,.--<idho,...l,... __ ..,.,..... ab<M •>0-"""" oprlons A·f "1 l:wOw :Z.. WhM - ho ,.yl '*""_,"ee _ .... Does ltwwmtwordl• thtopdon « ......... wonkf "'···=~clllftrllword T.. Oc:l'll eeese .. ...,. )'QU ~~toftcu•;'t'I~ emact 'bot ml1 heir i1611~ ~JO.l ... fSl!"'f~ ... -d ........ "" ftT'I ,.... "''NI ~ wbith a:ime lllfle'. 1-.... ~ INtmybro<l>erpwmosorno......,.to-"'• htdot<nl normally 2 I waved to that l)e'lOrl bec:a.M1 lf'loulht A was'""fntnd - t:IUll d w.asn1 llol:VOf"( - I ) Wt....,..,, - ..........._told"'....""'_...- bt"f'r~IVtoot1"1bwlrd to it 4 My .1~ bolTOwvd""T·shlrt ~ ask"'nw. so 1 m1 •bl bull :almtddown&ndro.i-hoflwrl S Mybtuthtt'l I iood foorb•1Vf thlt.,... row WIS N'd K'Ott k)adf, °'pis•""'..,.,,,u. tNldt '°'hit Ihm 6 I w.u really . ~ tl""f wd tht' mMd'I WM QnC.eled. as n W'tS pouri"'C with rain Ol.ltSldt + Q:d JuJ p «Cl "°'iide. - ""'Y lt19c!lkd 'lhoO<.td tn this partyou: • hi., f't'fd4fti"entpecpliP~"1flbout'*-dttw..p • maiKh theyS1Y '"1h °""'d Px pPOOnl I Thao~ dKOll>t """"°'-,,. °""*'"....,.,.._- Wl4h ~ frOfn lht boa. Scw:w&a1ci "*'"*"one.....,. .. ,._... Ustening Part 3 Test 1 Training h ~ ........ to Linds<oy t-.g ab<M .... .,. __ <id tt ltd .t>out it? A bo«d-of .... it<>pof I B d••ppo.nlfd by""°""""' c lmP<l'Uodby1ho""°" ~" D ~ltYtd ~ YM11 happened 10 thf "*"IClor E ""'~~1111'1«~ F womf'dcha1thf.hldnl~it~ b look M~ tilt ansiM'I" COl"f'IH., N •«XW"'og IOipt bt1ctw-~ other opbOnl 4lboYtwt Ibo illltfitiow:d? t')' ~ d.y wrong) r,went ;owe lhe filmwith my besl fuencl Shtsald 4 .alp'' eel tobt fatSQsbc- •d hadpOl f't'V'eiM&r.:•"the magwnes. apporenlly 1...olways• bilcooa" <d ...,.,,... a:!Yt..,_., t ........ ....iuo fl"t'llngd6a??Oflled • •t's~IS p>dn hy'w Sid. AnywayI neeclnt t...W01'1"1fd. 1 bntutic- a. b&t '°" bul gr1111 And"WW''""etnttw'll.trd ~.i.8_~~ wd (jtn~ k!(i~ lV'ni.. ~but•lJll ~'~ OUl.,,__,_i '":.!-=::;::;~::;-:::::~-----------------