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Airport Sampling Program for Pringles

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Airport Sampling Program for Pringles

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Airport Sampling Program for Pringles

  1. 1. Airport Sampling Program Case Study Pringles
  2. 2. Pringles & AMI Sampling & Test Tasting Situation Pringles set out to promote their “Grab & Go” cans. AMI created an engaging program that mirrored Pringles’ “fun brand” image. With a Flavor Station at Charlotte Douglas International Airport run by Brand Ambassadors, AMI reached thousands of passengers traveling during the Thanksgiving Holiday peak travel times and promoted Pringles as a product that will bring more flavor to a boring or stressful time. Tactics AMI engaged passengers in the main airport atrium at Charlotte Douglas with Pringles “Grab & Go” cans. The program took place the 2 days before Thanksgiving, which are busy travel days. Four Samplers, one Poptender, and two Brand Ambassadors per shift provided samples to eager passengers wanting to get their hands on Pringles products and try new flavors. The Poptender ad BA’s collected valuable information through surveys and passenger feedback on what flavors they liked the best. Results The Pringles 2-day program was a huge success. The number of samples distributed was 19,500, which was 130% of the program’s goal. Passengers loved the free samples, and some feedback included, “You made my day!” and “I’m starving. Thanks for the snack!” Passengers also inquired about specific flavors, if a particular flavor was available in the Grab & Go can, where the new cans can be purchased, and why they haven’t seen the cans in stores.