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Web Tools To Make You Look Cool

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Web Tools To Make You Look Cool

  1. 1. Web 2.x Tools to Make You Look Cool:Connecting with the Best of the Web<br />Cynthia Dudenhoffer, Director of information ResourcesCentral Methodist University<br />These tools are all .com unless otherwise stated! They are all web based and require no downloads. Many of them are cooler if you use igoogle, and RSS reader, blog, tweet, etc. <br />A: Awesomehighlighter or Atwiculate or Anki <br />B: – Free Bibliography creator, with formatting and search. Awesome! Or Book City Jackets – Fun!<br />C: Colourlovers - Palettes and color sampling for all kinds of projects. Includes hex codes! Or – make your own virtual business card.<br />D: Dropbox – Integrates computer files for you. Take your work wherever you go! Yay!? Or – read classic works a chapter a day! Or Down for Everyone?<br />E: Evernote – take notes on everything! or EHub - An awesome blog updated with the coolest tools. Definitely something for your reader!<br />F: FastPencil – A comprehensive resources for trying to get that first book published (see also Book Oven) or Ficly – a collaborative storytelling tool.<br />G: – A great site for tracking congressional activity, quick RSS feeds. (Wash. Post votes database) or Geni – a cool family tree maker for all those genealogy folks out there<br />H: Hunch – A decision making website. Fun and useful. Or Handipoints – task lists for kids (or maybe undergrads!)<br />I: ItCanSay – A text reader, pronunciation guide. Kinda cool, especially for ESL learners. Or InstaCalc –an elaborate web calculator with all kinds of functions. <br />J: Jing: Free (and instant) screencasting that’s very shareable! (See also Screentoaster, Screenr, and Skitch)<br />K: Kindle Publishing for Blogs – Just what it says! Make your blog available for the Kindle.<br />L: LovelyCharts - Beautiful and free diagram, flowchart, etc. creator or LabPixies – Tons of widgets and gadgets!<br />M: MizPee – Find a clean public toilet, anyplace, anywhere in the USA or Canada or MyFilmz- Get recommendations based on movies you like or Memorize – a free flash card site. <br />N: Notemesh – A collaborative note-taking site, share out to your students! <br />O: - A site for tracking voting, bills, and members of congress. <br />P: Pictobrowser- Free slide shows or images for websites and blogs. Or Protopage – like igoogle, a personal homepage creator or PsykoPaint – Just cool. A painting app using images. <br />Q: Qipit: An insanely useful app that turns pictures from your phone into pdfs. <br />R: Remember the Milk: A listing site that integrates to readers, Google calendars and cell phones. <br />S: Scribd – like YouTube for documents or Shmoop – A literary databases for free! Or Storybird –online collaborative storytelling, great for generating ideas!<br />T: TicTOCS - Get table of contents feeds for your favorite journals. Or Trendsmap – real time maps of twitter tends by geographic location. <br />U: UIKnow – A very new site that is basically miniwikis. Useful and will become more so, if it catches on.<br />V: Vimeo – An artier, more sophisticated YouTube. Much higher quality video! Or VocabSushi – a great word learning tool, perfect for GRE or ACT studying<br />W: – Super pretty tag clouds, easy data/word recognition or Wikimedia Commons- Wikipedia for media files<br />X: <br />Y: YouConvertit: A free online converter for media files. Or YourDraft – online, shareable note taking.<br />Z: Zenbe – shareable lists, email and workflow management or – Like Google Docs but with more stuff.<br />Thanks for coming to my presentation. I hope you learned something useful!<br />Cynthia DudenhofferSmiley Memorial Library 411 CMU SquareFayette, MO <br />Find me on the web! <br /> librarian.cyn<br /> Librarian_Cyn<br /> Librarian_cyn<br /> Cynthia Dudenhoffer<br />