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21 Powerful Productivity Tips

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21 Powerful Productivity Tips

  1. 1. PRODUCTIVITYPR Powerful Tips 21
  2. 2. Don’t wait for that inspiring moment 1
  3. 3. • Remember, action creates enthusiasm. • Start where you are. • Use what you have. • Do what you can!
  4. 4. Revisit your goals every morning for 5 minutes 2
  5. 5. • Remember, big brave goals release energy. • Starting your day by visiting your goals gives your work a sense of purpose.
  6. 6. Don’t check email in the morning 3
  7. 7. • Check email in the afternoon. • Reserve your mornings for your best work. • In the morning, if you have to, time yourself and just glance over your inbox for a couple of minutes at most.
  8. 8. Take a break every 90 minutes 4
  9. 9. • Relax! • Working for hours at a stretch can reduce the quality of your effort.
  10. 10. Get things right the first time 5
  11. 11. • Have an eye for detail. • Getting it flawless first time saves you days of having to fix problems.
  12. 12. Eat a ‘Frog’ first thing in the morning 6
  13. 13. • According to author Brian Tracy, a ‘frog’ should be the most difficult thing in your To-Do list, the one you're most likely to procrastinate on. • If you do that task first, it will give you Energy and Momentum for the rest of the day. • But if you don't, it can drain your energy and you won't even know it.
  14. 14. Separate the ‘Vital Few’ from the ‘Trivial Many’ 7
  15. 15. • Do the ‘Vital Few’ tasks in the morning when your energy is at its highest. • Do the ‘Trivial Many’ later in the day when you’re feeling sluggish.
  16. 16. Do daily meetings standing up 8
  17. 17. Everyone stands up. Each person answers: 1) Did you do what you were supposed to do yesterday? 2) What are you doing today? 3) Any roadblocks? Finish this in 15 minutes. It works!
  18. 18. Stop Multi-tasking 9
  19. 19. • When you multi-task you don't realize the time you waste switching from one task to another. • Do one task at a time and set a time frame to complete it. • You’ll get far more done with much less stress and anxiety.
  20. 20. Use your Commute time 10
  21. 21. • If you’re commuting 30 minutes each way every day – get this: you’re spending like 4 years on the road over a 40 year career. • Use that time to listen to inspirational audio-books. • Remember, the fastest way to double your income is to triple your rate of learning.
  22. 22. Drink more Water 11
  23. 23. • When you're dehydrated, you'll have far less energy. And get less done. • Water is a magic drink most of us have too little of. • Use hourly alarms, reminders, Post-It notes. • Keep a water bottle always at arm's length. • Develop a sense of 'water awareness'.
  24. 24. Do what you’re Best at 12
  25. 25. • Stop asking yourself "What am I good at?” • Instead ask "What am I outstanding at?” • Life is too short for you to keep doing things you are mediocre at. • Do what you’re best at. Outsource the rest.
  26. 26. Be a Contrarian 13
  27. 27. • Do things at off-peak hours. You'll avoid crowds and save precious time. • Beat the morning traffic and reach office early. • Shop on a Sunday afternoon instead of a Saturday evening. • Go to the movies on weekday evenings. • Hit the gym when it isn't at its busiest. • Get the drift?
  28. 28. Make a ‘Stop-Doing’ list 14
  29. 29. • This is sometimes more important than a To-Do list. • After making the ‘Stop-Doing’ list ask yourself: How much of my time am I spending everyday doing something from this list? • If the answer scares you, then stop doing what you need to stop doing!
  30. 30. Develop ‘Time Awareness’ 15
  31. 31. • You don’t have to track every minute of your time. • But you need to be able to catch yourself when you're spending way more time than the task deserves. • Being 'present' and having an eye on the watch once in a while works well and keeps it simple!
  32. 32. Take a Nap at work 16
  33. 33. • Research shows that the more hours you work continuously, the greater the toll on your performance. • You can greatly improve your productivity by taking a short nap during the day. • 20 odd minutes, an alarm clock and a quiet place in the office is all you need.
  34. 34. Celebrate any Progress 17
  35. 35. • The glass is half empty or half full depending on how you see it. • The same thing goes for progress. • You can either feel bad about the lack of enough progress or feel good about whatever you have accomplished so far. • You will be far more productive in a feel good state.
  36. 36. Get Lost! 18
  37. 37. • Don’t be so available to everyone. When you have to do some really significant work, head for a place within your office (or outside it) where no one can find you. • Turn off your devices, think, create and plan. • Zero interruptions mean pure focus and massive results.
  38. 38. De-clutter your Life 19
  39. 39. • Remember, mess creates stress. • A clean work desk energizes you.
  40. 40. Don’t say Yes to every request 20
  41. 41. • We all have a deep need to be liked and that causes us to say Yes to everything. • In the bargain we end up saying No to ourselves. • When you start saying No more often, your Yes will have much more meaning!
  42. 42. Use Waiting time effectively 21
  43. 43. • We lose productivity every day because ‘we only have 5 minutes’ before that meeting starts. • Regaining even 5 minutes every workday amounts to almost 22 hours a year! • Make a list of things you can do whenever you are forced to wait. • Time is an irreplaceable resource. Every minute counts!
  44. 44. Presentation prepared by: Milind Jadhav – Certified LIFE Coach For more inspiration, connect with me on: W : E : P : +91 88068 55904 If you like this presentation, please SHARE it with people in your circles who can benefit from it. Thank You! No copyright infringements intended. All rights of the images used in this presentation are with their respective owners. Image source: Google Images