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Steffiis 29 and works happily at a young company.
It wasn’t always like that. Her first job was a complete culture
shock. For a long time, she didn’t understand why, and though
the problem was her own way of thinking and behavior – so
she questioned those. Then, since her friends also turned out
to be having such problems at work, she decided to research
the topic. Her inquiry led her to the conclusion that the same
way we are talking about different company structures and
management styles, generations don’t work the same way
either. Different generations have different points of views.
They have their own approach of the world of work and man-
agement culture, which you have to synchronize them for
the sake of a fruitful cooperation. Since this realization, she’s
been writing a blog, magazine articles, giving interviews and
talks on different stages, sitting in panel discussions – and
also appears as an expert on TV and offering consultancy with
her Generation Y team. Steffi is based in Cologne, Germany.
Orsolyais also 29. Right after graduation she
landed her dream job at on one of the best OD consultant com-
panies in Budapest. But soon it turned out that her hands were
tied – because of her age. As she believed that good ideas are not
age-bound, she decided to prepare a presentation on Generation
Y she uploaded to SlideShare. It became the Top Presentation
of the Day and was picked by the editorial team as one of the
best in 10 million uploads. The wonderful feedback she received
urged her to become the voice of her generation. She had the
amazing opportunity to talk about her journey and Generation Y
at TEDxYouth@Budapest in 2013, followed by another invitation
to hit the stage at TEDxDanubia in 2014. Today, she is leading
her own business, Y Consulting, where she helps corporations to
understand and embrace Generation Y, to support multi-gener-
ation cooperation and to rock employer and company branding.
She also offers presentation training, coaching and design. She
is a frequent speaker both at local and international confer-
ences on Generation Y. Orsolya is based in Budapest, Hungary.
Dr. Steffi Burkhart
Orsolya Nemes |
+36 30 374 33 23+49 (0) 176-47014303

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