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Mi escuela - Romina Vargas

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Mi escuela - Romina Vargas

  1. 1. This year /Last year
  2. 2. to: Fernando lobos subject :My school From : Romina VargasHi, Fernando! How are you? I’m showing you my photo. My mane`s is Romina Vargas. I`M eighteen year old .I live in Zapala in the centre of the province of Neuquén my birthday is in January. My physical appearance: I’ve got brown eyes, lignt brown and long hair. I’m short. I play hockey in a mixed team. I Like going out and dancing. My favorite music is rock and roll .My favorite singer is Rata Blanca. My favorite food is Fish and chips and spaghetti I drink orange juice.
  3. 3. In my time free I go with my friend to walk or to drink “mate” in my main square of my loved town .I have two pets, their name are Queen y Moon, they are a cat and a dog.My plan is to finish school and to go on studying in a university. Theweather here is always horrible! It is always windy and sometimes beautiful!!! In my town there are shops, bank, library, hospital, park, etc
  4. 4. Besides I want to tell youthat in 2006, I wasn`t atthis school .I was at schoolnº185 primary school.There were twenty sixstudents in my class. Myteacher was Leonardo Primary schoolPrietos .for all subjects .he nº 2006was great. My favouritesubject was history andgeography .we studieddifferent subjects likeart,.music,.maths,literature,biology,P.E. ,geography
  5. 5. My school secondary c.p.e.mnº3
  6. 6. • The name of my school is c.p.e.m.nº3 school .my sister goes the same school , but she isn`t in my class. There are nineteen students in my class, four boys and fifteen girls. We`ve got fifteen teachers- a different teacher each subject. My favourite subject is history and English. my school is big .My best friend at school is Tamara Here`s a picture of my classmates.
  7. 7.  This is a photo of my class during the Student’s day. We enjoyed it very much. We met in my house and it was fun.
  8. 8.  bye for now!!!!!! Bye Bye...Good-bye