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Terme Terme

  1. 1. E.S.C.O.T. - EUROPE: New Twinning Istituto Tecnico Commerciale e per Geometri Foderà-Brunelleschi - AGRIGENTO Acque termali in Sicilia Thermal waters in Sicily
  2. 2. Quale benessere portano le acque termali? What kind of wellness do thermal water do? Un valido aiuto per combattere i problemi ginecologici viene dalle acque termali salsobromoiodiche. Le cure termali sono anche eccellenti nella cura delle infezioni e nelle candidosi They are a valid help to cure gynaecological diseases, expecially the salso-bromoiodic waters
  3. 3. I principali centri di acque termali in Sicilia sono : The main thermal centres in Sicily: Acireale (CT) Montevago (AG) Sciacca (AG) Alì Marino (ME) Sclafani (PA) Calatafimi Gorga (TP) Vigliatore (ME) Segesta (TP) Termini Imerese (PA) Geraci Siculo (PA) Lipari (ME) Castellammare (TP)
  4. 4. Terme di Acireale This thermal centre has a wellness centre and one of Hydrology and Physic and Rehabilitation Medicin. The mud therapy is fit to osteo-arthrosis and rheumatism treatments, neuralgias, muscles pains, gouts ect. The treatment offers mud, sulphureous bath, sulphureous hydromassage and manual massage. As regard the inhalatory treatment they offer: inhalations, humage, atomization, nasal and auricular washing. Besides there are special treatments for respiratory rehabilitation and Doppler analysis. The dermo-cosmetic ward is equipped for specific eudermic and physical and rehabilitative activity treatments. The centre offers a wonderful park and a nice view of Taormia and Acitrezza, including Etna Volcano. Besides it has a swimming pool and a solarium terrace for eliotherapy. You can relax or practice sport activities and in Summer you can take part to music concerts, theater and cabaret entertainment. go to menu
  5. 5. Terme di Montevago The thermal establishment of Montevago is in the heart of western Sicily, not far from Agrigento. It is rich of Mediterranean vegetation, thanks to the mild climate and the near river Belice. Here you can find various pools like those of ancient Rome and they offer Mud therapy and massages. The sources The sources spur from a height of 56m above the sea and have a temperature of 37°C. The earth is rich of clay, so the mud does not need to be submitted to transformation. The analysis results confirm that the waters are very pure and the thermal mud consists of an alluvial residue of clay from a geological basin, so that they have own thermal properties and are rich of different chemical elements. go to menu
  6. 6. Terme di Sciacca The sources and mineral mud baths of Sciacca are considered the most efficacious in the world. Here it is possible to cure a lot of diseases and the establishment is one of the best equipped in Italy. Mud Therapy The mud used in Sciacca is the product of a long process of maturation of clay in sulphureous waters for a period from six months to one year. In this period it has a serious of chemical, physical and biological reactions that change it in mud with therapeutic proprierties. Anthrotherapy The steaming caves of S. Calogero are the oldest and are used for fibromialgia and other kind of artrosi and rheumatism. Respiratory System A lot of chronic pathologies of bronchus and lungs as bronchitis get advantages from sulphureous crenotherapy. For these it is useful inhaler treatment with sulplureous water by means of aerosol-therapy, humage and atomization. Angiology Peripheral Vasculopathy is an active ward in Sciacca. The blood deficiency is cured by means of hydromassage in fitted tubs of sulphureous, ozon water at 35°C. Dietology and Phisiotherapy Thermal therapy along with buds, antrotherapy and fisiokinesitherapy is successful in treatment of painful symptomatology of muscle problems. go to menu
  7. 7. Terme di Termini Imerese The waters of Termini Imerese are salso.bromo-ionic.The establishment offers mud-thermmal baths, inhaler and routine therapies and sauna. The mud therapy The thermal mud consists of a solid compound: clay and humus, and a liquid one: Hyperthermal, salso-bromic-iodic water and an organic microflora compound of seaweed colonies. The Sauna The sausa, so-called thermal cave, is a steam saturated place. Routine therapy It consists of inhaler therapy by means of steam from thermal salso-bromic waters. go to menu
  8. 8. Terme di Calatafimi The spurting waters of this source collect in a natural basin among clay elements and mantain a temperature of 51°C. The waters and muds, without any added elements, have been studied for their natural therapeutic value and have been considered important for aerosol therapy and inhaler therapy. go to menu
  9. 9. Terme di Castellammare These thermal waters are on the river Caldo and near the sources that once according to the legend, had been spurted from the nymphes to restore Hercule.The establishment, built in 1958, has got two thermal pools and a natural sauna. The water has a temperature of 41,10°C. and it is used to cure skin diseases, gait problems and respiratoty ones. They offer treatments like therapeutic baths, muds, hydromassages and massages. go to menu
  10. 10. Terme di Lipari The thermal water of Lipari are classified as salso-bromo-iodic-sulphur. It is also used in mud baths and spurts at 60° C; it is rich of sulphates, sodium and bicarbonate that make it efficacious for dermatitis, psoriasis and arthritis. go to menu

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