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Bremen town musicians

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Bremen town musicians

  1. 1. retold as a play by Carol Pugliano-Martinillustrated by Jon Goodell
  2. 2. DONKEY: Oh, no! What will happen to me? I must run away. I’ll go to Bremen. There I can be a fine musician. (The donkey sings this song:) Off I go to Bremen Town. It’s the place to be! I will play my music there. People will love me! With a hee-haw here, And a hee-haw there. Here a hee, there a haw, Everywhere a hee-haw. Off I go to Bremen Town. It’s the place to be!NARRATOR 1: Once there was a donkey.He worked hard for his owner for manyyears. Day after day he carried heavy bagsof grain to the mill.NARRATOR 2: But the donkey grew old.He could no longer work hard. One dayhe heard his owner talking about him.He said he was going to get rid of the donkey.The donkey was worried.
  3. 3. NARRATOR 1: So the donkey left DOG AND DONKEY: Offthat night. He had not gone far we go to Bremen Town.when he saw a dog lying on the It’s the place to be! Weground. will play our music there. We’ll be filled with glee!NARRATOR 2: The dog lookedweak. He also looked sad. The DONKEY: With a hee-hawdonkey knelt down to speak to here, and a hee-haw there.the dog. Here a hee, there a haw, everywhere a hee-haw.DONKEY: What is the matter,my friend? DOG: With a bow-wow here and a bow-wow there.DOG: Ah, me. Now that I am Here a bow, there a wow,old and weak, I can no longer everywhere a bow-wow.hunt. My owner wants to getrid of me. I got scared, so I ran DOG AND DONKEY:away. Now I don’t know what Off we go to Bremen Town.I will do. It’s the place to be!DONKEY: You can come withme to Bremen. I am going to bea musician. Will you join me?DOG: I’d love to! I can barkvery pleasant tunes.
  4. 4. NARRATOR 1: So, the donkey and the dog DONKEY, DOG, AND CAT:set off for Bremen. Soon, they saw a cat Off we go to Bremen Town.sitting by the road. It’s the place to be! We will play our music there.NARRATOR 2: The cat had the We’re a gifted three!saddest face the donkeyand the dog had ever seen. DONKEY: With a hee-haw here,They stopped to find and a hee-haw there.out what was wrong. Here a hee, there a haw, everywhere a hee-haw.DOG:Hello there.Why so glum? DOG: With a bow-wow here, and a bow-wow there.CAT: Ho, hum. Now Here a bow, there a wow,that I am old and my everywhere a bow-wow.teeth are not sharp,I cannot catch mice. My owner CAT: With a meow-meow here,wants to get rid of me. and a meow-meow there.I don’t know what I will do. Here a meow, there a meow, everywhere a meow-meow.DONKEY: You’ll come to Bremenwith us, that’s what! We are ALL: Off we go to Bremen Town.going to become musicians. It’s the place to be!Won’t you join us?CAT: Sure I will!I love to meow.
  5. 5. NARRATOR 1: The three DOG: Come with us to Bremen.musicians walked along We’re going to be musicians.some more. They came to CAT: With your fine crowing,a farmyard. There they we’ll make a wonderful group!heard a rooster crowing sadly. ROOSTER: I cock-a-doodle-doROOSTER: Cock-a-doodle-doo! think that’s a wonderful idea!Cock-a-doodle-doo! Let’s go!DONKEY: My, you soundso sad. What is wrong?ROOSTER: I used to crow to wake up thefarmer each morning. But he just boughtan alarm clock. Now he doesn’t needmy crowing so he wants to get rid of me.Now I’m a cock-a-doodle-don’t!Oh, what will I do?
  6. 6. DONKEY, DOG, CAT, AND ROOSTER: ROOSTER: With a cock-a-doodle here, and aOff we go to Bremen Town. It’s the place to be! cock-a-doodle there. Here a doodle, there a doodle,We will play our music there. We’re a sight to see! everywhere a cock-a-doodle.DONKEY: With a hee-haw here, and a hee-haw there. ALL: Off we go to Bremen Town. It’s the place to be!Here a hee, there a haw, everywhere a hee-haw.DOG: With a bow-wow here, and a bow-wow there.Here a bow, there a wow, everywhere a bow-wow.CAT: With a meow-meow here, and a meow-meowthere. Here a meow, there a meow, everywhere ameow-meow.
  7. 7. NARRATOR 2: The four musicians walked NARRATOR 1: All of a sudden, the fouruntil it got dark. Finally, they saw a sign that said began singing. They made quite a noise.Bremen Town. They danced with excitement, but When the robbers heard the animals, theythey were also very tired. They wanted to rest. ran out of the house screaming!NARRATOR 1: They saw light coming from a NARRATOR 2: The four musicians wentlittle house up the road. They walked up to the inside the house. There they ate andwindow, but none of the animals was tall enough ate until they were full. Then, it wasto see inside. So, the dog stood on the donkey’s time for bed.back, the cat stood on the dog’s back, and therooster stood on the cat’s back and peeked inside.DOG: What do you see, rooster?ROOSTER: I think there arethree robbers in there!They are sitting at a tablefull of delicious-looking food!CAT: Food? I’m starving!What shall we do? We mustget them out of that house!ROOSTER: I have a plan.Listen closely.NARRATOR 2: The roosterwhispered his plan tothe others.
  8. 8. NARRATOR 1: The donkey slept in the soft grass inthe yard. The dog slept behind the front door. The NARRATOR 2: After a while,cat slept near the warmth of the fireplace. And the the robbers returned torooster slept high on a bookshelf. finish eating their feast. ROBBER 1: That noise was probably just the wind. Besides, I can’t wait to eat the rest of that roast beef! ROBBER 2:I can taste those mashed potatoes now! ROBBER 3: I’ll go first just to make sure it’s safe. NARRATOR 1: So the robber went inside. He was cold, so he went to the fireplace to warm himself. There he surprised the cat, who scratched his face. NARRATOR 2: The robber ran to the front door. The dog was startled and bit his leg. The robber ran outside. He tripped over the donkey, who kicked him.
  9. 9. NARRATOR 1: All this noise woke the rooster up. NARRATOR 1: But the four musiciansHe started screeching, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” stayed there. They sang every night inThe robber ran back to his friends. Bremen, where they became the famous Bremen Town Musicians!ROBBER 3: There are fourhorrible monsters in there!One scratched me with itslong nails. Another bit me.Another kicked me. And thefourth one screamed,“Coming to get yooouuuuu!”ROBBER 1: Four monsters!Let’s get out of here!NARRATOR 2: And therobbers ran off, neverto be heard from again.