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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Summer Edition

  1. September 2019 Quarterly Product Release Webinar
  2. Meet your hosts Sankar Venkatraman Global Product Evangelist Brad McIntyre Customer Success Manager Maridawn Lamb Customer Success Manager
  3. Before we get started • The audience is muted by default • Submit questions in the chat box: common questions will be answered throughout the session • Please fill out the survey after the session • We’ll share a recording via email We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible throughout the sessions via the chat window
  4. 1 Introduction Agenda 2 Product updates 3 Q&A
  5. Introduction 01
  6. Vision Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Mission Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
  7. “Members first” is our most important value
  8. Hiring marketplace 645M Connections Education Skills Open candidate Industry Location interest Salary Job searches Job views Content views Companies followed Connections at company Hires Industry Company size Experience Current employees Similar companies Macro labor trends Alumni Location Culture & values COMPANYJOB SEEKER Members 20M Open Jobs 35K Skills 30M Companies
  9. We help talent-first companies build and develop winning teams by providing intelligent tools and unique insights P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P Build an informed strategy Recruit more efficiently Empower your employees
  10. Build and develop winning teams with intelligent tools and unique insights. P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P Build an informed strategy LinkedIn Talent Insights Recruit more efficiently Recruitment Ads Career Pages LinkedIn Job Postings LinkedIn Recruiter Empower your employees LinkedIn Learning Glint
  11. Product updates 02
  12. P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P
  13. H I R EP L A N D E V E L O P P L A N Build an informed strategy
  14. Product that provides on-demand access to LinkedIn's talent data to help you make smarter people decisions What is LinkedIn Talent Insights?
  15. How you can use LinkedIn Talent Insights Hiring strategy Inform recruiting strategy and set expectations with Hiring Managers Employer branding Identify target audiences, inform campaigns, and allocate branding budget Competitive intelligence Gain insights about peer companies and industry leaders
  16. P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P
  17. P L A N D E V E L O P H I R E Find and recruit the best talent efficiently
  18. Recruit
  19. New Recruiter & Jobs New Recruiter & Jobs Major upgrade to the Recruiter and Jobs products Helps you manage searches and jobs in one place Learns from you to give you smarter results
  20. 15+ new features that will help you in three main areas: Smarter results Save time with a recruiting experience that gets smarter with every click Productivity Get more done with a new seamless workflow Collaboration Work better together with new collaboration features What this means for you
  21. New Recruiter & Jobs What’s new in New Recruiter & Jobs • Shared conversation history • Recommended Matches • Talent Insights and New Recruiter integration
  22. New Recruiter & Jobs New Recruiter & Jobs New Recruiter & Jobs Shared conversation history Easily view your teammates' full conversations • View full conversations with candidates right in the candidate profile • Control who can view your conversations
  23. Recommended Matches Get candidate recommendations for your open role • Learns from the actions you take on matches, search leads, and applicants • Refreshes 24 hours after your last action on a candidate in your project New Recruiter & Jobs
  24. Talent Insights and New Recruiter are now integrating P L A N Talent Insights H I R E New Recruiter H I R EP L A N Talent Insights New Recruiter + New Recruiter & Jobs
  25. Go from planning to sourcing with one click • Start your search in Talent Insights to understand your talent pool • Then begin sourcing with one click - your search will be replicated in Recruiter Talent Insights and New Recruiter integration LinkedIn Talent Insights
  26. New Recruiter & Jobs Recap: Top features from Spring 2019 • Remote jobs • Screening questions
  27. Remote jobs Let applicants know your open role allows remote work • Broaden your applicant pool by posting your role as remote • Make it easier for a candidate looking for remote work to find your job on LinkedIn New Recruiter & Jobs
  28. SCREENSHOT TBD Screening questions Narrow in on the most qualified applicants • Assess how well applicants meet your requirements, at a glance • Sort applicants based on how well they meet your qualifications New Recruiter & Jobs
  29. What’s coming soon: This is just the beginning... • Recruiter and Jobs will start learning from more of your interactions with candidates • Recruiter users will be able to manage Pipeline Builder campaign leads within their projects • Talent Insights users will see talent pool insights embedded in their existing Recruiter workflow
  30. Change can be difficult, but we’re here to support you every step of the way • Reach out to your LinkedIn Account team • Submit feedback via the menu in the top right corner of Recruiter We are here to help!
  31. Easily understand usage metrics in Recruiter • Updates to new tags, searches performed, active days and daily active users • See paid “Job Slot” utilization at a glance • Hover over figures to understand how reporting is calculated Improved usage metrics LinkedIn Recruiter
  32. Attract
  33. Checks his LinkedIn feed to read the latest news Likes an update shared by one of his connections Views a job posted by company X Looks at the reviews on Glassdoor for company x Clicks on the recruiter’s profile from company X LinkedIn serves Emmett a promoted “Job Post” by You [Enter the hiring funnel] He clicks to view the job Emmett views your Career Page Emmett receives an InMail from a recruiter at your company Emmett clicks to apply to the role at your company Emmett’s journey The way candidates make decisions have changed Candidates are increasingly influenced by their peers, reviews, and research as they make employment decisions.
  34. Aware Engaged Considering Applied Screened Interviewed Offered Hired Members you haven’t previously engaged with They may not know who you are as an employer or have likely never engaged with your company. Members who have engaged with your brand They have a good idea of who you are as an employer. Warm member = Visiting company/ career page, viewing a job, following your company, impressions and clicks on recruitment ads and clicks/social actions on updates. Know your member audience before you reach out Unaware
  35. Sponsored Content helps you reach your target audience with ease LinkedIn Talent Media
  36. LinkedIn Talent Media Campaign Manager Use easy-to-launch ads to attract top talent Achieve three core groups of objectives: • Awareness • Consideration • Leads and applications
  37. Campaign Manager upgrades to help you achieve your hiring goals LinkedIn Talent Media 3 new objectives are now available • Brand awareness • Website conversions • Job applicants Click pricing optimized to your campaign objectives • Only pay for clicks to landing page • Greater campaign control • Improved ROI
  38. Transform your employees into brand ambassadors • Post an update from your company page • Engage your employees within product notifications • Encourage them to reshare your content with their networks
  39. Join the Talent Connect live stream! Tune in Sept. 25–27 Visit to see keynotes, breakouts, and exclusive interviews from Talent Connect for more info and updates
  40. Things to remember Let the tools do the work for you: Leverage features like Recommended Matches and shared conversation history Attract talent with easy-to-launch ads with new objectives now available in Campaign Manager Review and share: All registrants will receive a webinar recording. Visit to learn more.
  41. Q&A 03
  42. Thank you for joining us! Before you leave: Please take the survey. Your feedback is valuable to us. You can access it by clicking on the survey icon in your console.
  43. Thank you