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Staffing Trends You Need To Know + Lesser-Known Tips and Tricks [webcast]

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As a recruitment leader, you need to understand where you stand compared to your peers in order to plan for the future. To help you do just that, we're hosting this webcast where we'll walk through the latest 2017 recruitment trends. If you're a recruitment professional looking for innovative ways to stay ahead in 2017 - this webcast is for you.

Expect to learn:
- Where should you be spending your recruiting time and money.
- NEW LinkedIn tools that will help you automate your recruiting.
- Lesser-known tips and tricks you can instantly put into place.

To learn more about LinkedIn Next Generation, visit us here:

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Staffing Trends You Need To Know + Lesser-Known Tips and Tricks [webcast]

  1. 1. 2017 Staffing Trends You Need To Know + lesser known tips and tricks to stay ahead
  2. 2. Housekeeping notes:  Please type questions into the Q&A box at the left of your screen  Dedicated Q&A at the end  The presentation and recording will be sent via email after the webinar  Take our survey! Click the Survey Monkey icon at the bottom of your screen to submit your feedback.
  3. 3. Welcome Your hosts: Success Manager LinkedIn Lainey Bell Adrienne Faessler Account Executive LinkedIn
  4. 4. Today’s agenda Go over trends effecting the current and future state of the industry Show you tips and tricks to help you stay ahead + a live demo of Recruiter. Save time at the end for Q&A 1 2 3
  5. 5. NEW 2017 Staffing Trends
  6. 6. #1 Recruitment firms expect to grow in 2017
  7. 7. Over half of recruitment firms expect their budget to increase next year
  8. 8. #2 The volume of placements will increase again
  9. 9. #3 Competition for talent and business development are top challenges
  10. 10. Social professional networks are the top channel for quality hires
  11. 11. #4 Most firms invest in traditional recruiting tools
  12. 12. If money weren’t a constraint, leaders would invest in branding and business development tools
  13. 13. #5 Social recruiting, diversity and automation are key trends for the future
  14. 14. How you can stay ahead with Next Gen Recruiter
  15. 15. Tier Free Subscription Accounts (Business Plus, Talent Finder, Sales Nav, Recruiter Lite, etc.) Recruiter Professional Services (RPS) Relationship with LinkedIn • Individual • Individual • Company • Shared/collaborative platform • Ability to reassign licenses • Keep data/pipeline when there is turnover Search access • 3nd degree connections • Commercial Search limits • Shared groups • 3rd degree connections • Shared groups • Everyone • Unlimited searching • All Groups InMails • None • 15-30 per month • Must be sent one-at-a-time • 100 per month per user • Bulk InMails (one-to-many) • Pooled among team Support • Online • Online • Dedicated Support Team (i.e. “real people”) • Enterprise Technical Support
  16. 16. Sourcing talent can take time, especially when relying on long, complex Boolean strings
  17. 17. “Find more people like” creates a search based on ideal candidates you may know The guided search bar seamlessly walks you through your initial search Now you can easily structure your search to find qualified talent, faster
  18. 18. Understanding the talent marketplace takes research, and the landscape is always shifting
  19. 19. New smart suggestions help you intelligently refine your search to uncover hidden talent Smart suggestions tap into LinkedIn’s unique data and insights to surface relevant and trending terms you may have missed.
  20. 20. With hundreds, or thousands, of search results… where should you even start?
  21. 21. Spotlights show you where to focus your energy, by quickly prioritizing warm leads Spotlights let you easily filter results for candidates who are more likely to engage
  22. 22. NEW: Discover candidates who are interested in career oportunties like yours
  23. 23. Live Demo
  24. 24. Q&A Additional Resources To learn more: For more tips & tricks: For product overview:
  25. 25. A closer look at Spotlights Engaged with your Talent Brand People who have public activity on your Talent Brand: sharing, liking, or commenting on company updates, job posts, or Sponsored Updates, or following your company page Have recruiting activity People who have had some action taken on them by recruiters at your company using LinkedIn Recruiter Past applicants People who have applied to your company before via LinkedIn Job Posts and Job Slots. Company connections People who are 1st degree connections of employees at your company. Competitors’ talent pools People from the top 10 companies and schools that companies similar to your’s tend to source from Haven’t changed roles in a few years People who have been in their current role for 1-5 years