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The Age of Socially Engaged Leadership -- Breakout Session Talent Connect Sydney 2015

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The age of socially engaged leadership. Nayomi Alexander, Senior Customer Success Consultant, LinkedIn. Daniel Sanders, Solutions Consultant, Talent Branding (APAC),

Today's high performing leaders are embracing social media to develop connections and build deeper engagement with their customers, employees and peers. Replete with examples of ‘social executives’, you will hear about fundamental changes in the ways that businesses interact with individuals in the social era to unlock organisational benefits. You’ll learn how to educate your executive leadership on all things social, further engaging them in building out their professional brands on LinkedIn, and in turn fueling your organisation’s overall success in attracting and engaging talent.

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The Age of Socially Engaged Leadership -- Breakout Session Talent Connect Sydney 2015

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  2. 2. #intalent The Age Of Socially Engaged Leadership Nayomi Alexander Customer Success Consultant LinkedIn Daniel Sanders Talent Brand Consultant LinkedIn
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  5. 5. #intalent 4 out 5employees would prefer to work for a ‘socially active’ CEO
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  10. 10. #intalent ​ 160m 2nd-Degree Connections Network Effect ​ 500 Personal Connections ​ 90,000 Personal Followers 45m 2nd-Degree Connections ​ 342,000 Company Followers
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  12. 12. #intalent How can Executives be more socially engaged? Set up LinkedIn profile Post content (short & long-form) Cross promote via other channels Amplify content through your Company Page
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  15. 15. #intalent 27%more engaged Employees at ‘social organisations’ 20%more inspired 20% more likely to stay 15% more connected to co-workers
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