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Your Guide to
Hiring Millennials

Stats that will help you engage
millennial talent

People born in the 80s-90s ...
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The Millennials Hiring Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What's the best way to hire millennial talent? This infographic is based on findings from our 2015 Talent Trends Report and illustrates key insights on how millennials behave when it comes to job searching, what they value career-wise, and how you can engage and hire them. To learn more about what talent is experiencing and what they expect during the job-seeking process, check out our blog:

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The Millennials Hiring Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Linked m Your Guide to Hiring Millennials Stats that will help you engage millennial talent People born in the 80s-90s are called millennials. By 2020, they will make up 50% of the workforce O ‘vlil| s:~r‘ii*i. :«: |3 0 [Tier ; ::r: ::t'e: ':. i:: :P; «;l-3 Millennials are just as happy with their jobs as everyone else iv‘ l >3 n "i I a I 3 C7: '7 E " i: :-ru: -’iE': n; l~I: J I" (-2 l 2 But, they are still very open to new opportunities o—l7b -18"-o . _ - « .430 '1l_E“‘>ESi>E%: Z: in Re: :er. t '_~, l : .5EC? El"lLl‘_‘, ." Li: -~: :late:3 ts «ing to . i;: .«d.3t-3:3 "E3Eai': :l“e«: :l LiPl-"ex: "i 3 i'E! Cl'Ul'. E=" i'e: :.urPe _| ~:: :l: : : ::pp~: -~tunitie: p“-stile When searching forjobs, they most frequently go to Cc: Pi pa in E 3 3 Te : . C L: ia 2:1 rczte 3 : .i «: :na l P et“. -'~/0 "ki- III? n l i P e _i ~23 l: : l: :~i: > 3 rd : . And they like using their phones when browsing job opportunities M i l l en in .3 2 Cir '7 e " i: :-rr: -ie-: .: i-:3 P 3 l 2 They would love to hear from recruiters through any channel 2 i-9°63 E14?‘-3 3 3% E "P 3 I I M E: 3.3-:19 F‘ h ~: :> P e : 5 I l TE‘-1‘. me: 3.; ge u: v‘i L "i kecl l n «(J (J () When you message them, make sure to explain 1 2 3 The it» e '3 "P 3 i n l‘i_; .-‘ gw: - Ll i: »:: > P: ..= . u: t:—: 'c The p r: :: j e«: :'. e-: :l re: ;:: ::: n:. il: uili: as them 32ZHE*CIl; |IZE *_-,4 -zalaij-, ~ iezngge For a positive interview experience, these two things are most important to them P-:1 : .:-ii‘itei'w; iE*. 'i' C-I ett "Lg all i: :: I l :3 .4 p :1 l_A': E;l: ti. :l '7 -3 .3 P 2 :3 Finally, the three factors you should highlight to get a millennial to accept a job are 1 2 3 F‘i': ::fe 5 : . -: ~'‘i . _=: l C '; ::p: :1i‘_LiP 1 E 2 l: —: - I :3 i3. --p . ; mt i: :: r .3 : l .3 '7 I: "P e nt Talent Solutions Download the Talent Trends 2015 report for even more insights: http: //lnkd. in/ talenttrends2015 Methodology: The data is based on the Talent Trends Survey, conducted in March 2015 with over 20,000 Linkedln members globally. The margin of error is +/ — 0.69% #Ta| entTrends2015