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The Most InDemand Talent in India [Infographic]

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According to the latest recruiting trends survey in India, the #1 obstacle to hiring great talent is competition within the most in demand talent pools.

What if you were armed with insights and tools to beat the competition?

We looked at recent activity on LinkedIn to uncover a list of the most in demand talent pools in India. From that list we developed insights to help you beat the competition as you gear up for a busy 2016 hiring season.

Get the complete list of talent pools & insights:

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The Most InDemand Talent in India [Infographic]

  1. 1. _l_l _T @ r l l We looked at recent activity on our platform to find a list of talent pools most sought after by employers today These are insights on some of these talent pools T Thldlllilêlfil _ TTTTTTTTT AREGA| N|N_G_ O O IAl_El| I , xx / Tvi V y' ' T, 1 T / LiFIANGEDJOBS LOOKING FOR OVER THE PASTYEAR CHALLENGING WORK (Compared to 3% in India overall) . "vyutuywiykltv w, .. NEW DELHI lS ATALENT HOTSPOT WITH LOW COMPETITION a ñ g “TT A 1.2K 2.1K BENGALURU MUMBAI NEW DELHI : m* I T TTT l T» l ? T l LOOMNGFOR fallêllllllTFê WORK-LIFE | NPAST3YEARS BALANCE HELP YOU STAYAH EAD OF COMPETITORS lN ATTRACTING TOP TALENT CRAFT FITTING JOB DESCRIPTIONS DEVELOP HlRlNG STRATEGY ON WITH SPECIFICTALENT lNSlGHTS TALENT DENSITYAND MOVEMENT lDENTlFY LOW-COMPETITION SOUGHTAFTER TALENT MARKETS TTT vw& y; / LEVERAGE EMPLOYEE NETWORK LT TELL RELEVANTTALENT TO ATTRACT BESTTALENT l STORIES FROM THE MARKET These are just some of the talent pools Check the entire list Links InDemand Talent Pools