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CommsConnect London 2015 - Build a great profile and empower your employees to be brand ambassadors

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CommsConnect London 2015 - Build a great profile and empower your employees to be brand ambassadors

  1. 1. Create a great profile
  2. 2. 1 More likely to be viewed if you have a photo 14x Add a professional photo
  3. 3. 2 Explain what it is you do Show your passion and value Write an attention-grabbing headline
  4. 4. 40 words or more Include keywords but not buzzwords Focus on career accomplishments 3 Draft a compelling summary
  5. 5. 4 Pieces of content currently on member profiles 20M Add visuals to your Profile
  6. 6. More likely to be viewed if have more than one position listed 12x 5 Detail your past work experience
  7. 7. 6 Include a mix of high level and niche skills Add skills and get endorsements
  8. 8. 7 Include Volunteer Experiences & Causes
  9. 9. #commsconnect Amplifying Your Brand
  10. 10. Share content on LinkedIn
  11. 11. Helping you grow and engage your network Sharing updates vs. publishing posts Posts Explore topics that matter to you, then watch the comments to see your impact Updates Share links, articles, images, quotes or anything else your connections & followers might be interested in
  12. 12. Publishing on LinkedIn Becomes part of your profile Gets shared with your network Reaches the largest group of professionals ever assembled
  13. 13. Be known for what you know Strengthen your reputation and grow your reach
  14. 14. #commsconnect Empowering Your Best Brand Ambassadors
  15. 15. Humanize your brand with senior execs and thought leaders
  16. 16. Leveraging your best spokespeople: Your employees
  17. 17. Identifying thought leaders in your organization Already speaking externally SME on a specific topic Profile views (How You Rank) Active content creators, using social media
  18. 18. Recipe for success Lay the Groundwork: Social Media Guidelines Empowering Concise EvolvingValues-based
  19. 19. Activate your employees Encourage employees to get on LinkedIn Engage with Company Page content Cross promote through other channels (including press) Amplify employee content through Company Page

Notas del editor

  • Give a glimpse into who you are and get people excited to learn more about you.
    Of course, having a great LinkedIn profile is important for ALL members of LinkedIn, but there are a few audiences I am going to focus on today:
    As communication leaders, you are likely representing your company externally as a spokeperson, speaking to reporters, etc. We train reporters on a regular basis on how to use LinkedIn to find the right people in a =n organization – and you want to make sure you’re being found for the right thing.
    For your executives, or other thought leaders who are representing your company externally, it’s important for them to define and really “own” their professional brand online among the largest group of professionals assembled online.
    And lastly, the third audience I will focus on is all of your employees. People are looking at your employees’ profiles when they’re interviewing to join the company, they’re conference organizers, they’re people who want to learn more about your company.

    AND… (transition to next slide)
  • Select a photo that represents you as a professional. This helps humanize your profile and makes you more approachable when someone is viewing your profile. Also, last year we rolled out the ability for members to add a customized background photo – similar to functionality on Facebook and Twitter.

    We are seeing more and more teams think about this background photo as almost a free ad space… You can create an image that’s sized appropriately, and promotes an event or a campaign, make it available to all employees, and encourage them to add it to their profile. We did this last year with Bring in Your Parents Day at LinkedIn.

    If you think about the company we just looked at, if those 540 employees all uploaded a specific image – that image will be viewed nearly 15,000 times, just on LinkedIn profiles!
  • Your profile is the front page of your story. The headline is a great way to show your value and passion in one quick line, and introduce yourself to someone who’s viewing your profile.

    Usually, I think about this similar to how you would introduce yourself at a cocktail party – you may not use your official job title – but you’d actually use something a little more descriptive.

    Here are a few examples – CLICK

    You can see that our CEO has used his title at LinkedIn – that’s what he wants to be found for. I on the other hand, want to be discovered on LinkedIn for helping people build their professional brand on LinkedIn – and if someone was searching for a senior director in Communications at LinkedIn, I would still appear because my job title is listed lower in my profile.
  • Adding a summary of 40 words or more makes your profile more likely to turn up in search – whether that search is being done by prospective clients, journalists, or employees in your organization.

    This is really where you get to introduce yourself as a professional to the members who are viewing your profile. I always recommend writing it in the first person – this is your profile, not a corporate bio. Talk about where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go.
    A good tip is to ensure your summary includes keywords that you want to be found for. Describe your experience and tell the world why you work in your chosen career. Avoid buzzwords (strategic, team player, creative) and focus on your career accomplishments.
  • Illustrate your unique professional story and achievements by adding visuals like pictures, compelling videos and innovative presentations to your experience section.

    For your executives, this can be a powerful place to show public speaking opportunities and interviews that are available publicly.

    And for your employees, this is a great place to activate them on the platform and have them get more views on content you’ve created. For example, at LinkedIn, we created a culture deck, which is a great visual representation of our culture and values, and what it’s like to work at LinkedIn. Once it was made public, we sent an email to the team and encouraged them to add it to their profile.

    You definitely want to make sure that any content you’re adding to your profile is public, because all members in your network will be able to view the content, even if they don’t work in your organization.

  • It’s essential to list all past experience. Your profile is 12 times more likely to be viewed if you have more than 1 position listed.
    Include your job title, the time frame, and focus on accomplishments in your role. Some people will write a few sentences, others prefer a few bullets.
  • Add skills – The optimal number is unique to each person. Include a mix of high level and niche skills and be specific.
    Get Endorsements -Add skills that your connections can endorse you for and recognize those you’ve worked with on their professional skills. There are over 3 billion endorsements given to date on LinkedIn.
  • Adding causes and volunteer experience is a great way to round out your professional identity. It can also be a fantastic icebreaker when you are meeting someone for the first time.
  • Overview of how LinkedIn leveraged publishing on LinkedIn as a key part of our communications strategy with the acquisition.
    We had the standard press release that included financials, blog post from our product lead who talked about how this would impact members
    But we also had Jeff and Lynda publish their own posts, where they were able to add a human element to the announcement
    We shared the content on our company page, and we also shared a video of Jeff, who you just heard from, talking about the acquisition, on SlideShare
    And of course, we saw press pickup

  • Of course, the first thing to ascertain is what they are trying to achieve and then choose the employees they know to be the best advocates, ambassadors and evangelists for the brand and the company.     

    Employees who get asked to speak externally or have other external validation (lists, articles, etc.) of their work and position
    A subject matter expert on a specific topic
    How these employees rank in HYR to show traffic to profile views
    Employees who already have their own blog and are active content creators
    Those employees with some existing social media acumen (a following on Twitter, leverages LinkedIn currently, etc.)
  • Encourage employees to get started on LinkedIn
    Engage with Company Page content
    Amplify employee content through company page
    Cross promote through typical social media channels and press