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DIY employer branding webcast

  1. Creating a DIY Employer Brand Rob Leach Talent Brand Consultant LinkedIn Guillaume Turpin Media Account Manager LinkedIn
  2. Every candidate you have ever hired has been on the same journey
  3. Unaware Aware ConsideringHired
  4. Employer Brand is your companion on this journey Unaware Aware Considering Hired
  5. The beauty of employer brand is you don’t need everybody to know your name. Only the right people. #TalentBrand
  6. What does it mean to work for your organization?
  7. We all have different motivations
  8. 8 The EVP is what an organization offers in exchange for employment. It is also referred to as the employment deal. It encompasses every aspect of the employment experience — from the organization’s mission, purpose and values, to its jobs, culture and people, to the full portfolio of its total rewards programs. Towers Watson Global Workforce Study What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?
  9. Post- Application Experience Pre- Application Experience Application Experience Campus recruitment Awareness Engagement Commitment Retention Consideration Preference Internship Career site Invitation letter Introduction Performance review Interview Rejection letter Exit interviews Informing / Involving people Career development Management behavior Assessment Contract handling Employer Brand Company brand Philips Touchpoint Wheel
  10. Employer Brand Attributes
  11. THE FACTS 83% Agree that talent brand has significant impact on the ability to hire great talent. Lower cost per hire by up to 50%. Reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. Influence the conversation with candidates. If you don’t, someone else will.
  12. Intro slide 12
  13. 5 Steps To A DIY Employer Brand 13 Leaders People EVP Content Channels RESEARCH & ANALYSE CREATE & IMPLEMENT
  14. Leaders Research – Talk to your leaders • Leaders determine the strategic direction of the company  They set the tone of it’s working environment and have the biggest influence on the employer brand • Select a number of senior members in the organisation and ask them about their vision for the company • What was your decision process in joining this company? • What does success look like for employees working here? • What makes the company a great place to work? • Define the organisation’s leadership style. • Where will the organisation be in 5 years time? • What makes the working experience here better than your biggest competitor? • What needs to be improved in the working experience? ExampleQuestions
  15. People Research – Talk to your people • Employees live the culture every day.  Their views are the most realistic reflection of what the company is like to work in today. • Conduct several focus groups (different groups to gain different views) with no more than 10-12 people in it and try to stimulate discussion. • Why did you join? • What is the company’s main strength as an employer? • What can the company improve in it’s employment experience? • What do your tell friends/family about what it is like to work here? • How would you describe the leadership? • Is the reality the same as your expectation before joining? FocusGroupQ&A
  16. EVP Analyse your research to draft your Employee Value Proposition • Look for common themes from the interviews and focus groups  Break it out into topics. For example: The day to day The company Employee growth Leaders Culture Rewards Employee Value Proposition The EVP should be a statement that captures the “essence” of what it is like to work at the company. It should clearly communicate what it “means” to work there. Get buy in from all stakeholders. This statement will define your company as an employer.
  17. 17 LinkedIn’s EVP Transformation Work-Life Balance Total Rewards Powerful Brand Top Talent
  18. Content Creating content and telling your story Create content, using your employees as ambassadors, in the following ways: Copy Image Video Hire a copywriter (or use a strong internal writer) to write about the company based on the EVP. Ask your employees for testimonials. A picture is worth a thousand words, so sharing images that capture your company spirit and values is a great way to showcase your talent brand. You can have a lot of fun making your own video – check out this video!
  19. Channels Selecting your channels and communication strategy Now your content is ready, it is time to let your target market know! Channels – think about all of the places, online and offline, where people can learn what it is like to work for you. Build in the content you have created. Reference the Philips Touchpoint Wheel. Communication Strategy – Get your story out there! • Plan – Define your audience and build a content calendar • Share your content – where, when and how • Amplify – Increase and optimise engagement • Measure & Adjust – Find out if your strategy is working • See our Content Marketing eBook!
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  21. Questions?
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  1. Ok I see you think these are billions of companies and major global brands and some of you this too, but not everyone . And I see you think these are not fair comparisons. This is correct , but the beauty of employer branding is that not everyone needs to know your organization . If you have a birthday coming up and people ask where you work and they do not say the same oh I know that does not matter , but if you 're looking ITers and you hunt a Iter and saying , what do you make this actually out . Make sure you send the messages to the right audiences . I will tell you about how to use the power of your employer brand to enhance your recruitment activities and their outcomes to be so successful at your goals for this year but also to achieve the following years.
  2. I spent more time at work than to my children and me with so many others where you work is very important. So if you look at your own organization , what does it mean to work for your organization? Not what you do or do or what role within the organization , but what is the deeper meaning? This is a difficult question for many to answer.
  3. I guarantee you that what gets these guys jumping out of bed in the morning…
  4. Every one of these brand attributes are true of your talent brand. You have to be relevant to your target market… to the right people… to the talent you need to engage. You have to be consistent. If you are forever reinventing yourself, you are very unlikely to resonate. Remember, this isn’t a slogan or a campaign, it’s the real experience, the real meaning, of working for your company. Your talent brand has to be credible. If you are not delivering on the promise, not walking the walk every day with your employees, that credibility gap is going to become a big problem. Your talent brand has to inspire. Inspire top talent to join. Inspire top talent to stay. Inspire top talent to achieve the best possible results every day. And your talent brand also has to be unique. Not unique in the sense of being the only company in the world to think the way you do or do what you do, but unique amongst the set you recruit against. You know who you are up against. You know who some of your best hires choose you over. You know where some of your people leave you to go. What is going to stand you apart from, and ultimately above, them?
  5. SMB Companies don’t have the resources of a Google or Microsoft to invest in developing their employer brand. So we want to show you how you can do this yourself in-house.
  6. Tell the audience to record and/or have someone take notes in the focus groups.
  7. It may be useful to draft 3 or 4 EVPs, worded in different ways, to get the perfect one.
  8. This is the stage where you see your story come to life. It is the most exciting stage but can also be the most daunting. The simplest and most effective way to achieve inspiring and authentic content is to use your employees as ambassadors of your EVP and brand.