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  1. 2 Why the Tech Committee matters? A huge shift is under way. Boundaries are blurring in many dimensions — not just between IT leaders and their business colleagues... IT strategy and business strategy are no longer separate; they have become inseparable. Source: Accenture Technology Vision 2014;
  2. 3 Who was the Tech Committee? ITDM Multiple titles with: • Budget • Purchase authority • Influence Marketing Sales Finance Operations HR
  3. 4 Who is the Tech Committee? Marketing Sales Finance Operations ITDM HR Now all possess budget, purchase authority, and influence in tech buying
  4. 5 Understanding the Tech Committee on Social Buying decisions are made by a broader group than IT 95% of the Tech Committee use social networks for business More likely to engage with vendors on LinkedIn than other networks
  5. 6 Why the Tech Committee matters? By 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO Source: Gartner analyst Laura McLellan , VP Research, Gartner;
  6. We build relationships between brands and the world’s professionals to make them both more successful.
  7. 8 Trust + Credibility mu s t b e
  8. But how do you earn TRUST with the Tech Committee? N. AMERICA EMEA The Netherlands, N=204 India, N=202 Hong Kong, N=155 Singapore, N=104 APAC, N=565 9 We surveyed over 2,300 Tech Committee members globally UAE, N=154 * LOCAL LANGUAGE / LinkedIn Survey and Internal Data: Q2 2014 Germany, N=203 France*, N=202 Canada, N=152 US, N=404 UK, N=204 BRAZIL*, N=155 Australia, N=104 MIDDLE EAST Saudi Arabia, N=155 APAC
  9. 10 Overview The Growing Tech Committee Who are they and how do you engage them? The Power of Education without Bias If you’re talking about yourself, you’re doing it wrong The Expertise You Don’t Know You Have The definition of an expert is broader than you think Nurture, don’t Disrupt Gating content too early and too often is counter-productive
  10. The Growing Tech Committee
  11. 12 The Tech Committee: rapidly growing and influential 10+ million global LinkedIn members who influence Tech decisions across departments and seniorities Growing 1.25x faster than general member growth
  12. 13 1.7M+ Tech Committee members in APAC 2x as active on desktop in the feed than members1 2x as active in groups than members1 25% more active on mobile than members1 1LinkedIn Internal Data – 4/1/2014 through 4/30/2014
  13. And what type of IT products and services does your company plan to acquire in the next 12 months? 58% 48% 37% 32% 42% 90% in Market 9 in 10 are in market for 25% an IT solution in the next 12 months Top IT products and services the Tech Committee are in-market for:
  14. 15 They’re hungry for IT news and information on social 89% use social media for IT News and Information each month 58% 46% 35% 81% Visit LinkedIn Visit Facebook Visit Google+ Visit Twitter How frequently do you visit each of the following sources to get IT related news and information?
  15. APAC: They trust content on LinkedIn more than any other source 16 % content from each source very or extremely trustworthy Visitation │ High Medium Low 54% 44% 37% 32% 31% 30% How frequently do you visit each of the following sources to get IT related news and information? How trustworthy do you feel the content you see from each of the below sources is? 23% 16% LinkedIn Online Trade / Industry Sites Online News Sites Discussion Forums Google+ Blogs Twitter Facebook
  16. The Power of Education without Bias
  17. 83% of the Tech Committee require education to sustain or make a change to their IT ecosystem 18 How significant is the role education plays in the following types of decisions undertaken by your organization?
  18. 19 Educating throughout the 61% More likely to consider an IT vendor who educates me through each stage of the decision process purchase funnel makes generating leads more effective
  19. 20 Education with broad-themed, non branded content is preferred 47% 50% 52% Most interested in non-branded / non-sales focused content More likely to consider an IT vendor who publishes content about my industry and topics of interest More favorable toward an IT vendor who publishes content about my industry and topics of interest
  20. Start with content about general industry topics, prioritized for your audience Author or promote expert content on the direction and use of your industry’s products Promote branded user reviews and case studies to drive consideration and selection of your company 1 2 3 21 Three types of education
  21. 22 Earn more interest with a variety of content Top types of information sought in each stage of IT decision-making process: AWARENESS SCOPE PLAN SELECT IMPLEMENT IT industry news / strategy info 2 * Based on 2013 comScore IT Committee Research. Global data. Best practices, how-to’s, checklists Product / solution demo / software trial Diagnostic / assessment tools 1 3 3
  22. The Expertise You Don’t Know You Have
  23. APAC: Expertise is based on references from others Not necessarily on title or connections % Who Believe Each Statement Defines an Expert References from coworkers and other professionals in their field 73% 13% 9% 4% 13% 21% 39% 54% 52% Has a (on average) 8.3 years of experience Published author or presenter in their field Manages a team Third Party scores (Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, etc.) Has a Master's Degree or higher Is a vice president or more senior Has 500 or more connections on LinkedIn Other (Please specify) When you think of a technology subject matter expert (SME), what is the first thing that comes to mind? 24 Below you see some additional qualities a subject matter expert may have. Please select all the attributes below that are required to be a technology SME.
  24. Expertise can help drive the bottom line 35% Are more likely to buy from vendors who have experts publishing on LinkedIn Experts
  25. 26 Utilize the expertise in your organization to earn trust On the world’s largest professional publishing platform
  26. Nurture, don’t Disrupt
  27. 52% of those surveyed provide fake information when they complete a lead capture form How many of you have had Mickey Mouse download your content? A Lead Capture for is a technique used by companies to collect contact information, usually when someone downloads a piece of information the company has published or a webinar they 28 have held. Is the information you provide on Lead Capture forms truthful?
  28. Gating content too early or too often decreases consideration IT Committee Members actively looking for an enterprise IT Solution (in-market) 33% are less likely to consider a vendor who gates the FIRST piece of content 29 65% are less likely to consider a vendor who gates ALL content
  29. 30 Nurturing leads through content is vital because most are not ready to talk to sales The average IT Committee member needs to consume 5 pieces of content before they are ready to talk to a sales rep.
  30. 31 Marketer Implications Earn trust with broad-based content that goes beyond your brand’s self-interests Focus on educating prospective customers in the short-term to generate higher quality leads in the long-run Leverage your employees and company specialists as experts Incorporate an “always on” content strategy with a variety of content – gated and un-gated

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  1. Hello and thank you for joining us today.
  2. As Accenture observes in its Technology vision 2014 report, Tech has become the business and everyone has a piece of it -- not just IT
  3. The Tech Committee used to be – confined to the IT Department – An ITDMs with multiple titles and varying budgets, purchase authority and ultimate influence So when we say broader group – what do we mean
  4. A custom LinkedIn Segment of members who influence IT decisions across an organization Developed using a Look-a-Like model based on member behavior and 3rd party survey responses Contains over 10M members across departments and seniorities (global) Includes decision makers outside of IT: Operations Finance Sales Marketing HR
  5. In 2013 LinkedIn launched global research with comScore, The Social Bridge to the IT Committee, which identified an influential group of tech decision makers, called the IT Committee. This research looked at why the IT Committee are using social media to inform their purchasing decisions, and why marketers need to engage them on social. This research showed how critical it is that we change as fast as possible or continue to hurt the growth potential of our companies. As well as the ability to retain clients. 
  6. Today we have platforms and data to help us understand the Tech Committee and engage them – but we have to remember that at the end of all of those ones and zeroes – we’re connecting with a human being, someone who wants to benefit from the interaction We’re talking to people. We must harness this data to personalize! It will drive higher engagement rates and better relationships which opens your sales funnel wider! And talking to people means we’re in the business of building relationships.
  7. This seems so obvious. We all expect this in our own personal lives so why would we think that it would be any different for our customers and prospects. So how do we earn their trust and build credibility? The IT Committee wants to be educated and engaged – beyond our own self interest. Brands can actively participate in client discussions beyond the Sales 1 to1 level and earn both trust and credibility from our customers. The conversation no longer begins with the sales person – it often ends there. Customers and prospects begin the conversation online – with content.
  8. APAC is sample size of 565 This year we wanted to understand how IT marketers can best educate and engage the IT Committee through content that is truly valuable
  9. 4 months ago I was sitting where you are – trying to further develop my content strategy and team spread content creation to more parts of my organization Questioning my gating strategy And now I’m hear at LinkedIn trying to address what every B2B marketer is struggling with – wish I had had this info then  So What we’ll cover in the next half hour – The growing IT Committee – building on last year’s research The power of education – which I’ve already eluded to The experts you don’t know you have – and you may have more than you think Nurture, don’t disrupt – often we get in our own way as marketers
  10. What is the IT Committee? A global group of 10+ million users who cut across titles and functions – but all have a hand in the IT purchase decision process. It’s B2B - which means It’s Chess. Not Checkers. The basic strategy is the same but chess moves and pieces are more complex – this is tech B2B – the number of stakeholders is expanding rapidly. That’s why we created the IT Committee. A custom LinkedIn Segment of members who influence IT decisions across an organization Developed using a Look-a-Like model based on member behavior and 3rd party survey responses Contains over 10M members across departments and seniorities
  11. There are 1.7million plus Tech Committee members in Australia Includes decision makers outside of IT: Operations Finance Sales Marketing
  12. APAC is at 90% shown here – global also 90% (Singapore data is 93% - slightly higher) With the composition of what they’re in market for to be very similar across regions
  13. APAC DATA SHOWN HERE - HUGE about LinkedIn – ¾ of the IT Committee to go LinkedIn and SOCIAL is a different channel Global the top number is 85% and the LinkedIn number only 78% - so APAC using social – and LinkedIn specifically – more. Given adoption has increased to almost everyone, this has been modified to JUST IT news and information and we still see a huge majority on social.
  14. Often put in the same bucket – but this is a great example of how we’re not the same – high trust frequent visits – versus twitter and Facebook low trust low frequency Users come to LinkedIn to spend time while People go to Twitter and Facebook to pass time while - APAC – 54% trust LinkedIn more versus Global which is 50% Color indicates visitation frequency 54% - the majority is seen as trustworthy We asked: How frequently do you visit each of the following sources to get IT related news and information? How trustworthy do you feel the content you see from each of the below sources is? 2 to 3 times more trusted than other social platforms Viewed more like a news source Looking to gain information, education, improve their knowledge base and engage with content
  15. APAC is 83% shown here Globally this number is 80% - where SINGAPORE– is slightly higher for wanting educational content and information at 86%. The language I find interesting here is: sustain. This means not just educational content to support new technology purchases but also to maintain and sustain existing technology investments. Like the next software version, the next release, the infrastructure upgrade, hardware, etc. This is your existing customer base – they’re asking for ongoing content and the implication here is that we should be talking to our existing customers differently than new.
  16. APAC at 61% shown here - will consider a vendor that educates them -- versus the Global number of 63% (Singapore is 67%) If you think about it – sales used to be the first call and education was baked into the conversation. Now the first call is google. So the education has to happen online. The IT space is constantly changing as technology advances Content that educates and empowers is a precious resource to users as they work to keep up with an industry that’s changing rapidly Always-on Strategy is key. If customers are always on – we have to be always on. You know this in your own personal behavior – we’re all checking our phones and reading information whether we’re standing in the cue at starbucks or sitting in a meeting – we’re constantly consuming content. The IT consideration and purchase process does not live between the hours of 9 to 5
  17. APAC DATA SHOWN HERE AT 52% Global Data is slightly higher at 55% - Favorable is about liking you Consider is about buying Interested is about help from you Whereas here in Singapore it’s higher at 61% preferring non branded content When we’ve tested this idea in sponsored content – by removing the brand name from the title copy - We’ve seen a 2-3x increase in engagement rate on content where we remove the product name from the headline In a nutshell we need to talk less about ourselves and more about the customer and the challenge their facing And with Direct Sponsored content you can do better headline testing to continuously optimize and improve
  18. Which content is effective at each stage. At any time, IT committee are going to be in market (x%), given 100-x% are not in market, you will need to be delivering awareness content all the time to catch them. (Three types of contents are required because a share of the IT committee is in every stage.) Sunny’s panel discussion - How do I make the content – there are a variety of ways to get started with content You Curate content – republishing and reposting Leverage your employees as subject matter experts Hire writers onto your staff – many organizations are hiring journalists to help them tell their story Use external resources – there are freelancers writer, sources link contently, etc. Or a mix of these that best suits your business needs
  19. Then use these types of content throughout the purchase process to help move your customers and prospects along while also educating them. Thia ia why we bought bizo – to The content marketing platform broad enough FROM 2013 comScore research: IT Committee members have busy, difficult jobs. A vendor who shares and engages them on multiple topics of interest to them, earns more interest and long term opportunities than the vendor who only talks about themselves! Q4. What type of information do you generally seek for each of the phases of IT decision-making that you are involved? Awareness - Discover technologies, products, and solutions to address your business needs Scope - Identify or scope business needs for a new IT initiative Plan - Craft project plans and formal business requirements for the new initiative Select - Select vendors or third party service providers, authorize funding, and/or approve the purchase Implement/Roll out - Implement the project, roll out the solution, and/or validate outcome
  20. Blogger Story -
  21. LMS feeds the pipeline – LSS works the pipe Emphasize expertse – employee base feeds content creation Mini marketers VERY SIMILAR TO GLOBAL The question: When you think of a technology subject matter expert (SME), what is the first thing that comes to mind? 73% - this is slightly higher than the global data - @ 71% It turns out “expert” is broader than we think. The top two represent your social proof or “social street cred” as it were – external validation from peers has become the new expert And because “expert” is broad – it expands the pool of potential content creators Only 13% cared about title Your employees can help build your brand and content by posting thought leadership on LinkedIn building a robust profile creating content and showcasing their expertise and specialization. Helps with your overall marketing efforts and is a great addition to your existing content strategy.
  22. Also the point around influencers comes up. Globally, 27% were more likely to have to consider a company with an expert posting on platform. In APAC that number rises to 35% -- so brand ambassadorship has greater resonance here. We used to assume that when we said expert that meant you had to go to the top guy. It doesn’t. It means the people who have put the work in. Whether your engineers, product developers, etc. There are people in your organizations that are “expert” You may have employees doing it already. Find the ones doing it well and perhaps even leverage their efforts within your promoted content strategy – a great addition to the marketing mix This is an early trend that will pay dividends through time. (Globally 27%, 25% and 27% respectively)
  23. Some of your employees may already be posting content And they’re getting engagement – Here are just a few examples of employees sharing their expertise from Adobe, Autodesk, VMWare, and Juniper This show a CTO responding to this post – this is exactly the people you’re trying to reach and they’re out there engaging with your employees and you may not even know it.
  24. So with all this great content – are you making it too hard for your customers to get to it?
  25. APAC Data – 52% provide fake info – over half your leads could be bogus Those in market for IT solutions are even more likely to provide fake information. How many of you have had mickey or some other fictitious creature download your content? This damages the credibility of your leads with the sales organization and furthers the tension between sales and marketing. Gating too early or too often can push customers away from your brand before they’ve even had a chance to experience it. In the global survey - Users expressed anxiety and fear about lead forms and receiving unwanted emails and calls. Gating is necessary – but really examine when and where you’re gating Gate the big stuff – give more of the little stuff away and evaluate your gating strategy to build a positive relationship from the outset The in market leads you pay for, kill sales confidence in marketing / E-mail marketing. 57% Globally – so not a significant difference
  26. APAC Data 65% & 33% - When in market, you are turning off some people Global is 75% and 37% When out of market you are still turning some people off and you need to be driving awareness and posting content. Better nurturing is required to help minimize unnecessary gating. (this is basically why we bought bizo) This slide is both art & science – but can help guide the gating strategy for your brand to bring in the right customers at the right time And be sure to only ask for their precious information when the content warrants it
  27. So it’s also important to think about the types of content your audience is consuming – you don’t want to give them 5 pieces that are the same thing 5 white papers is not the answer – you need a well balanced diet of content LinkedIn’s resident content expert Jason Miller has a great presentation on the content food groups that I can share following this meeting. It can help you provide a good mix of content to ensure you’re engaging your audience throughout their journey. Jason also talks about ‘big rock’ content – which is a great approach to content development and can also help you more easily decide when and what to gate.
  28. So What we’ll cover in the next half hour – The growing IT Committee – wants you to earn their trust The power of education – educating throughout the funnel gets you higher quality leads in the long-run The experts you don’t know you have – leverage your employees expertise Nurture, don’t disrupt – always on and a sensible gating strategy