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IOT Factory - Open IOT Platform & Startup Studio

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IOT Factory is a Software Platform and a Project Studio providing Fast and Reliable IOT projects & Startups development capabilities.
At the core of IOT Factory is an Open Platform designed to easily build, deploy and operate Internet of Things projects & products. It is Devices and Telecommunication networks agnostic, provides easy dashboarding, reporting, alerting and back-end integrations capabilities, based on a Big Data repository and strong web services APIs.
As a Project Studio, IOT Factory aims at providing financing and business support to project owners willing to develop innovative companies.
IOT Factory is located in Brussels, Paris and Moscow. Through our Clients, Partners and Startups eco-system, we already offer solutions in Smart Metering, Pets Tracking, Industry 4.0, Smart Agriculture, etc.
Let’s talk about your challenges, and analyze together how IOT could solve it !

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IOT Factory - Open IOT Platform & Startup Studio

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