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GoGo Labs Presenters Kit

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A digital slide and image collection for educators presenting or hosting workshops with work associated to GoGo Labs' products or services.

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GoGo Labs Presenters Kit

  1. 1. Presenter’s Kit All images and slides provided in this kit may be used in educational workshops and presentations. Any URLs associated with images should link to Copyright 2015, GoGo Labs, Inc.
  2. 2. LOGOS Company Platform V1 Platform V2 High School Course
  3. 3. Flyers • We update our flyers frequently. • You can see a list of flyers at • ents
  4. 4. Videos • You may show or embed videos in your presentation, as long as they link back to the original URL on YouTube or Vimeo • Videos: • Videos:
  5. 5. Discount Code • If you are hosting a workshop using 3D GameLab/Rezzly, you can provide your participants a discount code for a premium subscription. • Email
  6. 6. Create quests Play quests Earn awards & badges 92% earned A’s!
  7. 7. Value Proposition Tools • 3D GameLab • Guild Site Training • 25 online camps + credit Content • 20k+ clonable quests • Teen GameLab • Planet Stewards
  8. 8. Awards
  9. 9. Quests
  10. 10. Player Cards
  11. 11. Use Awards to Personalize
  12. 12. Badges Auto-awarded Major course competencies, tracks required groups of quests, Open Badges Achievements Auto awarded Progress, steps along the way, behavior the system can recognize Awards Manually awarded Reinforce positive behaviors, unlock personalized curriculum
  13. 13. Leaderboard
  14. 14. Teacher PD
  15. 15. Guild Officers